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Article: Why take organic CBD oil under the tongue?

Prendre l'huile de CBD sous la langue permet une biodisponibilité parfaite et donc une efficacité augmentée

Why take organic CBD oil under the tongue?

CBD, a natural molecule found in the hemp plant, has been gaining popularity in recent years in France. Unlike THC, the psychotropic molecule of cannabis, CBD does not cause any “high” effect and does not alter the state of consciousness.

Currently, 6 million French consumers take cannabidiol to combat anxiety, stress and its harmful effects on health, mood disorders, pain and daily sleep problems. CBD can be consumed in several different forms, CBD oil is notably one of the most popular products among cannabidiol consumers.

Organic CBD oil is a product that benefits from optimal bioavailability and is easy to use. This product is used sublingually, which consists of placing the drops of oil directly under the tongue, using the dropper pipette. This method of administration has many advantages:

1) Rapid absorption

Using organic CBD oil sublingually allows rapid and effective absorption of the active components of the oil. To do this, place the drops of oil under the tongue and hold them for about 60 seconds in the mouth before ingesting them.

The mouth is the place in the body richest in blood capillaries, the sublingual route is the fastest method of intake because it allows cannabidiol to be directly absorbed. This method of administration bypasses the digestive system and allows the CBD molecule to quickly diffuse into the bloodstream. The relaxing effects of cannabidiol are felt after just a few minutes.

2) Optimal bioavailability


putting a few drops of CBD oil under the tongue allows for optimal absorption

The sublingual route (under the tongue) bypasses the digestive system and the liver, where a significant portion of the active substance can be broken down or metabolized before reaching the bloodstream.

By avoiding this process, this method of administration ensures a higher bioavailability of CBD, that is, a greater amount of the active substance can be used by the body. The sublingual method of taking therefore allows you to benefit from better effectiveness of the product.

3) Ease of use

For many cannabidiol consumers, ease of use is one of the most important criteria when it comes to choosing a CBD product and its delivery method.

Organic CBD oil is a product that is easy to transport and use discreetly. In addition, using organic CBD oil sublingually (under the tongue) is a quick and easy method. In fact, this shot does not require any equipment and can be done at any time of the day in just a few seconds.

4) Precise dosage

By choosing organic CBD oil , cannabidiol consumers have the ability to customize the dosage based on their specific needs.

Using the dropper pipette, it is possible to precisely measure the quantity of CBD oil and adjust the dosage according to the effects felt. Délicure provides its CBD calculator to determine your dosage (number of drops of oil) in a personalized way, according to your weight and your objectives.

However, using sublingually (under the tongue) has a disadvantage. Some cannabidiol consumers fear the bitterness of cannabidiol in the mouth. They can then put the drops of organic CBD oil in a drink or in a dish to perfectly mask the bitter taste of the CBD. However, with this method of administration, the effects of CBD are felt less quickly.


Choosing the right organic CBD oil

The majority of CBD oils sold on the market in France are made from refined coconut oil, or MCT oil, and may contain chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. These chemicals have a direct impact on the quality and effectiveness of CBD oil.

Délicure's organic CBD oils are 100% natural made in France with cannabidiol from organic French hemp. These oils are made from organic vegetable oils (sweet almond oil and avocado oil) and contain phyto cannabinoids as well as excellent quality essential oils. Délicure offers four CBD oils which each respond to a specific objective: stress, sleep, pain and female ailments.

Please note, however, that organic CBD oil is a product that does not replace medical treatment. In addition, before consumption, pregnant or breastfeeding women and patients under medical treatment are recommended to consult the advice of a doctor or health professional.

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