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CBD Chocolate

Discover our Déli'balls, crispy balls coated in delicious chocolate and enriched with CBD (cannabidiol). A delicious and effective product that offers a pure moment of relaxation full of indulgence!

To vary the pleasures, our delicious CBD chocolate balls are available in 3 flavors: white chocolate flavor, milk chocolate flavor and dark chocolate flavor. Each crunchy chocolate ball contains approximately 10mg of high-quality CBD, sourced from organic French hemp. Each sachet contains 30 crunchy CBD chocolate balls.

Our crunchy CBD chocolate balls are like all our products: Made in France and guaranteed without THC , the psychotropic molecule of cannabis. Want a relaxing chocolate break? Let yourself be tempted by our CBD chocolate candies!

Sold outDéli'balls CBD chocolat au lait - Delicure FranceDéli'balls CBD chocolat au lait - Delicure France
Déli'balls CBD chocolat noir - Delicure FranceDéli'balls CBD chocolat noir - Delicure France
Sold outDéli'balls CBD chocolat blanc - Delicure FranceDéli'balls CBD chocolat blanc - Delicure France
Sold outPack Déli'balls CBD - Delicure FrancePack Déli'balls CBD - Delicure France
Déli’balls CBD Pack Sale price13,00€ Regular price26,00€
Les gummies au CBD sont des gommes fruitées enrichies en CBD disponibles sous différentes formes

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural molecule extracted from hemp plants (also called cannabis sativa). CBD is part of the large cannabinoid family, it is notably the second cannabinoid most studied by scientists after THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

CBD is a natural product used by its consumers to promote relaxation and improve daily well-being.

Unlike THC, consuming cannabidiol is not dangerous for your health because it does not cause any psychotropic or “high” effects and does not create any addiction. In fact, the WHO (World Organization for
Health) stated that CBD "does not appear to have any potential for abuse, nor to be harmful to health."

In recent years, a varied range of cannabidiol-based products has developed on the French market. These CBD products come in the form of oils, e-liquids, cosmetic products, candies or even CBD chocolate.

In addition to being delicious and pleasant to consume, CBD chocolate offers a real moment of rest and relaxation!

It's not chocolate, it's better!

Our crunchy CBD chocolate balls are products made in France and guaranteed THC-free. We have selected for you a premium CBD from organic hemp, and a delicious cocoa to offer you a delicious, effective and high quality product!

Discover our range of CBD chocolate with relaxing effects! Delicious crunchy CBD chocolate balls that will boost your mental and physical well-being!

We offer you three different tastes: milk chocolate taste, white chocolate taste and dark chocolate taste.

Each crunchy CBD chocolate ball is composed of approximately 10mg of CBD, convenient for choosing the amount of CBD you want to consume!

CBD chocolate, a delicious and relaxing product.

Guaranteed THC-free and designed in France, the crunchy CBD chocolate balls are available in three flavors (milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate). These products contain high quality cocoa and cannabidiol extracted from organic French hemp.

Chewable, these crunchy CBD chocolate balls will allow you to improve your well-being while enjoying a moment of indulgence!

A CBD Chocolate Crunch Ball is made up of approximately 10mg of CBD, allowing you to choose the amount of CBD you wish to consume. Milk chocolate flavor, white chocolate flavor or dark chocolate flavor, you are sure to find the chocolate product that suits you!

CBD Délicure chocolate is a product that is easy to carry with you everywhere to enjoy a gourmet chocolate break at any time of the day!

Health benefits of chocolate.

Chocolate is a product made from sugar and cocoa paste, obtained by roasting and grinding cocoa beans. Cocoa is a food naturally rich in flavonoids, antioxidants and minerals.

In addition to providing real pleasure for our taste buds, chocolate proves to be an ally of well-being and health. Indeed, chocolate can improve mood, boost morale and help stimulate the nervous system.

There are three types of chocolate: milk chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate, which is very popular for its health benefits. Due to its high cocoa and fiber content, dark chocolate can help maintain cardiovascular balance, protect the body from free radicals or even facilitate intestinal transit.

To design our CBD chocolate crunchy balls, we chose delicious and excellent quality cocoa!