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Article: How to use CBD oil to relieve headaches?

Soulager rapidement les maux de tête grâce à l'huile de CBD.

How to use CBD oil to relieve headaches?

Every day, a large number of people suffer from headaches or headaches. Depending on their intensity and duration, this pain can seriously disrupt their daily life. Although there are medications to relieve this pain, some people choose to favor natural methods.

Among these alternatives, CBD (cannabidiol) oil would be an effective solution to naturally soothe headaches and migraines.

Is CBD Oil Effective in Relieving Headaches?


CBD oil is a product made from cannabidiol extracts. Better known by the abbreviation “CBD”, cannabidiol is an active substance that comes from hemp plants (cannabis sativa).

Nowadays, CBD is gaining popularity and is highly appreciated as a well-being ally. In France, around 6 million people use it for its therapeutic properties. It would notably relieve stress, improve the quality of sleep and relieve pain.

The results of this scientific study demonstrate that CBD has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. It could therefore be beneficial for naturally relieving headaches and migraines.

Many consumers wonder about the difference between CBD and THC. Although they come from the same plant, CBD and THC produce different effects. THC is the psychotropic molecule in cannabis, responsible for psychotropic effects and dependence. Unlike the latter, CBD does not alter the state of consciousness and does not present any risk of dependence.

Currently, the market offers a wide range of CBD products. However, CBD oil stands out for its ease of use and excellent bioavailability.


How to take CBD oil to relieve head pain?


What is the best method to consume CBD oil?

CBD oil is packaged in a small bottle fitted with a dropper pipette. Its use is very simple: just place a few drops directly under the tongue, a method known as “sublingual”. The latter allows you to quickly feel the effects of CBD and therefore relieve pain .

The area under the tongue is rich in blood vessels, which promotes rapid absorption of the molecule into the bloodstream. If, however, the bitterness of CBD is difficult to bear, some people prefer to mix the oil with food or drinks to mask the taste. In this case, the effects may take longer to be felt.

To determine your ideal cannabidiol dosage, it is recommended to use a CBD calculator . This tool allows you to determine the quantity of drops of oil to take, depending on your body size and the desired benefits. Thus, it is possible to adjust the dosage appropriately for effective use adapted to your needs.


Délicure CBD oil to soothe headaches


Délicure offers 100% natural CBD oil made in France. The brand uses high quality cannabidiol, coming from French and organic hemp crops.

Discover Délicure CBD oil to effectively relieve headaches!

This CBD oil helps relieve pain as well as headaches (migraines, tension headaches, cluster headaches, etc.). Guaranteed THC-free, it presents no danger and can be consumed without fear to relieve headaches naturally.

Composition of CBD oil

The CBD oil offered by Délicure is formulated from organic sweet almond oil, which differentiates it from classic CBD oils. Generally, these are made with refined coconut oil or mct oil.

In addition, this product stands out for its superior quality because it does not contain pesticides and chemical fertilizers. It thus preserves all its beneficial properties.

To offer a highly effective product, Délicure has chosen to combine CBD with noble laurel and peppermint essential oil. The latter is known for its pain-relieving effects. It can be useful to soothe a migraine and prevent headache attacks.

Tips for Using CBD Oil

As mentioned previously, CBD oil should be taken sublingually to relieve pain and feel the relaxing effects in a few minutes.

Concerning the dosage, Délicure offers a CBD oil calculator which allows you to determine the quantity of oil to consume according to the weight and the desired effects of each person.

Contraindications of CBD oil

It is not recommended to consume CBD products during pregnancy or breastfeeding, or during medical treatment. Those affected must consult their doctor or health professional for advice.

Délicure offers other CBD oils guaranteed THC-free and Made in France. Each targets a specific aspect of well-being such as stress, sleep and menstrual pain.

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