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Article: CBD oil to relieve menopausal symptoms

L'huile de CBD est-elle une solution naturelle pour mieux vivre la ménopause ?

CBD oil to relieve menopausal symptoms

Approaching middle age marks a period often feared by women. Indeed, menopause involves numerous hormonal changes which generally have repercussions on their quality of life. During this period, estrogen levels drop and cause many symptoms such as hot flashes, feelings of dizziness, mood disorders and sleep problems.

Although there are treatments to relieve the symptoms of menopause, some women prefer to choose more natural solutions. Our CBD oil (or cannabidiol) would be beneficial for getting through this period better.


Does CBD Oil Help Soothe Menopausal Symptoms?

CBD oil consists of a vegetable oil combined with cannabidiol extracts. This molecule comes from the hemp plant (cannabis sativa). Unlike THC, it does not produce any psychotropic effects and represents no health risk. Increasingly popular in France, CBD is often consumed to relax.

Cannabidiol acts precisely on the endocannabinoid system and its receptors. Several studies have been carried out to detect the properties and effects of CBD.

CBD is commonly consumed in the form of oil to improve well-being. This product has the advantage of being simple to use and quickly providing the relaxing effects of cannabidiol. Many consumers today report the effectiveness of CBD oil .


How to take CBD oil to soothe the symptoms of menopause?


CBD oil is used sublingually to quickly relieve the discomforts of menopause. This natural molecule would help relieve the symptoms caused by menopause. The latter would exert an influence on the tissues and reproductive processes of women. It would regulate various bodily functions such as temperature, pain, mood and even immunity. CBD could therefore help relieve the discomforts linked to menopause such as hot flashes, night sweats and even mood disorders.

CBD oil is generally packaged in a vial, accompanied by its dropper pipette. To benefit from its benefits, it is recommended to use it sublingually.

The sublingual method consists of placing the drops of oil precisely under the tongue. The latter guarantees optimal absorption of the molecule in the mucous membranes and the blood circulation. The soothing effects are felt after about fifteen minutes.

For some people, the bitter taste of CBD can be disturbing. In this case, they can add the drops of oil to a drink or dish. However, by adopting this method of consumption, the effects of cannabidiol manifest less quickly and are significantly degraded.

Throughout menopause, women's bodies undergo significant changes due to the gradual decline in estrogen. Our CBD oil made with Broad Spectrum CBD, Fennel and Yarrow can be used at any time to relieve pain and symptoms during this period. To determine your ideal dosage of CBD oil, Délicure offers a CBD calculator . This tool calculates the number of drops to take based on weight and desired effects.


Organic CBD oil from Délicure to calm the symptoms of menopause

Délicure offers an organic CBD oil to naturally relieve period pain and menopause symptoms: Period Care oil. It can be used to regulate mood swings, soothe hot flashes or relieve stress felt by most women during this period.

Period care CBD oil from Délicure to relieve the discomforts of menopause. CBD oil is effective in calming the intense symptoms of menopause such as anxiety, joint pain, as well as sleep disturbances accompanied by night sweats.

This CBD oil contains high quality plants and cannabidiol, extracted from organic hemp (cannabis sativa). The active ingredients contained in this oil provide natural and rapid relief. This product is therefore a natural solution for women wishing to improve their well-being during the menopause period. Fennel and Yarrow are two plants well known for relieving symptoms related to menopause.

Délicure also offers pure CBD oils (available in 10 and 20%), 100% organic and natural products ideal for promoting relaxation.

Discover Délicure's organic CBD avocado oil to boost your well-being!

These CBD oils are products made in France and which contain no trace of THC, the cannabis molecule with high effects. Before use, people under medication treatment are advised to consult their doctor. Indeed, cannabidiol can interact with taking certain medications. It is therefore preferable to consult a health professional before consuming cannabidiol-based products.

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