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Reinforced Immunity Pack

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Strengthen your immunity with our Immunity pack!

Delicious gummies with natural wild fruit flavors, rich in plants, lactic ferments, vitamins and trace elements, to support your immune system, protect your microbiota and give you the energy necessary to face all challenges.
A complete formula of 11 active ingredients developed by health professionals, vegan, gluten-free and made in France.

This pack contains:

  • 4 jars of 60 gummies for perfect support of your immunity.

The ideal Pack to boost your natural defenses all year round!

🌱 Vegan

👍 Reduced in sugars

🇫🇷 Made in France

🫐 Natural flavors

✨ 11 Active

🧪 No colorings

🌾 Gluten free

🪴 Non-GMO

🐇 Not tested on animals

♻️ Recyclable packaging


Boost your immunity naturally with our Enhanced Immunity Gummies!
With natural aromas of wild fruits, rich in plants, lactic ferments, vitamins and trace elements, our delicious gummies will strengthen your natural defenses!
Our Stress gummies help strengthen your immune system, protect your microbiota and provide you with a valuable source of energy.
Like all our food supplements, our Immunity cure is natural, vegan and made in France with high quality raw materials.

Composition of immunity gummies

Our immunity gummies contain 11 active ingredients, each of which plays an essential role in strengthening the immune system.

Vitamin C, the immunity vitamin par excellence, zinc, copper and manganese contribute to the proper functioning of the body.

Goji berry and elderflower are two essential allies for boosting immunity and immune defenses.

To perfect the formula of our immunity gummies, we have enriched it with five strains of lactic ferments to enrich the intestinal flora.

Probiotics to strengthen immunity

The intestinal microbiota alone are responsible for around 70% of the immune cells in our overall body. The gut microbiota and immunity are said to be interdependent. Probiotics are live microorganisms, which, ingested in sufficient quantities, will enrich our intestinal microbiota and thus have numerous positive effects on our body.

At Délicure, we enrich our immunity gummies with five strains of probiotics to ensure the good balance of the intestinal flora.

The benefits of goji berry

The goji berry is a small red fruit known for its antioxidant and energizing benefits. It has the virtue of strengthening the immune system and boosting natural defenses.

Due to its richness in vitamins and minerals, the goji berry is used in herbal medicine to increase endurance, improve vision, regulate cholesterol, promote good blood pressure or even boost memory and concentration.

At Délicure, we have chosen to include goji berry juice in the formulation of our immunity gummies to guarantee you an effective and quality product!

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Produit de bonne qualité gustative

Cure débutée depuis quelques jours un peu trop tôt pour noter les effets à suivre ….

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