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Article: Mood disorders: the benefits of CBD

Les troubles de l’humeur : les bienfaits du CBD

Mood disorders: the benefits of CBD

Mood is a state of mind dominated by a positive and pleasant emotion (joy, fun, love, etc.), or by a negative and painful emotion (anger, sadness, fear, etc.). Generally, we manage to control our emotions and we feel capable of managing them on a daily basis, but this is not the case for everyone.

An individual suffering from a mood disorder tends to experience negative emotions more intensely and for a longer duration than others. He experiences difficulty containing his emotions, which, in addition to impacting his behavior, can harm his mental and physical health.


The main forms of mood disorders

Mood disorders come in several forms such as:

  • Depression : This is a common mental disorder that seriously disrupts daily life. Depression is characterized by mood disturbances (sadness, loss of interest or pleasure, feelings of guilt, low self-esteem, etc.) and leads to a pessimistic view of the world. It lasts several weeks and has harmful consequences on the quality of life (loss of sleep, appetite disorders, loss of intellectual performance, isolation, etc.). Depression must be treated so that it does not become more complicated or chronic.
  • Bipolar disorders : bipolar disorder is a chronic psychiatric illness characterized by repetitive mood disorders. Indeed, mood evolves following two phases which occur alternately: so-called “manic” or “hypomanic” episodes (exaltation of mood and psychomotor agitation) as well as depressive episodes with intervals of remission.
  • Dysthymia : it is a mood disorder which takes the form of a milder but chronic depression. The symptoms experienced are less severe but continually present, and have lasted for at least two years.

Characteristic symptoms of mood disorders

The physical symptoms most experienced are a lack of energy or great agitation, sleep problems, a decrease or increase in appetite, headaches, intestinal problems, body pain and tension or even poor hygiene. neglected body.

Among the most common psychological symptoms, we distinguish depressed mood or deep distress, devaluation or excessive guilt, concentration problems, learning difficulties, loss of interest in activities (professional, social and family ), and in the most serious cases, thoughts of death or suicide.

Mood disorders have a detrimental effect on daily life. In some cases, these emotional changes can prevent an individual from working, making decisions, maintaining healthy relationships, or even eating, sleeping, or getting out of bed in the morning.

The causes of mood disorders

Aside from genetic factors and family history which can be risk factors in mood disorder, the main causes are:

  • Stress/anxiety, whatever the causes (divorce, emotional separation, death of a loved one, loss of a job, moving, health problem, etc.);
  • Consumption of alcohol, tobacco or drugs;
  • A lack of sleep;
  • A lack of self-confidence;
  • A disturbance at the hormonal level;
  • An imbalance of certain neurotransmitters (e.g. serotonin in the brain)
  • The occurrence of a disease (for example hyperthyroidism);
  • Or finally, taking certain medications (corticosteroids, treatment of Parkinson's disease, interferon , anti-inflammatories, antidepressants, etc.).


Conventional treatments for mood disorders

Mood disorders require medical monitoring, so it is strongly recommended to consult a general practitioner or a psychiatrist who will prescribe adequate treatment to alleviate them or make them disappear.

The classic treatments for mood disorders are psychotherapy or medication, or a combination of therapy and medication.

The earlier the diagnosis is made at the first symptoms, the greater the chances of recovery.


CBD, a natural product to relieve mood disorders?



What is CBD (cannabidiol)?

CBD (or cannabidiol) is a molecule that is part of the cannabinoid family. It is primarily found in the flowers of the hemp plant, also called cannabis.

Unlike the plant's best-known active ingredient, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD does not cause psychotropic effects and does not create addiction.

CBD is therefore not a narcotic and is completely legal in France. It is very useful for consumers who use it to soothe pain and inflammation, relieve stress and anxiety, improve sleep, as well as for many other symptoms.

Being natural, CBD has no side effects and poses no health hazard.

Role of CBD in mood disorders

As previously discussed, mood disorders can be caused by neurochemical irregularities in specific areas of the brain, most commonly in the limbic system (hypothalamus, hippocampus, and amygdala).

This area of ​​the brain has the role of regulating emotional states such as stress, anxiety and depression.

Within this limbic system, endocannabinoids and CB1 and CB2 receptors have been found in abundance. Several studies* have claimed that the endocannabinoid system plays an essential role in maintaining mental health and emotional well-being, and acts as a central regulator of moods and emotions.

In the event of a deficiency in the endocannabinoid system, certain bodily and neurological functions could therefore be unbalanced.


According to a study conducted by the American start-up Radicle Science, the consumption of CBD stimulates this endocannabinoid system and the cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2. Cannabidiol is believed to play an essential regulatory role in maintaining emotional health at a chemical level. It would help restore and rebuild the proper cell-to-cell interactions that exist in the endogenous cannabinoid/receptor network.

In addition, thanks to its analgesic and anxiolytic properties, CBD helps reduce stress and anxiety* and thus promotes relaxation.

By reconnecting the CB1 and CB2 receptors, cannabidiol stimulates the production of endocannabinoids, having the natural effect of improving the circulation of anandamide (endogenous cannabinoid neurotransmitter) while limiting its degradation. Within the human body, it plays a role in the perception of pain, as well as anxiety, stress and depression.


CBD would therefore be a new avenue for relieving the many manifestations of mood disorders (depression, manic episodes, bipolar symptoms, etc.). Numerous studies are underway to confirm its effectiveness.

Taking CBD

CBD can be consumed, depending on personal preferences, in the form of oil, infusions, cosmetic products, food products, capsules, capsules or even e-liquids (for electronic cigarettes).

The most common form is CBD oil , preferably consumed sublingually because its action is very rapid (5 to 20 minutes).

Concerning the choice of dosage, it depends on the tolerance to CBD as well as the desired needs of each person.

In order to fully benefit from the effects of CBD, it is commonly recommended to consume 0.5 mg of CBD per kilo. For example, the ideal dosage for a man who weighs 80 kilos is 40mg. It must be divided into three doses (morning, noon and evening), i.e. approximately 13 mg per dose, this dosage will differ greatly from one person to another and remains only an average.

This dose is recommended to improve mood, limit stress and anxiety disorders but also to relieve inflammation and pain.


Taste serenity with our delicious CBD products!

Délicure’s CBD products

Délicure offers a wide range of CBD products: gummies, lozenges and oils. These different products are designed in a French laboratory with high quality CBD and do not contain traces of THC:

  • CBD gummies : these are delicious vitamin-filled soft candies that allow you to enjoy the benefits of CBD while enjoying a moment of pleasure. Each gummy contains 10mg of CBD, which is very practical for precisely measuring the quantity of CBD to consume. 
  • CBD candies : they come in the form of hard candies to melt under the tongue. These sweets are available in four flavors: sugar-free apple, sugar-free mint, sugar-free blackcurrant mint and honey. Their format is ideal for keeping them close at hand and taking them everywhere with you. As with CBD gummies, one tablet contains 10mg of CBD.
  • CBD oils : these CBD oils with various fields of action (stress, sleep and pain) are supported by 100% pure and natural avocado oil as well as organic sweet almond oil. Indeed, Délicure has chosen to replace refined coconut oil (MCT oil), used in the majority of classic CBD oils, to guarantee a natural and high quality product.

A few drops of oil are enough to feel the effects of CBD instantly.


Watch our video on the 8 most asked questions about CBD:

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