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Article: Does CBD promote sleep?

Le CBD favorise-t-il le sommeil ?

Does CBD promote sleep?

CBD is now enjoying a certain popularity; in fact, nearly 6 million French people say they have already consumed it to improve their well-being. This natural molecule, extracted from hemp, would be a real alternative to promote relaxation and get to sleep naturally.

What exactly is CBD?

Better known by the abbreviation “CBD”, cannabidiol is a molecule that comes from hemp plants (cannabis sativa). It belongs to the large cannabinoid family, just like THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). However, they do not provide the same effects on the body.

THC is considered to be the molecule with the psychotropic effects of cannabis. Its consumption alters the nervous system and modifies the state of consciousness. While CBD does not modify perceptions and behavior. This cannabinoid is used for its potential therapeutic virtues.

CBD is today considered in France as a new food, as such, it does not yet benefit from authorized claims. So we cannot say that it would help relieve stress, soothe anxiety, promote muscular comfort or make it easier to fall asleep and limit nighttime awakenings.

Does CBD help you sleep better?


Taking CBD before bedtime would help you fall asleep quickly. Numerous scientific studies have highlighted the effectiveness of CBD in helping you relax and fall asleep naturally.

Insomnia, one of the major sleep disorders, is often a problem with relaxation. People suffering from stress or anxiety complain of not falling asleep quickly and waking up several times a night. CBD is now frequently used to promote relaxation, especially in the evening before bed.

Despite this American study or this other study aimed at highlighting the link between CBD and sleep, as seen earlier in this article, we will not be able to analyze the promising results of these studies.


How to consume CBD to promote sleep?

Gummies, lozenges, oils or even chocolate balls: each product has its own way of using cannabidiol. However, CBD oil is the preferred product to take in the evening before sleeping. Indeed, this product provides the relaxing effects of cannabidiol very quickly. It very often comes in the form of a bottle, equipped with its dropper pipette.

To do this, you must take the dropper pipette and place a few drops of oil under the tongue. In addition to being easy to follow, this sublingual method offers excellent bioavailability.

The mouth is a place rich in blood vessels, so the CBD molecule travels directly to the bloodstream. To ensure perfect absorption, it is recommended to wait 60 seconds before ingesting the oil drops. It is for these reasons that CBD oil enjoys excellent consumer reviews .

Regarding dosage, Délicure provides its CBD oil calculator . It determines, depending on the weight and desired effects of the consumer, the quantity of drops to consume.

Of course, cannabidiol does not replace medical treatment prescribed by a health professional. However, it can be consumed in addition to the latter on medical advice.

In France, CBD products are distributed online, in pharmacies and in stores such as CBD shops. In accordance with current regulations, any cannabidiol product contains less than 0.2% THC.

Focus on the benefits of Délicure CBD sleep oil


Délicure has created two CBD sleep oils for all people who suffer from sleep disorders. This product does not contain THC and is made in France with high quality cannabidiol, sourced from organic hemp.

Good Night CBD Oil 1000 mg is composed of broad-spectrum CBD, CBN' (cannabinol), a cannabinoid known for its aid in relaxation, and orange blossom essential oil.

Strong Sleep CBD oil 1200 mg is composed of broad-spectrum CBD, poppy, passionflower, two plants known for their soothing action as well as melatonin and orange blossom essential oil. This powerful formula promotes falling asleep and allows you to regain quality sleep

CBD oil is very effective in making it easier to fall asleep and reducing nighttime awakenings. It is a natural and effective product without risks or addiction unlike chemical sleeping pills.
These CBD oils stand out from traditional CBD oils made from refined coconut oil. In fact, Délicure decided to create them using organic sweet almond oil, renowned for its health benefits. In addition, these products are free of fertilizers, pesticides or chemicals.

Their natural formula helps you benefit from more restful sleep. Each organic CBD oil should be consumed approximately 45 minutes before bedtime. In this way, the oil relaxes and prepares the body for rest.

This product is intended for adults. However, it is recommended that pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as patients under drug treatment consult the advice of a healthcare professional before using it.

Tip from Délicure to enjoy a perfect night

To enjoy a perfect night's sleep, Délicure suggests combining Good Night CBD oil with Sleep gummies . They come in the form of vegan, natural gummies made in France.

Their formula of relaxing plants, soothing vitamins and melatonin is perfect for improving sleep. Melatonin, nicknamed the sleep hormone, regulates the biological cycles of sleep and wakefulness, and makes it easier to fall asleep. To benefit from their benefits, simply chew two gummies 45 minutes before bedtime. They can be consumed simultaneously with CBD sleep oil drops.

To ensure its effectiveness, this product must be consumed as part of a healthy and balanced diet.

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