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Sugar-free Apple Kiwi CBD Gummies

Sale price25,00€

😋 Vegan CBD Gummies
🥝 Natural flavors of apple and kiwi
✔️ Sugar free
✅ THC-free
🌿 10 mg of CBD per gummie

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Gummies CBD Pomme Kiwi sans sucre - Délicure
Sugar-free Apple Kiwi CBD Gummies Sale price25,00€

Vegan, sugar-free and with natural fruit flavors, our CBD gummies offer you a tasty way to gently relax. Guaranteed THC-free, this product helps relieve stress and anxiety, nervous tension without risk of dependence.
Box of 60 gummies, 10mg of CBD per gummy.


CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural substance found in the hemp plant. Millions of French people use CBD to manage stress, promote better sleep and alleviate mild pain.


Our CBD gummies feature an exquisite blend of natural apple and kiwi flavors, providing a taste experience that is both rich and refreshing.

When to take my CBD Gummies?
  • Any time of the day, when you feel the need to relax!
How many CBD Gummies per day?
  • Consume between 3 and 5 gummies per day.
What is the capacity of a Délicure CBD box?
  • Pot of 60 gummies.
Precautions for use?
  • Do not exceed 50 mg of CBD per day (i.e. 5 gummies).
  • Not recommended for people under 18 years old.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women, people taking medication or at risk of allergies should consult their doctor before taking any supplement.

With CBD, some drug interactions have been revealed, so it is recommended to seek advice from a doctor if you are taking:

- Antiepileptic treatment (clobaza);
- Anticoagulant treatment (warfarin);
- An immunosuppressive medication (tacrolimus);
- Methadone;
- Thyroid hormones such as Levothyroxine.

Storage conditions ?
  • Store in a dry place, away from light and heat.
  • Keep out of reach of children. Use-by date: See packaging. The maximum lifespan of the product is two years.

Ingredients: Maltitol syrup, maltitol, water, pectin, natural flavors, citric acid, sodium citrate, cannabidiol (CBD), turmeric and spirulina concentrate, MCT coconut oil, carnauba wax.


  • Cannabidiol: 10 mg / 30 mg

🌱 Vegan

🥝 Natural flavors 🍏


🌿Premium CBD

👍 Sugar free

🌾 Gluten free

🪴 Non-GMO

🧪 No colorings

🐇 Not tested on animals

♻️ Recyclable packaging

les bonbons au cbd sont idéaux pour réduire le stress et l'anxiété, leur format nomade permet de les prendre facilement à tout moment de la journée pour trouver détente et apaisement


CBD ( cannabidiol) comes from the hemp plant, also called “cannabis sativa”. Originally from Asia, this plant has been used since Neolithic times for its many medicinal properties.

Since the discovery of CBD, numerous scientific studies have been carried out. They thus attempt to demonstrate the numerous benefits of this cannabinoid. Indeed, cannabidiol helps soothe the nervous system and promotes overall well-being (physical and mental). Unlike THC, CBD poses no risk because it does not produce a state of euphoria. It can therefore be consumed in complete peace of mind to stay calm every day!

Millions of French people have integrated CBD into their routine to improve their quality of life naturally. Délicure CBD gummies promote relaxation and, thanks to their apple kiwi flavor, provide an authentic moment of pleasure!

Composition of apple kiwi CBD gummies

Our CBD gummies are soft candies to enjoy to enjoy a well-being break. They are made from fruit pectin and premium cannabidiol extracts.

At Délicure, we make it a point of honor to offer you high quality products that meet your needs. To design our gummies, we choose cannabidiol from organic and premium hemp crops. Cannabidiol is an active substance that provides relaxing and relaxing effects. It helps to calm stress, improve mood and relieve anxiety. We recommend that you take 3 to 5 CBD gummies per day to benefit from the benefits of cannabidiol.

For a gourmet touch to our CBD gummies, we have selected an irresistible kiwi apple flavor. The latter perfectly masks the bitter taste of cannabidiol, sometimes feared by consumers!

les gummies au cbd permettent de lutter efficacement contre le stress et l'anxiété avec gourmandise

How to consume CBD gummies?

A CBD gummy (candy) is composed of 10mg of cannabidiol. This pre-dosing gives you the freedom to choose the amount of cannabidiol you want to consume.

To benefit from the effects of our CBD gummies, we suggest you chew between three and five gummies per day. However, please do not exceed this dosage, i.e. 50mg of CBD per day.

Enjoy apple kiwi flavor CBD gummies at any time of the day to relax! Their practical format allows you to easily take them with you, to keep peace of mind within reach.

To vary the pleasures, we also offer CBD gummies with a delicious natural lemon flavor!

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Ludivine F
Gummies cbd

Top, ces bonbons au cbd m'aident beaucoup à réduire mon anxiété et son par ailleurs très agréables à consommer.

Olivier V.
Le bonbon qui fait du bien.

Je suis actuellement en burn-out et dispose, outre un suivi psychologique, d'un traitement de fond contre le stress à base de Valériane et de Passiflore. Ce traitement me convient parfaitement mais, à certains moments de la journée, je souffre encore d'accès de stress plus ou moins intenses. Je prends alors un gummy au CDB et je dois dire que, quelques minutes plus tard, je retrouve l'apaisement. Il m'est arrivé d'en prendre trois sur une journée par nécessité. Aucune addiction mais je sais que les gummies sont là pour m'aider au besoin. Merci Délicure !!

Gummies cbd

Ces gummies fonctionnent bien sur moi, je les prends le soir ça détend et me permet de m'endormir plus facilement.

Claire M
Gummies CBD

Délicieux et très efficaces contre le stress, j'en consomme pendant le travail et cela m'aide beaucoup.


Merci pour le cadeau! Effet calmant et goût très agréable. Je dois me retenir pour ne pas les degummieser.

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