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Article: What is the composition of the gummies?

Comment sont fabriqués les gummies ?

What is the composition of the gummies?

The term “ gummies ” could be translated as “gums” or “gummy candies”, it is a new format making it fun and practical to take food supplements.

The “gummies” format has many advantages:

-Allow consumers to complete their treatment thanks to their gourmet side.

-Introduce supplements to people who have until now been refractory because of the medicinal format.

-Allow consumers to discover the benefits of supplementation through a supplement format that is both fun and delicious.

Each gummy is composed of a mixture of several ingredients, namely:

A gelling solution:

It is this which gives the consistency of the gummies; traditionally, confectioners use animal gelatin made from bones and skins. At délicure we use fruit pectin, making our gummies accessible to vegans. Pectin, only present in plants, is a natural ingredient. Pectins are one of the constituents of the plant wall . The physiological role of pectins is important since they hold the cells of plant tissues together, allowing the plant wall to be structured. It is a polysaccharide derived from glucose. Pectin is used in the food industry for its naturally gelling properties under the code E440.

Actives :

We call active all the substances acting on the desired effect, these are the active ingredients which will bring the benefits of our gummies , at Délicure we use 3 main categories of active ingredients:

- Vitamins : essential for the proper functioning of the brain and the human body, vitamins play a major role in our physical and mental health.

- Plants : Many of the remedies we seek are present in nature, we select with the greatest rigor the best plants with recognized claims.

- Probiotics : In view of the latest research, the intestine appears to be the main home of our immune cells. According to the WHO definition, “probiotics are live micro-organisms which, when ingested in sufficient quantities, have beneficial effects on health”. It is one of our active ingredients contained in the immunity range.

- Trace elements : A trace element is a mineral salt necessary for the body provided that it is provided in small quantities. Indeed, if it is ingested in too large quantities, it can be toxic. There are so-called essential trace elements for which a deficiency or excess can be dangerous for the body. Among the best known we could cite iron, zinc, copper, manganese

A sweetening solution:

It is this solution which will bring the sweet taste and the pleasure aspect of the gummy, at délicure we have chosen a solution reduced in sugar in order to bring maximum pleasure with a minimum of sugar.


Directly from fruit, it is these natural flavors that give the delicious taste that you love so much. At délicure, we systematically use natural flavors

Discover our ranges to improve your daily well-being!


Watch our video on how gummies are made:

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