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Feminine comfort

Discover our CBD Period Care oil to approach your periods and menopause with complete peace of mind!

Délicure has developed a CBD oil specially formulated for women wishing to improve their comfort during menstruation and menopause. Its formula based on CBD and plants has been developed to provide natural relief for female discomfort. Whether taken directly under the tongue or mixed with a favorite beverage, this CBD oil aims to revolutionize women's well-being.

Just like our other CBD oils, Period Care CBD oil is manufactured and packaged in France. To help you find the dosage that's right for you, we offer a CBD calculator .

Huile Bio CBD Period Care 1200mg - Delicure FranceHuile Bio CBD Period Care 1000mg - Delicure France

CBD Period care oil from Délicure

Délicure offers a 100% natural solution for women suffering from feminine ailments! In collaboration with gynecologists, she developed CBD Period Care oil. This product is intended to promote menstrual comfort, relieve endometriosis and soothe the symptoms of menopause.

Period Care CBD oil, like all other Délicure CBD oils, is made in France. Formulated with CBD and high-quality plants, this food supplement guarantees optimal effectiveness.

If you are looking for an effective product to find peace during your periods, let yourself be seduced by our CBD Period care oil!

Find Period care CBD oil in more than 700 pharmacies in France.

CBD to promote menstrual comfort

Cannabidiol is a natural substance coming from hemp plants (cannabis sativa). Known by the acronym "CBD", it has attracted the attention of scientists and consumers in recent years.

Indeed, CBD would have potential therapeutic virtues. It is commonly used to promote relaxation and improve sleep quality. But that's not all, it could also be beneficial in relieving female ailments and improving women's well-being.

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system and its many receptors, including those that play a role in pain perception. A scientific study revealed the presence of receptors in the cells of the uterus. The potential analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of CBD could therefore help relieve female ailments.

How to use period care CBD oil?

Period care CBD oil is the product you need to find peace of mind during your period! This product can be used at any time to relax and soothe your symptoms.

We recommend using the sublingual method to feel the effects quickly. Using the dropper pipette, simply place the drops of oil precisely under the tongue. CBD penetrates your mucous membranes and diffuses directly into your bloodstream. The relaxing effects are felt after just a few minutes!

If the bitter taste of cannabidiol bothers you, you can mix the oil drops with a drink or dish of your choice.

With Délicure's CBD calculator , discover your tailor-made CBD oil dosage! This tool calculates the number of drops to consume, based on your weight and your goals.