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Article: The best essential oils for hair

Découvrez le pouvoir des huiles essentielles sur vos cheveux !

The best essential oils for hair

Just like vegetable oils , essential oils are real allies for the hair. Depending on their active ingredients, they respond to a specific problem linked to hair such as dandruff, heavy hair loss, faster hair growth or even an oily and itchy scalp.

A few drops of oil in a shampoo or in an oil are enough to restore good hair health by restoring shine, suppleness and softness to the hair.

The best essential oils according to the hair problem


 Essential oils to regulate sebum

Whatever the nature of the hair, dry or oily, certain essential oils influence the secretion of sebum from the sebaceous glands so that it returns to normal.

Thanks to its purifying and antioxidant effects, Ylang Ylang essential oil is most effective in regulating sebum, but also in fighting free radicals responsible for premature aging of the skin.

Other essential oils are specialized in treating oily hair . These include citrus essences as well as Atlas Cedar essential oil. Equipped with lipolytic properties, they eliminate the greasy film present on the hair.

Essential oils to get rid of dandruff and/or irritation

Many essential oils are antiseptic , in fact, they have antibacterial, antiviral or even antifungal properties. These have the power to cleanse the scalp of various pathogens likely to cause dandruff or skin irritation.

To combat dandruff, Palmarosa and Tea Tree essential oils are very good examples. In case of irritation or itching of the scalp, True Lavender essential oil is more appropriate.

 Essential oils to make hair shine

Essential oils can also be used to restore shine to dull hair. Some allow the scales of the hair fiber to be tightened, which promotes the reflection of light and thus restores shine to the hair.

The essential oils of Ylang Ylang III and Rosemary in Cinéole are ideal for hair that lacks shine.

In addition, to make your hair shine, it is possible to use essential oils depending on their color. Chamomile essential oil is more suitable for blonde hair, while Cinnamon essential oil is more suitable for brown hair.


 Essential oils to stimulate hair growth

Several essential oils promote blood circulation in the scalp thanks to their vasodilator property. The more blood arrives in abundance, the more the nutrients it provides can be absorbed by the hair, which then becomes stronger and more nourished. Thus, this property helps stimulate hair growth .

The reference essential oils for making hair grow faster are Himalayan Spikenard essential oil, black pepper essential oil, peppermint essential oil or even ginger essential oil.

They help revitalize the hair to allow it to grow better.

Essential oils for hair loss

Whatever the cause of hair loss (even genetic), it is essential to strengthen the hair and activate microcirculation at the roots.

Some essential oils can tone and regulate the scalp, helping to combat hair loss.

The essential oils to favor to maintain the density of the hair are Atlas Cedar, Spikenard and Cajeput.

How to use essential oils on hair?

First of all, essential oils are not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, children under 12 years old, people suffering from neurological disorders, asthmatics and allergy sufferers.

Direct application of essential oils to the skin may result in burns, skin damage, or allergic reactions. It is therefore advisable to dilute them in a fatty medium, such as vegetable oil for example. Essential oils are insoluble and mix very easily in water.

There are two ways to use essential oils to provide the desired comfort to hair:

  • Before shampooing: to take care of your hair in depth, taking an oil bath is a very effective natural remedy.

To do this, you must mix a tablespoon of vegetable oil, chosen according to the problem linked to the scalp, with a teaspoon of essential oil. The mixture must be applied to the entire hair, without forgetting the scalp. To maximize the benefits of the oils, you can perform a head massage during application.

The oil bath can be left on for 30 minutes, or several hours for better penetration of the active ingredients into the hair fiber.

After application, the oil bath must be rinsed well, with a mild shampoo, so as not to leave residue in the hair, which risks weighing it down and giving it a “greasy” appearance.

  • When washing: It is also possible to add a few drops of essential oils, chosen according to the desired benefits, to a bottle of neutral shampoo.


Tips for taking care of your hair

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Whatever its nature (normal, oily, dry, frizzy, damaged, etc.) hair needs to be pampered to stay healthy. Here are some tips to integrate into your beauty routine to take care of your hair:

Provide nutritional care 

Hair needs regular care to prevent dryness and protect it from split ends.

The oil bath, mentioned previously, is one of the essential nutritional treatments for maintaining your hair naturally. By deeply nourishing the scalp, the oil helps in the growth of healthy hair. On the lengths and ends, the oil adds shine and softness by smoothing the hair scales.

Once a week, it is therefore advisable to take a bath in vegetable oil, preferably organic and 100% natural. To promote the penetration of the active ingredients contained in the oil, you can wrap the hair under a warm, damp towel, which has the effect of opening the hair scales.

Brush your hair daily

Brushing your hair daily is important to rid it of impurities, pollution or even deposits from styling products accumulated over the course of a day. This simple gesture restores shine, radiance and volume.

In addition, brushing your hair helps stimulate the capillary vessels, which improves their blood microcirculation and provides them with the oxygen and nutrients they need.

It could also stimulate hair growth and strengthen the roots, thus limiting hair loss.

Avoid the use of heating appliances

The use of hair dryers, straighteners or even curling irons should be limited because the heat emitted by these devices weakens the hair. It thus loses its flexibility, becomes damaged and breaks more easily.

It is recommended to let your hair air dry, and to use a heat-protective treatment before using a straightener to avoid drying out your hair.

Cut the ends every 3 to 4 months

To prevent split ends from forming and prevent hair from becoming dry and brittle, trimming the ends regularly is the best solution.

In fact, the lengths represent the oldest part of the hair; to keep them healthy, it is advisable to visit the hairdresser every 3 to 4 months to eliminate dry and fragile ends.

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Eat a balanced, nutrient-rich diet

To keep it healthy, hair must also be sufficiently nourished from the inside.

Hair is made up of more than 95% keratin, a protein whose role is to weld together the scales of the hair fiber, thus protecting it from external aggressions.

It is therefore essential to preserve it to maintain strong and resistant hair. The synthesis of this protein can be stimulated thanks to the nutritional intake provided by legumes, fruits, whole grains, oilseeds, dairy products or even lean meats.

To supplement your diet and prevent nutritional deficiencies, Délicure offers Hair gummies , vegan, sugar-free and made in France. They are composed of vitamins (B6, B8, B9, B12 and E) and trace elements (zinc and selenium) essential for preserving the beauty of hair. They also contain blueberry extract, which has the effect of stimulating blood circulation to the scalp, thus promoting faster hair growth.



Watch our video on the 9 best vitamins for hair:

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