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Article: Hydration, sleep and health

Liens entre le sommeil et l'hydratation.

Hydration, sleep and health

A study from the University of Pennsylvania* in the USA showed that when you sleep little, that is to say less than the recommended eight hours, you are more dehydrated than others. This could be due to a hormone released at the end of the night: vasopressin.

Hydration, a key factor for restful sleep

A large part of the population has sleep disorders, until now this has been attributed to underlying psychological reasons; but a primary factor would rather be due to a lack of hydration .

For example, people who sleep 6 hours a night have much more concentrated urine and are more dehydrated when they wake up than people who sleep 8 hours a night. According to the author of the study, this would be the consequence of the release of a hormone: vasopressin, which is released towards the end of the night. This hormone is directly involved in the absorption of water by the kidneys and cells, therefore in hydration in general.

So if you sleep less, you risk missing the vasopressin release window, which directly disrupts the body's hydration!

Dehydration negatively affects the body and is responsible for reduced cognitive and physical performance, as well as mood disorders. Among the first signs of dehydration we find the feeling of thirst and dry mouth, a decrease in the volume of urine which takes on a dark color, fatigue and headaches . In more advanced dehydration, this can manifest as fever and, sometimes, sunken eyeballs, behavioral disturbances or loss of consciousness. In severe cases, dehydration can be fatal. (

Chronic dehydration can, for its part, have much more serious consequences such as significant urinary or kidney problems. This study therefore suggests drinking more water during the day to promote longer and more restorative nights.

It is also possible to use drinks that allow better hydration. Like Hydratis lozenges which are rich in electrolytes (magnesium, potassium, manganese, sodium, etc.) and allow better absorption of water by our body and therefore help to prevent the risk of dehydration which can particularly occur at night. You can therefore take Hydratis before going to bed so that you do not feel thirsty while sleeping and have to wake up to quench your thirst. Hydratis products also benefit from excellent customer reviews .

Stay well hydrated to sleep well!

Some tips for sleeping better

According to recent surveys, two thirds of French people say they lack sleep and one in two people have difficulty falling asleep or wake up during the night. To overcome this, here are 8 reflexes to adopt to put an end to insomnia:

Respect your natural rhythm

Sleep needs regularity, which is why you tend to get up early on weekends, even without waking up. So by alternating bedtimes from one day to the next, you disrupt your circadian cycle and make it all the more difficult to get up.

Turn off your cell phone

Screens in general emit blue light which reduces the production of melatonin, which is the hormone that makes you fall asleep. So the feeling of fatigue takes longer to arrive, which delays falling asleep and leads to shorter nights. On the other hand, alerts from your phone, or even the fear of having alerts, prevent you from completely relaxing and therefore falling asleep peacefully.

Little tip: put your phone in “dark mode” in the evening, it emits less blue light.

Get active during the day

When we move during the day, this allows the body to accumulate physical fatigue, which promotes falling asleep more quickly and more restorative sleep. On the other hand, there is no point in overdoing it, the intensity of the activity plays no role here.

Practicing physical activity in the evening does not prevent you from sleeping, contrary to popular belief, if it is not too intense. So choose a walk or stretching over jogging, for example.

Being in contact with natural light

The circadian cycle, the part of the brain that regulates sleep cycles, is very sensitive to daylight and the day/night alternation. Therefore, too little exposure to light during the day leads to difficulty falling asleep. When indoors, open your curtains and windows as often as possible and choose a workspace exposed to sunlight. In winter, force yourself to go out and get some fresh air when the light is at its best.

Adjust the temperature of your room

According to a study, the ideal temperature of a room for sleeping well is between 16 and 18°C, this allows the body to slightly reduce its internal temperature to sleep well. Indeed, an ambient temperature that is too high can cause sweating and nighttime sweating, reducing the body's hydration. To do this, consider turning down the heating half an hour before going to bed and if you feel a little cold during the night, choose a thicker blanket to wrap yourself in. In summer, create drafts in your bedroom during the cooler hours to regulate the temperature.

The importance of dinner

Eating a meal that is too heavy or too spicy before going to bed affects the quality of sleep. Indeed, digestion is a physiological process that requires a lot of energy, which prevents the body from resting properly.

Conversely, a meal that is too light causes a feeling of hunger during the night which can wake you up. So choose to eat dinner at least an hour before going to bed to give your body time to digest. Favor slow carbohydrates such as pasta or legumes, as well as white meats which are less fatty.

Relax before going to sleep

Every evening, take some time to relax and disconnect from daily stress. The ideal is to read a few pages of a book or magazine, you can also do a breathing exercise or meditation. However, be wary of apps that help you fall asleep since they require you to keep your phone on all night. Avoid watching emotional or violent content that may keep you awake by causing anxiety or excitement.

Find quality sleep with our sleep gummies!

Sleep food supplements

Food supplements can be a valuable aid in falling asleep, such as delicure sleep gummies . Délicure is a French laboratory specializing in food supplements. It is renowned for its natural, high-quality gummies from responsible production.

Their apple-flavored sleep cure is rich in plants, vitamins and melatonin. This vegan product promotes faster falling asleep, and improves the quality of sleep without addiction.

Among other things, melatonin is a hormone naturally present in the body that plays a role in our circadian cycle. It gradually increases in the evening, until reaching a peak around 2-3 a.m. then falls again until waking up.

Thus, a supply of melatonin just before bedtime allows you to fall asleep more quickly and regulate sleep cycles.

Here we associate passionflower, a natural sleeping pill which allows easier access to sleep without addiction, poppy which reduces nervousness and thus acts as a sedative, and linden which soothes in order to promote falling asleep and peaceful sleep. Consequently, the sleep treatment is also suitable for people with irregular schedules or recovering from jet lag.

In order to optimize your sleep, it is key to maintain a good level of hydration , a healthy lifestyle and, if necessary, to take Délicure Sommeil gummies .



Watch our video on our 10 tips for sleeping better:

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