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CBD candies 400 mg honey from France

Sale price21,00€

😋 CBD Gummies
🇫🇷 Made in France
🍯 French all-flower honey
✅ THC-free
🌿 10mg of CBD/candy

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Bonbons CBD 400 mg miel de France - Délicure
CBD candies 400 mg honey from France Sale price21,00€

Tasty CBD candies with French all-flower honey for gourmet relaxation! Guaranteed THC-free and made with high-quality CBD. 10mg of CBD per candy, 40 candies per jar, all our packaging is made from recycled and recyclable plastic.


CBD or cannabidiol is a molecule from hemp, we have selected a natural, high quality CBD extracted from French hemp. The effects of CBD have been demonstrated in many areas of well-being.


Honey, this golden and sweet substance, is made by bees from the nectar of flowers. Known for its multiple therapeutic virtues, our honey comes from France.

When should I take my CBD Gummies?
  • At any time of the day, for relaxation or during a state of stress.
How many CBD Gummies per day?
  • We advise you not to exceed 50mg of CBD/day (5 lozenges).
How do I take my CBD Gummies?
  • Just let them melt.
From what age can I consume CBD Candies?
  • CBD lozenges are intended for adults and therefore prohibited for those under 18 years of age.
Precautions for using CBD candies?
  • Excess use may result in laxative effects. Keep out of reach of children.
  • Not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women and people taking medication. Reserved for adults.

With CBD, some drug interactions have been revealed, so it is recommended to seek advice from a doctor if you are taking:

- Antiepileptic treatment (clobaza);
- Anticoagulant treatment (warfarin);
- An immunosuppressive medication (tacrolimus);
- Methadone;
- Thyroid hormones such as Levothyroxine.

Storage conditions for CBD candies?
  • Store in a dry place, away from humidity and heat.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Ingredients: Sugar (France), glucose syrup, honey 15% (France), cannabidiol. Contains possible traces of milk and nuts.


  • Cannabidiol: 30 mg / 50 mg

🍯 All-flower honey

🌱 Natural

🇫🇷 Made in France


🌿Premium CBD

🌾 Gluten free

🪴 Non-GMO

🧪 No artificial colors or flavors

🐇 Not tested on animals

♻️ Recycled and recyclable packaging

les bonbons au cbd sont idéaux pour réduire le stress et l'anxiété, leur format nomade permet de les prendre facilement à tout moment de la journée pour trouver détente et apaisement


CBD is the abbreviation of “cannabidiol”, it is a molecule that is part of the cannabinoid family that is mainly found in the flowers of the hemp plant.

It is the second most studied cannabinoid after THC. Unlike THC, CBD does not have a narcotic effect and therefore does not cause dependence .

Cannabidiol is today consumed in many countries for its soothing and relaxing properties.

Our CBD gummies

Our CBD lozenges are real artisanal candies. With French honey flavor, or mint flavor and apple flavor without sugar, our CBD candies provide moments of relaxation and sweetness in everyday life.

Each CBD candy contains 10mg of excellent quality cannabidiol, respecting the highest regulatory requirements, our CBD is produced from plants authorized in the European hemp catalog and does not contain THC.

Our CBD gummies are a delicious way to relax, while being able to very precisely dose the quantity of CBD consumed. In addition, their practical and portable format allows you to take them anywhere with you and slip easily into a bag to benefit from the soothing effects of CBD at any time of the day.

All our cannabidiol products are natural, guaranteed THC-free and our packaging is made from recycled and recyclable plastic.

How to consume CBD gummies?

A CBD gummy is composed of 10mg of cannabidiol. This format is perfect for choosing the exact amount of cannabidiol to ingest.

To benefit from the relaxing effects of CBD gummies, we recommend that you start taking three gummies per day, i.e. 30mg of cannabidiol.

If this quantity of CBD is not sufficient, you can gradually increase it until you obtain the desired effects.

We nevertheless recommend that you consume no more than 50mg of CBD per day, or 5 CBD gummies.

Délicure CBD candies can be consumed at any time of the day to relieve tension and relax.

Available in three delicious flavors: honey flavor, mint flavor and apple flavor, our CBD candies will give you a real relaxing break and 100% pleasure!

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Sylvie Niclo
bonbon cbd au miel

Très agréable à consommer, bon produit.

Olivier G
Pastille cbd miel

Très bon, relaxant et pratique, correspond parfaitement à la description.

bonbons miel cbd

Conforme à la description et aux avis, agréable à consommer.


C'est la première fois que je trouve un produit au cbd addictif, le miel a un bon gout on a envie d'en prendre plein.

Kevin Esperon
Très sympa

Bon goût de miel, très agréable à consommer, relaxant. Ce produit correspond à la description.

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