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Article: Can CBD help reduce tobacco consumption?

Le cannabidiol peut-il réellement aider à arrêter de fumer ?

Can CBD help reduce tobacco consumption?

Many smokers are looking for a miracle solution to reduce their tobacco consumption, or even stop it completely. Currently, there are many methods to achieve this. However, the smoking cessation process takes time. CBD, a natural molecule extracted from hemp, could particularly help reduce the urge to smoke.

What exactly is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is an active substance coming from hemp (cannabis sativa). This plant contains several cannabinoids, among which the most famous are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

Although they belong to the same family, these two molecules have a different action on the body. THC is considered harmful to health because it causes psychotropic effects that can alter consciousness. While CBD is very appreciated by consumers because of its potential virtues. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), CBD is considered safe for health and is not classified as a narcotic product. The consumption of THC, the cannabis molecule known for its psychotropic effects, is prohibited in France.

CBD today is consumed to meet various needs, especially when it comes to well-being. It would help in particular to soothe emotional stress, improve sleep and relieve physical pain.

Can CBD help quit smoking?

Discover the potential virtues of CBD to reduce your tobacco consumption!

It is well known that smoking increases the risk of certain cancers, cardiovascular diseases and respiratory problems. In addition, it can have repercussions on pregnancy and the quality of life of the smoker, as well as that of those around them.

This is why it is important to find a remedy to gradually reduce tobacco consumption. CBD (or cannabidiol) could be a natural solution to achieve this goal.

CBD May Help Relieve Nervous Tension

Some consumers use cigarettes as a way to relieve nervousness or stress. During a stressful situation, their first instinct is to reach for a cigarette to calm their nerves and find relief. According to this clinical study , CBD has anxiolytic and antipsychotic effects. Cannabidiol could therefore represent an alternative to this habit. In fact, it would help promote relaxation and relieve nervous tension naturally.

CBD can help with nicotine addiction

In 2013, researchers from University College London carried out a study to evaluate the beneficial effects of CBD in combating nicotine addiction. This study, carried out among 24 smokers wishing to quit smoking, aimed to compare the effects of CBD to those of a placebo on their tobacco consumption. The participants all shared a common goal: to stop smoking. Twelve received CBD, while the other twelve were treated with a placebo.

After one week of treatment, the study found that participants who consumed inhaled CBD reduced their cigarette consumption by approximately 40%. They reported no withdrawal-related side effects throughout treatment. In contrast, smokers who received the placebo treatment showed no improvement compared to their usual cigarette consumption.

Which CBD product to consume to reduce tobacco consumption?

Oil, capsules, herbal tea, e-liquid, gummies… multiple CBD-based products exist on the market in France. They can be consumed as part of smoking cessation. The consumer decides for himself, according to his preferences, which form of product suits him best to quit smoking.

Vaping is often preferred for its dual effect on smoking. In addition to helping fight addiction on a psychological level, vaping offers an alternative to holding a cigarette in your mouth. This approach is less abrupt than suddenly stopping common smoking habits. These are known to be the main cause of failure in attempts to quit smoking. Vaping involves the use of CBD e-liquid, which is integrated directly into the electronic cigarette to provide the same benefits to the smoker. The electronic cigarette thus takes the place of the usual ritual while facilitating the withdrawal period.

However, CBD products offering delicious flavors can be an interesting solution for quitting smoking. These are CBD gummies , lozenges, lollipops and even chocolates. These products differ from traditional forms of consumption because they are pleasant to consume. For example, when you let a pastille melt in your mouth, you appreciate their delicious flavor which is reminiscent of a classic confectionery. Or, chewing a gummy helps compensate for the absence of the act of smoking. Chewing occupies the mouth and distracts from the desire to smoke.

Délicure CBD products to reduce tobacco consumption

Delicure a wide range of CBD products to help smokers combat tobacco and nicotine addiction. These are guaranteed THC-free and made with premium cannabidiol extracts, sourced from organic hemp (cannabis sativa).

Discover Délicure’s wide range of CBD products!

  • CBD Gummies: these are soft chewable candies, with delicious fruity flavors, to benefit from the relaxing effects of CBD;
  • CBD lozenges: they come in the form of hard candies to melt in the mouth. Available in sugar-free honey, apple or mint flavors, they are ideal for promoting relaxation naturally;
  • CBD oils: four oils are available to boost well-being naturally. Made from organic avocado oil, CBD Chill & Relax 30% oil (3000 mg) is highly concentrated in CBD. This oil could help release pressure, relieve anxiety and reduce stress. As mentioned previously, these factors can encourage smoking a cigarette.
  • CBD chocolates: this is an innovative and delicious way to benefit from the beneficial effects of CBD. These crunchy balls wrapped in chocolate, rich in CBD, are perfect for decompressing and relaxing deliciously.

Before taking these products, people undergoing medical treatment are encouraged to seek the advice of a healthcare professional.

Cannabidiol, of course, does not replace a treatment specially developed for smoking cessation. It represents a natural alternative to help reduce dependence on tobacco and nicotine.

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