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Article: How to treat damaged nails?

Comment soigner ses ongles abimés ?

How to treat damaged nails?

Just like hair and skin, nails reflect a person's health. Poor lifestyle, health problems or environmental factors can significantly affect their structure.

Keratin, fundamental component of the nail structure

The nail is made up of keratin , a fibrous and insoluble protein contributing to the good health of the body. It is the main component of 90% of the nail, which gives it resistance, growth and protection against external attacks.

When keratin is weakened, the nails split and become soft, brittle or even streaked.

To maintain this keratin and have beautiful nails , it is necessary to pamper them and adopt good gestures.

Pamper your nails to care for and strengthen them

To improve the beauty of nails and preserve their vitality, it is necessary to carry out regular care.

The oil bath is an excellent natural remedy to regain healthy nails. It is advisable to soak your nails in a bowl of oil and massage them for a few minutes. The best oils for nails are olive oil and castor oil. Olive oil is known to intensely nourish and strengthen nails. It is recommended to combine it with a little lemon which promotes whitening of the nail. Castor oil, thanks to its thick structure, is also favored for moisturizing and protecting nails from external attacks.

If there are stubborn varnish stains on the nails, they can be removed with baking soda.

To enjoy beautiful, well-groomed and varnished nails, many people get a manicure, which is a hygiene and beauty treatment for the nails. Before the varnish application stage, it is advisable to apply a protective base to protect the nail and double the duration of the varnish.

We can distinguish the protective base of the hardener, which in turn helps to strengthen the nail and give it shine.

Taking care of your nails also means taking care of your cuticles (tips of skin on the side of the nails). They should not be torn off, the ideal is to soften them in warm soapy water to remove all the dead skin.

To maintain beautiful nails, applying a repair cream, preferably composed of natural ingredients, helps restore their structure and limit breaks or streaks already installed.

Finally, as with hair, it is obviously advisable to cut it to prevent breakage and accelerate its regrowth.

Adopt a good diet to maintain nails in good condition

Eating a healthy and balanced diet is essential for having healthy nails, hair and skin.

Damaged and brittle nails can be due to a deficiency of vitamin B and minerals (iron, calcium, zinc, etc.). It can be found in whole grains, yogurts, oilseeds, fish, lean meats and even poultry. These nutrients guarantee the proper maintenance of a normal structure of the nail.

Water is also essential for the vitality of the nails; you should drink between 1.5L and 2L per day.

Along with a good diet, it is advisable to take food supplements to strengthen and care for your nails.

Délicure offers a cure of natural and vegan gummies that targets the beauty of hair, nails and skin. It is composed of zinc, selenium and B vitamins which help maintain normal nails.

Find strong, shiny nails with our Bright Hair gummies!

Things to avoid so as not to damage your nails

Faced with stress, poor diet, the use of aggressive products or other external factors, nails weaken and become brittle.

First of all, it is the manicure which greatly damages the nails due to incorrect application of false nails, use of harmful products or even abuse of sanders.

If the nails are too damaged, you should avoid manicure products that are too aggressive. It is better, for example, to choose a mild nail polish remover that does not dry out the nails, to choose a cardboard file rather than a metal file, to have patience and to let your nails grow naturally with good maintenance.

Often caused by stress or anxiety, biting your nails is a bad habit that damages your health. When nails are bitten, germs can grow and become infected. The nail is exposed to a risk of whitlow, mycosis or fungus. To remedy this, there are varnishes designed to limit and stop nail biting thanks to their bitter taste.

When doing housework, it is best to protect your nails by wearing gloves. Some household products are very aggressive and harmful to the health of the nails, so direct contact with them should be avoided.

If the nails are seriously damaged, you should quickly consult a doctor who will prescribe adequate treatment to care for them and keep them healthy.

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