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Article: Does CBD oil have an immediate effect?

L'huile de CBD est un produit naturel extrait de la plante de chanvre, l'action de l'huile de CBD est très rapide pour diminuer le stress, soulager les douleurs ou favoriser le sommeil

Does CBD oil have an immediate effect?

In France, CBD has gained popularity in recent years. This cannabinoid is today consumed by 10% of the population to facilitate relaxation and improve daily well-being.

CBD oil is particularly a product very appreciated by cannabidiol consumers. Used sublingually, this product offers excellent bioavailability. It provides the relaxing effects of cannabidiol in just a few minutes.

The effects of CBD oil

CBD oil is one of the most marketed products containing cannabidiol on the French market. Indeed, CBD oil can be purchased in a specialized store (CBD shop), in a pharmacy or online on specialized websites.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural molecule extracted from the hemp plant (cannabis sativa). Numerous studies have claimed that cannabidiol has therapeutic virtues and helps relieve certain everyday ailments.

According to this study , the consumption of cannabidiol could help to:

  • Reduce stress and its negative effects, fight anxiety and maintain emotional balance
  • Relieve pain and inflammation
  • Promote falling asleep and improve sleep
Be careful, however, it should not be confused with THC , the molecule with the high effects of cannabis. Unlike THC, CBD is not a cannabinoid dangerous to health because it does not cause psychotropic effects. Additionally, THC tends to be addictive, while CBD consumption has no side effects.

Does CBD oil have an immediate effect?


CBD oil taken under the tongue has a very rapid effect and allows you to relax in a natural way

First of all, you should know that CBD stimulates the endocannabinoid system and its numerous receptors. At the level of the nervous system, the latter regulates pain sensations and stress mechanisms. In fact, it limits the body's normal reactions which are linked to stress, such as sleep problems or mood disorders for example.

CBD oil offers optimal bioavailability when taken sublingually. The latter consists of putting the drops of oil under the tongue so that the CBD molecule is quickly absorbed by the mucous membranes. The tongue is one of the body parts richest in blood capillaries, consuming CBD sublingually allows the molecule to quickly diffuse towards the blood circulation and the receptors of the endocannabinoid system. The beneficial effects are then felt quickly.

CBD oil has an almost immediate effect. By consuming this product sublingually, the effects are felt after 15 to 20 minutes depending on each person's profile and tolerance. For optimal absorption, it is preferable to hold the drops of oil in the mouth for 60 seconds.

To find your ideal dosage of CBD oil, Délicure offers its CBD calculator . Simply enter your weight and the intensity of the desired effects to obtain the number of drops of oil to consume to relieve your pain.

Although CBD oil can help relieve certain ailments, it does not replace medical treatment prescribed by a healthcare professional. Before consuming this product, pregnant or breastfeeding women and people under medical treatment are recommended to seek the advice of their doctor or a health professional. In addition, any cannabidiol-based product is intended for adults only.


Délicure’s organic CBD oils

Délicure's organic CBD oils are high quality products and 100% Made in France. They are made with cannabidiol extracted from organic and premium hemp.

Discover organic CBD oils from the Délicure brand. A CBD oil adapted for each objective: sleep, pain, stress, female ailments. Organic CBD oils from the Délicure brand are declared as food supplements and sold in pharmacies.

You should know that traditional CBD oils are based on refined coconut oil. Délicure's organic CBD oils, for their part, are designed with vegetable oils (avocado oil and sweet almond oil) of high quality and 100% natural. In addition, these organic CBD oils do not contain pesticides, chemical fertilizers and herbicides. These are natural and healthy products that guarantee excellent effectiveness.

In addition to containing CBD, Délicure brand CBD oils contain plants with relaxing effects, as well as essential oils appreciated for their beneficial effects. Délicure CBD oils are declared as food supplements and sold in more than 800 French pharmacies.

Each of Délicure's organic CBD oils addresses a well-being issue: stress/anxiety, sleep, pain and menstrual pain. These CBD products can be used at any time of the day to boost your daily well-being.

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