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Article: The virtues of CBD on sleep and stress

Le CBD, un actif naturel possédant de nombreuses vertus notamment contre le stress et pour faciliter le sommeil

The virtues of CBD on sleep and stress

CBD (or cannabidiol) is a molecule extracted from hemp (also called “cannabis sativa”).

Many consumers consume CBD to benefit from its calming properties. Indeed, the latter would help to benefit from quality sleep and reduce emotional stress. More specifically, it would relax muscles, soothe nerves and relieve physical pain. Cannabidiol would help you feel more relaxed and fall asleep more quickly.


Effects of CBD on sleep

CBD is a natural product from the hemp plant which helps fight stress, promotes relaxation and therefore helps you fall asleep.


To be in shape all day and stay healthy, specialists recommend sleeping around 7 hours per night. However, some people do not reach this quota because they suffer from sleep disorders (difficulty falling asleep, waking up at night, etc.). Stress, work pressure, excessive use of screens and certain illnesses have a major impact on the quality of sleep. And yet, having restful sleep is essential to regenerate the body.

According to feedback from many consumers, consuming CBD before sleeping represents an effective natural alternative to help you fall asleep and get a good night's sleep.

Indeed, CBD helps calm the nervous system and thus prevents the degradation of neurotransmitters responsible for cognitive faculties, emotions and pain. It also helped promote the secretion of melatonin, the sleep hormone which regulates biological chrono rhythms.

In addition, CBD would be a natural molecule which, unlike certain treatments, would not cause addiction or side effects.

Over time, the consumption of CBD would therefore allow you to have more restful sleep by effectively combating nighttime awakenings, insomnia and fatigue upon waking up. Many CBD consumers today praise the effects of this molecule on sleep .

Discover our CBD sleep oil to regain quality sleep, CBD effectively and naturally replaces sleeping pills and other chemical medications. Unlike medications, CBD does not cause dependence.

CBD oil to combat sleep disorders

CBD oil is one of the best forms of consumption to combat sleep disorders. Before sleeping, consuming this oil allows you to feel a calming effect and a rapid relaxing effect. Its CBD concentration rate, which generally varies between 5% and 30%, must be chosen according to needs and the degree of difficulty falling asleep.

Délicure offers a strong sleep CBD oil made in France and guaranteed THC-free. Its particularity is that it has organic sweet almond oil as a support, very beneficial for the body. In addition to CBD, CBD sleep oil is composed of poppy and passionflower, two plants widely known for their help in falling asleep. Finally, it contains melatonin, a hormone secreted by the body which regulates sleep cycles and makes it easier to fall asleep, as well as orange blossom essential oil.

Effects of CBD on stress

several scientific studies have highlighted the effectiveness of CBD in reducing stress

Stress is a natural reaction that helps warn of danger during a destabilizing situation. This is one of the manifestations of the survival instinct.

The intensity of stress depends from one individual to another depending on their personality and their ability to handle the situation. When it is too intense, stress can cause physical pain (muscle pain, headaches, dizziness, nausea, intense fatigue, etc.), memory and concentration problems, irritability, insomnia, and, in severe cases, depression.

To combat stress, CBD appears to be very effective. Indeed, it would act favorably on the CB1 endocannabinoid receptors on the amygdala of the brain, the hippocampus and in the cingulate cortex (brain structures known to regulate anxiety).

Its consumption would provide rapid relaxation which, consequently, would promote muscle relaxation and reduce mental tension. Cannabidiol would also prevent you from being overwhelmed by pressure and offer better stress management.

Of natural origin, cannabidiol does not cause adverse health effects. In addition, unlike THC, CBD is not addictive . Please note, CBD can never replace a drug treatment prescribed by a health professional, many people replace anxiolytics or anti depressants with CBD, we do not recommend doing this without seeking the advice of your doctor.

natural, organic and effective CBD oils. CBD oil is very effective in combating stress and anxiety. CBD oil is much less dangerous than chemical medications, and CBD does not cause dependence.

Consume CBD in what form?

There are several forms of CBD consumption, other than oil, to benefit from the benefits of this molecule: capsules to ingest, chewing gum, CBD chocolate to chew, cosmetic products to apply to the skin (ointments, creams, balms, etc.), infusions to drink, or even e-liquids for electronic cigarettes.

Regardless of the CBD product chosen, it is advisable to respect the indicated dosage and not to exceed the recommended dose.

Our CBD products
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Discover our range of gourmet CBD products. CBD oils, lozenges, gummies, crunchy chocolate balls... All our CBD products are made in France with natural products.

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Délicure Products: “CBD”, “Sleep” and “Stress”

In addition to organic CBD oils , Délicure offers CBD vitamin gummies , vegan, natural and made in France. They allow you to relax the body and mind, and feel a sensation of well-being. In addition to containing CBD, they contain B group vitamins (B3, B6 and B9) which contribute to the proper functioning of the nervous system, and vitamin D which strengthens the immune system.

Délicure also offers delicious hard candies rich in CBD, sugar-free or with French honey. CBD candies are ideal to take with you everywhere and provide a real moment of relaxation in everyday life.

Two other ranges of food supplements are available:

  • Sleep gummies are composed of melatonin (sleep hormone), relaxing plants (linden, passionflower and poppy) and vitamins (B5 and B6). It is recommended to take two 30 minutes before bedtime to make it easier to fall asleep and to benefit from better quality sleep.
  • Stress gummies are also rich in plants (rhodiola, saffron and holy basil) in the amino acid GABA and vitamin B6. All of these active ingredients are ideal for protecting the nervous system and soothing anxiety during a stressful situation.


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