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Article: How to use CBD to relieve endometriosis?

L'endométriose concerne 1 femme / 10, le CBD pourrait selon certaines études aider à lutter contre les désagréments liés à l'endométriose

How to use CBD to relieve endometriosis?

In France, endometriosis affects nearly 10% of women of childbearing age, which represents approximately 1.5 to 2.5 million women.

What is endometriosis?

Endometriosis is defined as a chronic inflammatory disease of the female reproductive system. More specifically, endometriosis is a disease related to the endometrium, the tissue that lines the inside of the uterus.

Usually, during menstruation, the endometrium naturally detaches from the uterus to be evacuated. In women with endometriosis, the cells that need to be shed travel to the fallopian tubes, vagina and ovaries, and continue to follow the menstrual cycle. Sometimes these cells reach other organs such as the rectum, colon or bladder, causing painful lesions that can cause infertility.

When a woman with endometriosis menstruates, the blood she passes contains cells and tissues from inside and outside the uterus. If this blood comes into contact with other organs within the abdomen, it can cause significant inflammation and pain.

Endometriosis can manifest itself with numerous symptoms such as abdominal and pelvic pain (intense during periods), pain during sexual intercourse, chronic fatigue, urinary problems or even digestive problems.

Regardless of their intensity, these symptoms have a significant impact on the quality of life of women with this disease.

But does CBD (or cannabidiol) help naturally relieve the symptoms of endometriosis?

What is cannabidiol (CBD)?

CBD or cannabidiol helps fight pain linked to endometriosis in a natural way, without side effects or addiction.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is extracted from the hemp plant (cannabis sativa). It belongs to the large cannabinoid family, just like THC .

However, unlike the latter, CBD does not cause psychotropic effects and does not lead to any addiction. CBD is therefore not dangerous for health, its consumption is completely legal in France.

Today, 6 million French consumers take CBD to promote relaxation.

Can CBD relieve endometriosis?

Even if several studies try to highlight this, CBD being considered a new food in France, it does not yet benefit from health claims and we cannot therefore say that CBD would relieve pain and/or pain. or endometriosis.

We can say that cannabidiol acts directly on the receptors of the endocannabinoid system. According to a study , some of its receptors are present in the cells of the uterus.

Please note, although certain studies show an interest in the CBD molecule and that CBD is commonly consumed for female ailments, it is important to remember that today, no study is recognized by France, so we We cannot say that CBD can be effective in relieving endometriosis.


CBD oil for female ailments from Délicure

For all women who suffer from painful periods, Délicure has created an organic CBD oil that is 100% natural and Made in France.

CBD would thus help to promote relaxation, relieve tension, soothe pain and experience the menstruation period more peacefully.

This natural product, made with high quality ingredients, helps relieve PMS (premenstrual syndrome), period pain as well as menopausal symptoms.


This CBD oil is made from organic sweet almond oil, recognized in the world of health and beauty. It differs from traditional CBD oils made with refined coconut oil.

This product contains broad-spectrum CBD as well as two plants known to help maintain comfortable menstrual cycles and soothe abdominal cramps: yarrow and fennel as well as peppermint essential oil. This formula was specially developed for women, this CBD oil is 100% natural and produced in France.

Usage tips 

To benefit from the relaxing effects of CBD oil, you must put the drops of oil under the tongue and then wait about sixty seconds before swallowing them.

Regarding dosage, Délicure provides its CBD calculator . It allows you to determine the precise quantity of CBD oil to consume, depending on the profile and intensity of the desired effects.


Although CBD oil is not a dangerous product for health, it is reserved for adults. People taking medical treatment or who are at risk of allergies are recommended to consult a healthcare professional before consuming a cannabidiol product.

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