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Article: How to prepare your hair for summer?

Comment préparer ses cheveux pour l’été ?

How to prepare your hair for summer?

Summer and vacations are fast approaching! To have dream hair during this period, it is necessary to anticipate by adopting the right reflexes when it comes to hair care.

Do you want to have long and strong hair ? Discover our five tips to prepare your hair for summer!

Five tips for preparing your hair for summer

Many people want to have perfect, glowing hair for the summer. Délicure gives you its five best tips for preparing your hair before the arrival of the summer period!

Take care of your hair with natural care 

To stay healthy, hair needs to be hydrated and nourished with appropriate and regular care. The ideal is to use natural ingredients, accessible to everyone, to design your own homemade hair care products.

Treatments on sale in medium and large stores, often composed of chemical ingredients, should be absolutely avoided because they can alter the quality of the hair in the long term.

It is preferable to use aloe vera, honey, natural yogurt or even eggs because they are among the best natural ingredients for enhancing hair. They deeply nourish and hydrate the hair and guarantee its robustness.

The ideal is to perform a hair treatment once a week, before the arrival of summer and vacations, to strengthen your hair and prevent it from the harmful effects of the sun. To use them, it's very simple, just mix for example a tablespoon of natural yogurt and aloe vera in a bowl, and apply the contents to the entire hair.

Pamper your hair with vegetable oils

Vegetable oils are hair's best friends. In addition to nourishing the hair structure, they have the virtue of promoting their growth and preventing hair loss naturally. Vegetable oils can be used at any time of the year to protect your hair, especially with the arrival of summer and the harmful rays of the sun.

Among the best vegetable oils, we distinguish castor oil, avocado oil, coconut oil and even argan oil. To benefit from their benefits on the hair, they must preferably be organic and be applied, at least once a week, in the form of an oil bath for at least 30 minutes. To rinse it, it is important to choose a shampoo that is gentle and respectful of the hair, free of sulfates, silicones and parabens.

To accelerate hair growth, drops of vegetable oil should be applied in the form of a massage to the scalp. To protect and strengthen the hair as a whole, the drops of oil should be placed on the lengths and ends with care.

Cut dry and/or damaged ends

IF you want to maintain a good length of hair, going to the hairdresser to cut the ends is an essential step. In addition to strengthening the lengths, this helps eliminate split ends which can go up all along the hair fiber and cause it to break.

In addition, you should know that the heat of the sun in summer worsens the condition of the split ends. It is therefore more than recommended to cut a few centimeters before summer to get your hair off to a good start.

Protecting your hair during the summer

When the sun comes out, the first instinct is to protect the skin with products with high protection factors, but some people often forget to protect their hair.

Every summer, hair is subject to many factors such as exposure to the sun, wind as well as bathing in the sea or swimming pool. These can damage the hair fiber, promote its breakage and make it difficult to maintain. In addition, UVA and UVB rays from the sun can cause oxidation of the pigment (especially for hair that has been colored) and weakening of the keratin , which makes the hair very dry.

To protect your hair from all these factors, we advise you to tie your hair and wear a silk scarf when exposed to the sun, and to apply daily a protective product adapted to your hair type or a few drops of vegetable oil on the lengths and ends.

Take food supplements for the beauty of hair

Taking a course of food supplements is strongly recommended to, on the one hand, enhance the hair, and on the other hand, make up for nutritional deficiencies likely to cause hair breakage or unusual hair loss. To ensure their effectiveness, these food supplements must be taken as part of a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet.

Food supplements for hair beauty very often contain vitamins, minerals and plants chosen for their benefits on the scalp and hair fiber. These active ingredients, in synergy, boost hair growth, strengthen hair structure and help prevent hair loss.

To have long and strong hair as summer approaches, these products must be consumed a few months before. They often come in the form of capsules, tablets, ampoules or even gummies .

Délicure hair gummies

Délicure offers hair gummies enriched with nutrients specially targeted to strengthen the hair fiber, stimulate hair growth and limit hair loss. That's not all, this product is also beneficial for the skin and nails which, just like hair, are made up of keratin. Thus, hair gummies are perfect for enhancing the skin and strengthening the nails.

Discover our Bright Hair gummies to enhance your hair!

Hair gummies are food supplements Made in France which come in the form of sugar-free soft candies, with a tasty wild berry taste.

Thanks to their practical packaging, they can be carried anywhere with you, even on vacation, to continue your hair and beauty treatment.

Hair gummies formula

This product is first of all composed of B group vitamins, including vitamin B8 (also called biotin). They play a fundamental role in maintaining healthy, vibrant hair. These vitamins promote healthy hair growth, strengthening of nails and good hydration of the skin.

Hair gummies also contain zinc and selenium. These are two trace elements which help to enhance the hair and slow down hair loss.

Finally, this product contains a blueberry extract, which has the effect of activating micro blood circulation in the scalp, and therefore boosting hair growth.

Tips for using hair gummies

To have dream hair before summer, we advise you to take a course of hair gummies for at least two months alongside a healthy and balanced diet.

Hair gummies do not require water to be ingested; you can consume your two gummies per day at any time of the day.

Contraindications of hair gummies

Before consuming hair gummies, we invite pregnant or breastfeeding women, people at risk of allergies or even children to consult the advice of a health professional.

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