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Article: 6 tips to improve your concentration

6 astuces pour améliorer sa concentration

6 tips to improve your concentration

Fatigue, distractions or even a lack of motivation can slow down our daily productivity. When we are at work or tackling an important task, it can be difficult to maintain our attention and stay focused. The numerous requests from the inbox, smartphone notifications and interruptions from colleagues constantly lead to distraction. Sometimes it's even our own tendency to disperse ourselves that takes over.

Fortunately, there are practical tips to increase your attention and concentration whatever the situation. Learning to maintain concentration is therefore entirely possible!

1 – Do one thing at a time

Performing several tasks at the same time, switching from one task to another without completing them, or even browsing the Internet are all distractions that impact concentration. Concentrating your mind means having total control of your attention. It is the ability to direct one's energy toward one thing at a time.

Research published in the journal Psychological Science examined a group of 100 people, half of whom identified as multitaskers. The research focused on various aspects such as attention, memory and the ability to switch from one task to another. Participants engaging in multitasking showed the lowest performance on each test. It seems obvious that dealing with several files simultaneously is not very effective. Every time we switch from one file to another, our brain must re-acclimate to the context, remember the objective and retrieve the necessary information. Although it can be fast, it can never work as efficiently as when it is fully focused on a single folder.

So, it is better to focus on a single task and when it is completed, move on to the next one. By doing this, we gain speed and efficiency. To get organized, it is recommended to use a To-Do List to prioritize your tasks.

2 - Create a To Do List

The To Do List is an excellent tool for prioritizing your tasks.

Many people question the effectiveness of To-Do Lists. And yet, they represent an effective way to increase productivity and concentrate on one task at a time.

Writing down your tasks in your To Do List ensures that you don't forget them and ensures that you accomplish them. This way, you can focus on other tasks without constantly thinking about what needs to be done. When the brain is not flooded with information, it can fully concentrate on the task at hand.

In addition, this tool is useful because it allows you to understand the work to be accomplished and follow its progress in detail. Having a clear view of progress and remaining tasks provides assurance that work can be completed on time. This helps reduce stress, nervous tension and anxiety. By establishing a to-do list, we reduce the need for reflection and can calmly concentrate on the task in question.

With a To Do List, we no longer get overwhelmed by work and the multitude of actions to undertake. We regain control over the tasks to be accomplished. The To Do List fits perfectly into schedules and improves daily organization.


3 – Isolate yourself from external distractions

Isolating yourself from outside distractions is easier said than done. Even when you're focused on a task, it can be difficult not to get distracted by a notification or a heated discussion.

Some good habits depend on our own initiative, like putting our phone on silent or closing our email inbox during our concentration periods. By doing this, our attention is focused solely on the task at hand. This strengthens our concentration because the brain is not distracted by other elements.

If possible, you can isolate yourself in a quiet place conducive to concentration, to devote all your attention to your work. In addition, we can wear headphones with stimulating music to isolate ourselves from the conversations of our colleagues and the temptation to participate in them. If some of them continue to disrupt our concentration, we should not hesitate to express our needs to them frankly.

4 – Take breaks

It is entirely possible to improve your concentration and increase your creativity by taking breaks. Cyril Couffe, who is both a Doctor in cognitive psychology and a neuropsychologist, conducted two studies to evaluate the benefits of this approach in terms of productivity at work.

The first study focused on students, while the second involved around sixty company employees. The objective was to measure the beneficial effects of the mental break on concentration. The results were surprising: mental breaks clearly had a positive impact on attention skills. They generated an increase in energy as well as better availability. In the second group, performance even increased by 10%.

These break times prove to be useful for maintaining a good level of concentration. Let's remember that taking breaks doesn't necessarily mean checking your cell phone. It’s as simple as closing your eyes and breathing deeply, or making yourself a cup of tea or coffee.

5 – Take a micro nap

When we talk about breaks, naps often come to mind. Contrary to popular belief, a 20-minute nap in no way disrupts concentration. By providing increased energy and attention, this sleep time has a positive impact on concentration, memory and performance. Whether at work or in daily activities, these few minutes of sleep are effective in reducing the feeling of fatigue and feeling more fit.

Sleep promotes the regeneration of brain cells and the reorganization of thoughts. So, when you have difficulty concentrating and retaining information, taking a short sleep break can be beneficial.

Please note: a micro-nap of 20 minutes does not affect the quality of nighttime sleep. It's a health tip that helps improve quality of life and gives the brain the rest it needs in the middle of the day, when it is most active. This rest time is effective in improving attention and concentration in everyday life.

6 – Take the caffeine gummies from Délicure

Difficulties concentrating and paying attention are not inevitable... Délicure offers an effective solution to improve attention, strengthen alertness and increase energy levels.

Délicure caffeine gummies improve attention and boost concentration.

These are caffeine-based gummies . It is a natural substance, with stimulating effects, which is found in coffee. Very popular with consumers, this drink provides a real boost in the morning or during the day. Caffeine acts directly on the nervous system and has a positive effect on concentration and memory. Some consumers consume coffee to improve concentration and increase productivity at work.

Délicure Energy Boost gummies are intended for those looking to banish fatigue and improve their concentration. These little chewable candies provide the same effects as a cup of coffee. Although they look like simple treats, their positive influencer goes much further. Indeed, this product is a valuable aid to stimulate the senses and combat drowsiness during the day.

The gummies, with their practical format, are easy to take anywhere to benefit from a dose of energy at any time. To ensure its effectiveness, this food supplement must be consumed as part of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. In the event of significant concentration problems, it is recommended to consult a healthcare professional.

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