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Article: How to recognize damaged hair?

Comment reconnaître et identifier les cheveux abîmés ?

How to recognize damaged hair?

Often dry, brittle and difficult to style, damaged hair requires special care to restore its good health. It is important to identify the first signs to prevent hair damage and repair damaged hair in time.

Recognizing damaged hair

Often, it is easy to tell if hair is dry and damaged by looking at its appearance. Here are the main clues to identify weakened and brittle hair:

  • Split ends: Split ends are one of the main characteristics of damaged hair. Split ends can appear on short hair and long hair. When a hair fiber is weakened, it separates in two and forms a Y, creating a split end. Or, an air bubble (a white dot) may form at the ends or one higher up the hair shaft. To identify forks , you must carefully observe the points in the light.
  • Rough texture: damaged hair is recognizable by its rough and coarse texture. All you have to do is take a strand and slide your finger over it to see how dry your hair is. Healthy hair often feels smooth to the touch, while damaged hair feels rough. Visually, damaged hair looks like straw and appears dehydrated.
  • Lack of shine: very often dry and damaged hair lacks shine. Healthy hair reflects light, while dry or damaged hair is dull and lacks shine. The dull appearance of dry and damaged hair is mainly caused by the alteration of the hair cuticle. The scales of a hair fiber are spread apart instead of being flattened.

Why is hair damaged?

The causes of dry and damaged hair

Whatever its nature, hair becomes fragile and damaged over time. However, certain factors can damage hair more quickly and alter its keratin. This insoluble protein makes up 95% of the hair, it helps to coat and protect the hair fiber from external aggressions. Here are the 5 main causes of weakened hair:

  • Use of aggressive hair products: some hair products contain chemical ingredients that are harmful to the hair. In the long term, these products can damage the hair fiber and promote breakage. It is therefore necessary to choose natural and gentle products, adapted to your hair type .
  • Excessive Brushing: Brushing your hair excessively can damage the hair cuticle and cause breakage. Too aggressive and too frequent brushing can therefore cause dry and damaged hair. Hair requires gentle brushing to remain supple and healthy.
  • Frequent use of heating appliances: the heat emitted by straightening irons, curlers and hair dryers considerably damages the hair structure. Used regularly, these products dehydrate and damage the structure of the hair fiber, to the point of breakage.
  • Wind, sun and pollution : environmental factors also affect hair. The latter are regularly exposed to wind and pollution, which can weaken them and reduce their shine. The heat of the sun is also harmful because it damages the scales of the hair shaft which then loses keratin.
  • A diet low in nutrients: Hair needs nutrients to grow healthily and stay healthy. It is therefore essential to eat a balanced diet, favoring fruits and vegetables, proteins and whole grains. In addition, it is recommended to drink at least 1.5L of water per day to maintain hair hydration.

How to pamper your damaged hair?

How to take care of your damaged hair?

It is important to implement good habits at the first signs of damaged hair to regain radiant, beautiful hair. Here are 4 tips to save your dry, rough and brittle hair:

  • Do natural care: there is no secret to having beautiful hair, you have to take care of it regularly. Natural treatments are preferred because they are respectful of the hair. They deeply nourish and hydrate the hair to restore strength and shine. Vegetable oils (castor oil, coconut oil, avocado oil) are particularly recommended to restore vitality and vigor to damaged hair. They are used in an oil bath and left on for several hours to sufficiently coat the hair fiber.
  • Protect your hair from external aggressions: there are a few good things to do to protect your hair on a daily basis. First of all, it is not recommended to wash your hair too often as this can attack and damage it. Shampooing every two to three days is sufficient. Also, before using heating devices, it is recommended to protect the hair using a heat-protective spray to protect the hair scales. When exposed to the sun, it is recommended to put a scarf on your hair to protect it from the heat. In addition, it is advisable to choose a satin pillowcase to avoid hair rubbing against the pillow at night. Finally, it is best to make a braid or delicately tie your hair with a satin scrunchie for sleeping.
  • Cut damaged ends: it is important to go to the hairdresser every three to four months to cut the ends of dry and damaged hair. In fact, the split ends present at the ends can go up the length of the hair. Cutting a few centimeters allows you to find healthy, fuller lengths because damaged ends tend to be thinner.
  • Take a course of food supplements: to give your hair a second lease of life, food supplements can be of great help. These products contain vitamins and minerals essential for maintaining normal hair. They have the virtue of strengthening the hair shaft, stimulating hair growth and preventing hair loss.

Hair gummies, a solution to strengthen hair

To strengthen the hair fiber and give a boost to damaged hair, Délicure offers hair gummies . It is a fun, delicious and pleasant food supplement to consume. This product is also beneficial for nails and skin.

Glowing hair, your ideal gummies treatment to strengthen your hair.

Délicure hair gummies are vegan, sugar-free candies made in France with essential vitamins and nutrients for the beauty of hair. With a delicious wild fruit taste, this product allows you to find dream hair while having fun! Simply chew two hair gummies a day and observe the results after a treatment of two or three months.

This food supplement firstly contains group B vitamins. These are the vitamins that soften dry hair and revitalize the hair fiber. Vitamin B8 , also called biotin, particularly contributes to the synthesis of keratin. It thus helps regenerate and strengthen the structure of damaged hair.

That's not all, hair gummies also contain trace elements. Zinc and selenium help maintain normal hair and restore strength to weakened hair.

Finally, this food supplement is composed of vitamin A. The latter helps stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, which helps strengthen the hair fiber and promote healthy hair growth.

This treatment of hair gummies must obviously be associated with a balanced diet and regular hair care.

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