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le cannabidiol extrait du chanvre est un produit naturel permettant de soulager les douleurs musculaires et articulaires et donc efficace sur les douleurs cervicales

Can CBD Relieve Neck Pain?

CBD is known for its potential relaxing and relaxing effects. It therefore presents itself as an interesting solution to relieve neck pain.

Neck pain can occur following deformation of the skeleton due to aging, the appearance of a hernia or a torticollis of the disc. Apart from accidents, muscular or ligamentous tensions around the neck can also be responsible, as can osteoarthritis.

Despite the existence of many medications to alleviate neck pain, CBD stands out for its natural nature.

le cbd est une molécule extraite du cannabis sativa (chanvre), le cbd est très efficace pour traiter tout types de douleurs et peut soulager efficacement les douleurs du cou

CBD, what exactly is it?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is an active substance that comes from the hemp plant (cannabis sativa). It is part of the large cannabinoid family, which also includes THC.

Cannabidiol is different from THC, the active ingredient in cannabis. Indeed, THC causes psychotropic effects that disrupt consciousness and behavior. Dangerous for health, it is therefore prohibited for consumption in France. While CBD, on the other hand, does not cause any notable side effects. In its report , the WHO (World Health Organization) confirms that CBD presents no danger to health.

Many consumers have chosen to integrate CBD into their daily routine to improve their well-being. This natural product is said to have therapeutic properties. It would be particularly useful for better stress management, improved sleep quality, and pain relief.

pour traiter les douleurs des cervicales, le cbd ou cannabidiol peut être consommé sous forme d'huile sublinguale ou de crèmes topiques

Is CBD effective in relieving neck pain?

In recent years, CBD has attracted the attention of doctors and scientific researchers. Some studies have indicated that it may have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. These would reduce pain signals. Thus, CBD could be a natural solution to soothe neck pain. It would help relax muscles and relieve painful joints. Moreover, CBD would be recommended to relieve osteoarthritis and all other joint pain .

We can say that CBD plays a catalytic role in the body. By acting directly on the nervous system to reduce the effect of pain, cannabidiol transmits the signal to ignore painful stimuli. It can therefore be consumed at any time of the day to soothe neck pain. By reducing the sensation of pain, CBD creates a feeling of well-being

Please note that CBD cannot replace a treatment recommended by a health professional. However, it can be used as an adjunct to effectively relieve neck pain (provided a doctor's approval is obtained).

l'huile de cbd est un excellent produit naturel pour traiter tout type de douleurs efficacement

What is the best way to consume CBD to soothe neck pain?

With the growing popularity of CBD, many products are now available on the market in France. It is possible to find them in pharmacies, organic stores and specialized stores (CBD shops). In accordance with current regulations on CBD, all these products have a quantity of THC less than 0.2% (the substance in cannabis responsible for the psychotropic effects).

Among these products, we find oils, resins, infusions, capsules, tablets and even candies. To alleviate neck pain, it is recommended to choose CBD oil. It is composed of vegetable oil and cannabidiol extracted from organic hemp. It comes in a small bottle with a dropper pipette.

CBD oil delivers its relaxing effects within minutes. To do this, simply put a few drops under the tongue and hold them in your mouth for about a minute. The mucous membranes absorb the molecule, which then diffuses quickly into the bloodstream. As for the dosage, it must be adapted to the weight of the consumer and the desired effects. Délicure has created a tool to calculate the quantity of drops of oil to take taking into account these factors. Of course, if the effects are not sufficient, it is possible to gradually increase the dosage. Today there are mutual insurance companies that reimburse the purchase of CBD products certified as food supplements, such as delicure products.

Huile de CBD bio Douleurs 1200mg - Délicure

CBD oil pain from Délicure

Délicure offers a range of 100% organic and natural CBD oils . Made in a French laboratory, they contain no trace of THC. These products are made from organic vegetable oils and high-quality cannabidiol extracts, from organic hemp.

Each CBD oil meets a well-being objective.

CBD pain oil may be beneficial in relieving neck pain. This product is formulated with vegetable oil, CBD, Noble Laurel and peppermint essential oil. This set of active ingredients is ideal for soothing muscle contractures and inflamed joints.

Another detail, this product is based on organic sweet almond oil, known for its health benefits. It stands out from other CBD oils on the market which are generally made with coconut oil with a very high carbon footprint.

Thus, CBD pain oil presents itself as a promising solution for relieving neck pain. By placing a few drops of this oil under the tongue, one can expect to feel rapid relief. This quality product, based on hemp, can be consumed to relieve osteoarthritis naturally.

An important reminder : CBD products are not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, as well as people taking medication. Indeed, cannabidiol can have effects when taking certain medications. It is therefore recommended to consult a healthcare professional before using them.