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Article: How to have beautiful nails ?

Astuces pour avoir des ongles éclatants

How to have beautiful nails ?

Nails, like hair, reflect our state of health. Having beautiful nails often refers to a manicure, but not only that, it means having naturally shiny, hard, white nails.

A change in their appearance such as discoloration, thickening or breakage can be a sign of health problems (liver or kidney disease, heart or lung problems, anemia, diabetes, etc.).

Soft, brittle, ridged, split or even fragile, it is not so easy to take care of your nails. Like hair, it is made up of layers of keratin which weaken in the face of external aggression. Water, dietary deficiencies, chemicals, fatigue and stress can impact nail growth and make them in poor condition.

To remedy this, some tips can be applied to strengthen and regain long and strong nails.

Avoid some everyday actions that weaken the nails

Bad daily habits should be avoided to have beautiful natural nails.

First, many people bite their nails due to stress, boredom, or intense concentration. Bitten nails can become infected more easily and cause the development of germs, fungi, whitlow, or mycosis. Additionally, it can also damage tooth enamel. To stop this habit, there are tips such as applying bitter nail polish with an unpleasant taste, chewing gum to occupy your mouth or even cutting your nails very short.

Filing your nails is a common gesture to strengthen your nails and give them a beautiful shape. However, you must file your nails in the same direction, as the back and forth movement can cause irregularities.

Soaking your hands in hot water too often can cause nails to become soft and brittle. Moisturizing your hands with a cream, without chemicals or aggressive products, is useful to protect and preserve them.

The nails can be invaded by dry cuticles and are difficult to remove; they should definitely not be cut because they have a protective function for the nails. The best is to hydrate them once a week with adequate care.

Very fashionable, putting on nail polish is a beauty asset to highlight your hands. However, you should avoid using it too often because it damages and yellows the nails, and contains chemical agents dangerous to your health. There are transparent protective bases to put just before your varnish to protect the nails.

Today, certain cosmetic brands committed to organic and natural products have launched varnishes that are less harmful and more respectful of health.

Finally, any cosmetic beauty product (hair, skin, nails) with a chemical composition can damage the hands, and consequently, the nails. The ideal is to review your entire beauty routine, abandoning all toxic products and replacing them with healthier products. The free Cleanbeauty application, to download on your smartphone, allows you to scan the barcode of beauty products and identify those which are good or bad for your health.


Use natural treatments to coat your nails

Treatments to enhance nails naturally.

There are easy-to-make homemade recipes available to everyone to nourish damaged nails , or, quite simply, to maintain them.

For example, taking a bath in olive oil and/or white vinegar for a few minutes helps strengthen the structure of the nails. In this mixture, it is possible to add a few drops of lemon because it has lightening and whitening properties.

Castor oil and sweet almond oil are also known to repair broken nails, moisturize them and prevent splitting.

Adopt a healthy and balanced diet to strengthen your nails

Eating a daily diet rich in nutrients is essential for having beautiful nails. You should eat foods rich in fatty acids, vitamins B and E, minerals (iron, calcium, zinc, etc.) and proteins such as legumes, eggs, lean meats, fatty fish, seafood and even cereals. complete.

Tobacco should be absolutely avoided since it affects blood circulation and reduces the volume of biotin (B8) in the blood, a vitamin necessary for healthy nails.

Drinking water, between 1.5L and 2L per day, is also essential for the vitality of the nails. You should favor water rich in calcium and silicon, and avoid sodas which contain demineralizing phosphoric acid.

Take food supplements to nourish the nails

Opting for food supplements makes it possible to supplement a diet which sometimes does not provide enough vitamins and minerals to the body. They are necessary for the formation of keratin in both hair and nails.

Discover our gummies to strengthen and beautify your nails!

Délicure offers a new range of food supplements in the form of natural and vegan gummies for hair, nails and skin . It is composed of biotin (vitamin B8), selenium, zinc and other vitamins which contribute to the maintenance of normal nails. It is recommended to chew 2 gummies per day.

These products should be taken as part of a healthy lifestyle. In the event of severely damaged nails (deformities, dystrophies, severe discoloration, etc.), you must see a doctor who will prescribe appropriate treatment.

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