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Caffeine Gummies Pack

Sale price50,00€ Regular price92,00€

Lacking energy?

Recharge your batteries with our Caffeine Gummies!

Provides energy
Reduces mental fatigue
 Increases alertness
 Improves concentration
✔️ Sugar free

Our Boost Energy gummies, vegan and enriched with caffeine, are designed to give you energy! Are you looking for a natural solution to avoid feeling sluggish during the day? Discover our product to stimulate the nervous system and reduce feelings of fatigue!

This pack contains 4 jars of 60 gummies.
    Pack Gummies Caféine - Delicure France
    Caffeine Gummies Pack Sale price50,00€ Regular price92,00€

    🌱 Vegan

    👍 Reduced in sugars

    🇫🇷 Made in France

    🍏 Natural flavors

    💤 Melatonin

    🧪 No colorings

    🌾 Gluten free

    🪴 Non-GMO

    🐇 Not tested on animals

    ♻️ Recyclable packaging


    Find the pleasure of sleeping well with our Radiant Sleep Gummies!
    With natural apple flavors, rich in plants, vitamins and melatonin, our delicious gummies will be your future daily allies to help you fall asleep peacefully.
    Our Sleep gummies make it easier to fall asleep quickly, improve the quality of your nights and act on states of nervousness by providing you with relief and relaxation, without addiction.
    Like all our food supplements, our Sleep cure is natural, vegan and made in France with high quality raw materials.

    Chaque retour client est identique, les gummies sommeil favorisent l'endormissement avec leur composition riche en mélatonine et vitamines

    The sleep

    Get a good night's sleep allows the body to recover both physically and mentally. The sleep acts directly on the brain with the phenomena of memory, concentration, memorization and orientation. Getting a good night's sleep is therefore an important element that should not be neglected.

    Nearly a third of the French population suffers from sleep disorders: difficulty falling asleep, waking up at night, insomnia, sleep apnea. These sleep disorders can seriously affect the quality of life.

    And yet, sleep is the predominant element of our good health, the active ingredients contained in food supplements to sleep better turn out to be valuable aids at bedtime.

    At Délicure, to design our sleep gummies, we have selected the best active ingredients to guarantee you restful sleep!

    Un complément alimentaire sommeil sous forme de gummies hautement dosé en mélatonine et vitamines permet de réduire le temps d'endormissement et diminuer les réveils nocturnes

    Composition of sleep gummies

    Our gummies for better sleep are composed of a combination of 6 active ingredients carefully selected and dosed to provide an optimal effect and provide quality sleep.

    In the formula of our sleep candies we use melatonin, the sleep hormone par excellence; a combination of 3 plants: Linden, Poppy, Passionflower selected for their perfect synergy and their soothing effects as well as vitamins B5 and B6 essential for the transformation of tryptophan into serotonin and melatonin. They will therefore directly act on falling asleep.

    Nos gommes sommeil sont des compléments alimentaires vendus en pharmacies. Les gummies favorisent l'endormissement et permettent de lutter contre les troubles du sommeil

    The health benefits of sleep

    Sleep is the most vital activity for our body after eating.

    Sleep, in sufficient quantity and quality, is necessary to gain energy and guarantee good physical, intellectual and psychological recovery.

    In addition to consolidating memory, sleep promotes better learning and improves productivity.

    Sleep is also essential to regulate the production of hormones, regenerate cells, improve mood, limit stress and even prevent certain diseases.

    Finally, sleeping well provides a better immune response and strengthens natural defenses.

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