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Sleep Gummies

Sale price20,00€

✅ Reduces the time it takes to fall asleep
✅ Improves sleep quality
✅ Helps regulate sleep cycles
📆 1 month of treatment (60 gummies)

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Gummies Sommeil - Délicure
Sleep Gummies Sale price20,00€

Natural, vegan Sleep Gummies made in France. with natural apple flavors, rich in plants, vitamins and melatonin. Facilitate falling asleep quickly, improve the quality of your nights and act on states of nervousness by providing relaxation and relaxation, without addiction.


Melatonin, often called the “sleep hormone,” is a hormone that we produce naturally; it helps reduce the time it takes to fall asleep and helps regulate sleep cycles.


Passionflower contains flavonoids, maltol, and alkaloids. All these components make it a true natural sleeping pill.


In our sleep gummies, vitamin B5 is incorporated to facilitate the transformation of tryptophan, an amino acid, into serotonin, a neurotransmitter that promotes relaxation and prepares the body for sleep.


Poppy is well known for its action on nervousness as well as sleep disorders. This plant acts as a sedative, with pectoral and softening properties.


Originally from Europe, the linden flower is certainly one of the best-known plants used to combat sleep disorders. Particularly rich in “flavonoids”, linden promotes calming and falling asleep.


It plays an indispensable role in amino acid metabolism and is vital for the creation of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and melatonin.

When should I take my Sleep Gummies?
  • In the evening, 30 minutes before bed.
How many Sleep Gummies per day?
  • Take two gummies a day.
  • Although our sleep gummies have no prohibitions, we recommend that you seek advice from your doctor-pharmacist before consumption by children.
How do I take my Sleep Gummies?
  • Just bite into them.
How long does a box of sleep gummies last?
  • 60 gummies = 30 day cure.
Precautions for use?
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily doses.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women, people taking medication or at risk of allergies should consult their doctor before taking any supplement.
Storage conditions ?
  • Store in a dry place, away from light and heat.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Use-by date: See packaging. The maximum lifespan of the product is two years.

Ingredients: Glucose syrup, cane sugar, gelling agent: pectin; acidifying agent: citric acid; natural flavor, dry extract of poppy petal (papaver rhoeas L.), dry extract of aerial part of passion flower (passiflora incarnata L.), linden flower powder (tilia cordata Mill.), calcium D-pantothenate (vitamin B5 ), coating agent: carnauba wax; pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), melatonin, radish and safflower concentrate.


  • Melatonin: 1.9 mg
  • Linden flower powder: 30 mg
  • Dry extract of the aerial part of passionflower: 40 mg
  • Poppy petal dry extract: 40 mg
  • Vitamin B5: 6 mg (100% NRV*)
  • Vitamin B6: 1.4 mg (100% NRV)

*%VNR: Nutritional Reference Value

🌱 Vegan

👍 Reduced in sugars

🇫🇷 Made in France

🍏 Natural flavors

💤 Melatonin

🧪 No colorings

🌾 Gluten free

🪴 Non-GMO

🐇 Not tested on animals

♻️ Recyclable packaging

Image d'un flacon de gummies Délicure Sommeil Radieux, conçu pour favoriser un endormissement rapide. Le flacon est posé sur un tissu doux et clair, créant une atmosphère de confort et de relaxation. À côté du flacon, trois gummies en forme d'ourson sont disposés. L'étiquette bleue du flacon présente des illustrations d'étoiles et de montagnes, évoquant une ambiance nocturne et apaisante. Les gummies sont saveur pomme, comme indiqué sur l'étiquette.

The sleep

Get a good night's sleep allows the body to recover both physically and mentally. The sleep acts directly on the brain with the phenomena of memory, concentration, memorization and orientation. Getting a good night's sleep is therefore an important element that should not be neglected.

Nearly a third of the French population suffers from sleep disorders: difficulty falling asleep, waking up at night, insomnia, sleep apnea. These sleep disorders can seriously affect the quality of life.

And yet, sleep is the predominant element of our good health, the active ingredients contained in food supplements to sleep better turn out to be valuable aids at bedtime.

At Délicure, to design our sleep gummies, we have selected the best active ingredients to guarantee you restful sleep!

Composition of sleep gummies

Our gummies for better sleep are composed of a combination of 6 active ingredients carefully selected and dosed to provide an optimal effect and provide quality sleep.

In the formula of our sleep candies we use melatonin, the sleep hormone par excellence; a combination of 3 plants: Linden, Poppy, Passionflower selected for their perfect synergy and their soothing effects as well as vitamins B5 and B6 essential for the transformation of tryptophan into serotonin and melatonin. They will therefore directly act on falling asleep.

The health benefits of sleep

Sleep is the most vital activity for our body after eating.

Sleep, in sufficient quantity and quality, is necessary to gain energy and guarantee good physical, intellectual and psychological recovery.

In addition to consolidating memory, sleep promotes better learning and improves productivity.

Sleep is also essential to regulate the production of hormones, regenerate cells, improve mood, limit stress and even prevent certain diseases.

Finally, sleeping well provides a better immune response and strengthens natural defenses.

Customer Reviews

Based on 156 reviews

Après une semaine d'utilisation, je m'endors beaucoup plus facilement et la durée de mon sommeil s'est améliorée. Ces gummies sont agréables à consommer et marchent dès la première prise.

Gummies sommeil

Excellent produit, nette amélioration du sommeil et plus particulièrement de l'endormissement dès le premier jour.

Gummies bonne nuit

Toute la famille consomme ces gummies de temps en temps depuis plus d'un an et ils sont très efficaces et en plus très bons.

Anthony J
Gummies sommeil

Top ! fonctionne très bien.

Très bien

Je les associe avec l'huile Sommeil fort, et c'est parfait . Après des décennies de somnifères, je retrouve peu à peu un sommeil plus constant et plus réparateur . Je recommande sans hésiter .

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