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Article: How to get in shape in the morning?

Comment être en forme le matin ?

How to get in shape in the morning?

When the alarm goes off, some people have no difficulty getting up, while others have difficulty getting out of bed. It is not always easy to wake up effectively in the morning, particularly after a restless night's sleep, or a sleepless night. It is completely normal to feel tired when you wake up.

The first minutes, after waking up, are important to stock up on energy. By adopting a few beneficial habits first thing in the morning, you can make waking up easier and boost your energy.

Expose yourself to natural light

It is often tempting to lie in bed and close your eyes to wake up gently. However, it is a habit to avoid, because there is a good chance of falling back asleep. Exposing yourself to sunlight in the morning is the best way to wake up. Rather than lying around in bed, it is better to get up immediately and open the shutters to take advantage of the natural light. It acts as a powerful stimulant to promote awakening.

Regular exposure to natural light also has a positive effect on mood and sleep quality. After getting up, it is therefore advisable to take advantage of the daylight to be in good shape.

Stretch and take a lukewarm shower

Stretching your arms behind your head and arching your back are instinctive gestures called pandiculation. They are observed upon waking in babies and many animals. These actions activate the nerve centers responsible for alertness. They send a signal to the brain that the day has begun. Every morning, it is therefore recommended to do stretches to wake up gently and get rid of muscle stiffness.

After getting up, taking a lukewarm shower can give a real boost. The freshness of the water activates blood circulation and effectively stimulates metabolism. A lukewarm shower, lasting a few minutes, is therefore ideal for waking up in great shape.

Eat a vitamin-packed breakfast

Breakfast is an important meal to meet energy needs until lunch. It provides all the essential nutrients and vitamins to boost energy and cognitive abilities. Breakfast impacts the entire circadian rhythm of the day. By skipping this meal, the body loses its time markers in the morning. It is therefore very likely to feel tired, as well as problems concentrating during the day.

To prepare an effective breakfast, you should favor fruits rich in vitamins and trace elements. Vitamin C contributes in particular to the proper functioning of energy metabolism and helps reduce fatigue . Breakfast can also include dairy and cereals (preferably wholemeal). These contain many nutrients which provide a very good source of energy.

In the morning, it is also important to hydrate well by drinking two large glasses of water. Indeed, the body needs to be rehydrated after several hours of sleep. Water consumption promotes the elimination of toxins, accelerates the cell renewal process and stimulates blood circulation. Blood carries oxygen so that the muscles and brain can absorb necessary nutrients and generate the energy required for their proper functioning.

Adopt good sleep habits

Good sleep, good health!

To be in good shape in the morning, you must not neglect your sleep. During this rest time, the brain regenerates and processes the information accumulated during the previous day. A lack of sleep, or disturbed sleep, leads to fatigue and a decline in cognitive performance. Experts recommend sleeping at least 7 hours per night to wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.

Getting up and going to bed at set times is a rule when it comes to sleep. This regularity is important for maintaining a healthy circadian rhythm. Postponing your bedtime or waking up, even occasionally, can disrupt the body clock and affect the quality of sleep the following night. Even on weekends, it is therefore important to maintain regular bedtimes and wake-ups to stay in shape.

In the event of difficulty falling asleep or waking up at night, it is necessary to find a solution to regain restful sleep. Sleep gummies rich in plants and melatonin seem to be an effective solution. Melatonin, or the sleep hormone, is known to regulate sleep cycles. Thus, it promotes rapid falling asleep and prevents nocturnal awakenings. A course of these gummies can therefore help you regain peaceful sleep.

Spotlight on Délicure’s Energy Boost gummies

Délicure offers a delicious product to boost energy upon waking. These are gummies, coffee flavored, rich in caffeine. These little chews provide energy and improve brain function.

Discover caffeine gummies to stock up on energy!

Caffeine is well known for its stimulating effect on the body. Coming from coffee seeds, it provides a valuable source of energy. Caffeine also helps fight drowsiness and falling asleep.

Many consumers drink coffee to wake up and be alert in the morning. Caffeine gummies offer a delicious alternative to coffee to ensure an energetic wake-up call.

This product is accessible to vegan people, and should be consumed as part of a balanced diet.

Focus on Délicure’s CBD products to relieve morning stress


Many people feel stress or anxiety first thing in the morning. Some people dread the start of a new working day, while others are faced with important events (such as a medical examination, for example).

CBD turns out to be an effective product. This natural molecule is safe for health and does not generate any side effects. It does not affect energy or consciousness. It can be consumed, in complete peace of mind, to reduce stress in the morning.

Relieve your stress naturally with CBD products from Délicure!

Délicure offers delicious CBD products to relieve stress naturally. These are CBD oils, CBD gummies as well as CBD chocolates. Made in a French laboratory, these products are natural and guaranteed THC-free. You can therefore introduce these products into your morning routine to start the day with complete peace of mind.

Please note, however, that CBD products are not recommended for pregnant/breastfeeding women, as well as patients taking medication. Before any consumption, it is recommended to consult the advice of a health professional.

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