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Before discovering our superb food supplements and CBD products, tell us if you are of legal age:

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All our Gummies

Find all of our ranges of gummies, delicious gummies rich in plants and vitamins .

All our products are vegan and made in France , our formulations have been developed by pharmacists and naturopaths in order to guarantee perfect synergy of the active ingredients contained in our gummies and optimize the effectiveness of our products.

Promote relaxation , get back to sleep , boost your immunity , take care of your hair , our gummies with complementary fields of action will meet your objectives.

Gummies Sommeil - Delicure FranceGummies Sommeil - Delicure France
Sleep Gummies Sale price19,00€ Regular price23,00€
Sold outGummies Stress - Delicure FranceGummies Stress - Delicure France
Stress Gummies Sale price17,00€ Regular price23,00€
Gummies Hair, nails, skin without sugarGummies Cheveux, ongles, peau sans sucre - Delicure France
Gummies Hair, nails, skin without sugar Sale price19,00€ Regular price23,00€
Gummies CBD vitamines 30 gummies - Delicure FranceGummies CBD vitamines 30 gummies - Delicure France
CBD Gummies 30 gummies Sale price17,00€
Gummies CBD Vitamines 60 gummies - Delicure FranceGummies CBD Vitamines 60 gummies - Delicure France
CBD Gummies 60 gummies Sale price29,00€
Gummies CBD Pomme Kiwi sans sucre - Delicure FranceGummies CBD Pomme Kiwi - Delicure France
Gummies Caféine Boost énergie - Delicure FranceGummies Caféine - Delicure France
Energy Boost Caffeine Gummies Sale price19,00€ Regular price23,00€

Gummies, the new generation of food supplements

Gummies are new generation food supplements, packaged in the form of gelatinous candies. In France, this trend has quickly taken root in the supplement market.
food and appeals to a large number of consumers, keen to maintain their health and well-being.

Also called “vitamin candies”, these gummies can contain the same active ingredients as traditional food supplements: vitamins, trace elements, plants and probiotics.

These gummies are targeted to address a specific problem such as promoting relaxation, getting quality sleep, strengthening immunity, stimulating hair and nail growth or even maintaining your skin.

Gummies, fun and delicious food supplements

Most consumers who start a course of food supplements tend to stop because of their unpleasant taste, their form similar to that of medications, or simply out of weariness.

“Gummies” are a new type of product that moves away from the classic food supplement form. It thus reinvents the way of supplementing and aims to make consumers want to complete their treatment and therefore feel the benefits.

In the form of chewable candies, gummies are easy to take and do not require water. They are also very delicious thanks to their delicious candy taste. This fun format allows you to take care of your health while having fun.

By containing the same active ingredients as traditional food supplements, gummies represent a real alternative to the latter.

Chaque retour client est identique, les gummies sommeil favorisent l'endormissement avec leur composition riche en mélatonine et vitamines

Délicure food supplements

At Délicure, we are convinced that supplementing should above all be a pleasure and not a constraint.

We offer you innovative, fun and delicious food supplements.
to meet specific health and well-being needs:
find better quality sleep, promote relaxation,
boost the immune system, or even strengthen your hair.