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the FRENCH DAYS are almost over

Our values

Our engagement

We are engaged in a perpetual quest to improve our products, so we invest a lot in research and development in order to integrate ever more values ​​that are essential to us in the design of our products.

At Délicure

Our vision :

At Délicure, we are convinced that supplementing should above all be a pleasure and not a constraint. We wish to make
accessible to as many people as possible, supplementation with quality products at a reasonable price.

It is for this reason that we have created food supplements as well as CBD-based products that are fun, effective, hassle-free and practical to take anywhere to meet specific needs: reduced immunity, stress, insomnia, beauty, we have solutions adapted to your needs!

Our approach

Fight against the disorders and deficiencies caused by our modern lifestyles. Stress, Insomnia, reduced Immunity, lack of energy, beauty, we provide comprehensive and innovative formulas to help you strengthen your body as a whole.

At Délicure

Our mission :

You will have understood that at Délicure, we provide you with concrete solutions so that your supplementation becomes a pleasure!

In addition, we rigorously select all our active ingredients for effective formulas and are transparent about the quality of our products.

All our gummies are Vegan, GMO-free, lactose-free, not tested on animals and made in France.

Our CBD products are made in France and contain CBD from the European Union, thus complying with current regulations.

So we choose to bring you the best of nature in quality products in innovative formats!

Cutting-edge French laboratory

At the forefront of innovation, our Laboratory develops and manufactures quality products with the main goal: efficiency.

Before being placed on the market, our production undergoes rigorous tests carried out by an analysis laboratory
independent microbiological laboratory to guarantee the quality and safety of our

All our gummies and CBD products are developed and manufactured in France, in compliance with current standards.

We are committed to offering you high quality, natural products. We select our raw materials with the greatest care and are committed to a perpetual process of innovation.