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Article: The effects of stress on the skin

le stress peut avoir un impact sur votre peau

The effects of stress on the skin

Stress is a defense mechanism that is triggered during a destabilizing or dangerous situation. When prolonged or chronic, its chemical reactions can severely harm the body.

How does stress manifest on the skin?

The skin is one of the organs of the body most affected by stress. It becomes dehydrated, regenerates less well, becomes fragile and can reveal imperfections, a dull complexion or even marked wrinkles.


stress can impact your skin

Stress spots on the skin and face:

In a state of stress, cortisol levels increase. It is a hormone that helps the body cope with stress by mobilizing energy to nourish the muscles, brain and heart. However, it accentuates sebum secretion. Excess sebum clogs the pores of the skin, favoring the appearance of blackheads or acne spots.

Depending on the person, an outbreak of stress pimples occurs on the skin of the face, and/or also on the body. It can be scattered or appear in the form of patches.

Skin aging due to stress:

 Stress that affects the epidermis is called oxidative stress. In addition to increasing sebum secretion, cortisol damages the skin barrier. The skin becomes sensitive, fragile and has more difficulty coping with free radicals. This has consequences on the skin such as skin aging, drying, the appearance of hollow wrinkles or pigment spots.


Change in complexion caused by stress:

 In addition to producing cortisol, the phenomenon of stress releases other hormones which are adrenaline, oxytocin, vasopressin or ACTH. They have consequences on the body and the skin.

A stressed person may suffer from vasoconstriction, their complexion becoming paler or gray. Or, it may develop vasodilation, the face reddens uniformly or in patches.


 By unbalancing the skin barrier, stress weakens the hydrolipidic film. Also called “skin film”, it covers the entire surface of the epidermis, contributes to the suppleness of the skin and forms a protective barrier against bacteria and fungi.

Less protected against external attacks, the skin becomes drier and damaged more easily.

When this skin film is damaged, the water stored in the epidermis is evacuated more quickly. The skin then becomes dehydrated and dry, causing itching, tightness or irritation.

Stress can also lead to breakouts and rashes in people with skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

A tired eye area:

 Stress hormones can cause vessels to dilate or narrow. Which weakens blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

The most affected surface is the eye area. At this location, the skin is very thin and we can easily observe the blood and lymph stagnating under the skin with the appearance of bags under the eyes or darker, more pronounced dark circles.

To soothe and preserve the beauty of your skin, there are some tips to integrate into your daily routine.

What can you do to reduce the effects of stress on the skin?


Identify the cause of stress:

To better manage stress and its consequences on the body, the ideal is to identify its cause and find a solution to make it disappear. In the event of chronic and excessively intense stress, it is imperative to consult the advice of a doctor or psychologist.

gummies hair skin and nails

Maintain a healthy lifestyle:

To relieve stress, getting quality, restorative sleep is essential. The sleep cycle must be sufficient and regular, it is recommended to sleep for a duration of 7 and 9 hours to sufficiently relax the body and be in good shape the next day.

At the same time, you must ensure that you eat a healthy and balanced diet rich in nutrients.

Délicure offers three cures of gummies, vegan and natural, targeted to combat stress, have quality sleep and maintain beautiful skin:

  • The first is called “Stress”, it is rich in plants having effects to limit anxiety (rhodiola, saffron and holy basil), in vitamin B6 and in amino acid (GABA).
  • Based on plants (linden, passionflower, poppy), vitamins (B5 and B6) and melatonin (sleep hormone), the “Sleep” range makes it easier to fall asleep and contributes to restful sleep.
  • “Hair” is a treatment that helps maintain healthy hair, nails and skin. It is composed of blueberry, vitamins (B6, B8, B9, B12 and E) and minerals (selenium and zinc).

Finally, you must limit exposure to screens (phone, computer, television) and replace them with a meditation or sporting activity to clear your mind, take a step back, relax your body and your mind.

Pamper your skin: 

Having a good beauty routine can help limit the manifestations of stress on the skin. In case of pimples, it is recommended to apply an exfoliant and a mask once a week to unclog pores and reduce sebum production.

Regarding dark circles and bags under the eyes, you should apply an eye contour. It should preferably be stored in the refrigerator because the cold decongests the eyes more quickly.

Finally, using a moisturizing cream for the skin is also essential to regenerate it in depth, protect it from external attacks and limit itching or tightness.


Effective products against stress:

A molecule is proving effective in helping to manage stress: CBD, délicure offers a wide range of products containing CBD. Our CBD oils as well as our CBD candies and our vegan, made in France and natural CBD gummies can provide real support for daily stress management.

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