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Article: How to consume CBD to relieve anxiety?

L'huile de CBD est un produit naturel permettant de lutter contre le stress et les angoisses

How to consume CBD to relieve anxiety?

15 to 20% of French people are affected, at one point or another in their lives, by some form of anxiety. Described as a form of worry, accompanied by a strong feeling of discomfort, anxiety can be debilitating on a daily basis. In the long term, anxiety disorders can cause health problems and impair quality of life.

To manage their discomfort, some people suffering from anxiety have chosen to consume CBD (cannabidiol). This natural product could help naturally relieve the discomfort caused by anxiety.

What is CBD?

CBD , or cannabidiol, is a natural molecule that is part of the large cannabinoid family. It comes from the hemp plant, also called cannabis sativa.

Unlike THC, which is the most famous component of the plant, CBD does not produce any psychotropic effects and does not cause dependence. Its consumption is therefore legal and authorized in France.

Currently 6 million consumers in France consume cannabidiol to combat their stress and anxiety, soothe their pain or even promote good sleep. Cannabidiol is a natural product that has no side effects or health hazards.

Does CBD help with anxiety?


CBD is a natural product effective against anxiety

According to this study , CBD has anxiolytic properties to naturally soothe stress and anxiety.

Cannabidiol acts on endocannabinoid receptors associated with anxiety and pain. These play an essential role in maintaining good mental health. Cannabidiol sends a message to the body not to pay attention to stress signals emitted by the brain via the nervous system. Cannabidiol could therefore relieve anxiety and its symptoms (intense fatigue, headaches, shortness of breath, tremors, dizziness, irritability, etc.).

CBD can be consumed in the morning, before going to work, to relax the mind and relieve nervous tension. Consuming CBD during the day can help better manage stress and regulate mood. Or, cannabidiol can be used in the evening to calm anxiety and relax the body before bed.

Please note, cannabidiol does not replace medication prescribed by a healthcare professional for anxiety disorders. On medical advice, cannabidiol can however be consumed alongside medical treatment to combat anxiety on a daily basis.


How to consume CBD to fight anxiety?

Nowadays, a wide choice of CBD products is available to consumers. Cannabidiol can be consumed, for example, in the form of infusions, e-liquids, oils, capsules, tablets or even candies.

CBD oil is highly recommended for relieving anxiety because it provides the relaxing effects of CBD in just a few minutes. To do this, it must be consumed sublingually, that is to say under the tongue.

CBD oil drops should be placed directly under the tongue as it is a place rich in blood vessels. The CBD molecule then diffuses quickly into the blood system and the receptors of the endocannabinoid system.

That's not all, to fully experience the relaxing effects of cannabidiol, it is important to choose a good dosage. Délicure offers a CBD calculator which determines, based on the weight and the objectives of the consumer, the number of drops of CBD oil to ingest.


Délicure’s organic CBD oil

Délicure has designed a 100% natural organic CBD oil to combat stress and anxiety. It is made in France with organic avocado oil and cannabidiol extracts from organic hemp. In accordance with current regulations, this product is guaranteed without THC, which is the molecule with psychotropic effects of cannabis.

CBD oils are natural products with well-known virtues. CBD oil helps reduce stress, reduce anxiety, promote sleep and increase joint comfort.

This high-quality product differs from classic CBD oils made from refined coconut oil (or MCT oil). It does not contain any chemical ingredients, pesticides or fertilizers.

This organic CBD oil is available in three cannabidiol concentration levels (10% or 1000mg, 20% or 2000mg and 30% or 3000mg). For a first consumption of CBD, or to relieve a bout of stress, 10% CBD oil is perfect. To benefit from more intense effects and reduce daily anxiety, the ideal is to choose 30% CBD oil.

Although this product does not present a health hazard, pregnant or breastfeeding women and patients under medical treatment are recommended to seek the advice of a doctor before consumption. Additionally, CBD oil and all other cannabidiol products are for adults only.

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