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Article: Organic CBD oil to relieve abdominal pain

l'huile de cbd : un produit naturel et efficace pour lutter contre les douleurs abdominales

Organic CBD oil to relieve abdominal pain

Bloating, stomach cramps, diarrhea, menstruation, nausea... abdominal pain is often benign. They can manifest themselves in the form of more or less acute and stabbing pain, intermittent cramps or even diffuse pain.

When intense and persistent, this abdominal pain can be a sign of more serious health problems. They can harm the quality of life and general health, in fact, they are likely to alter sleep, prevent the practice of physical activity and leisure activities, or even disrupt professional and family life. .


What causes abdominal pain?

better understand the causes of abdominal pain

Relieving abdominal pain requires, first of all, awareness of its cause.

The pain can be of intestinal, renal, vascular, or even muscular origin. It can be caused by a variety of factors such as digestive problems, infections, chronic illnesses, psychological disorders, injuries or even tumors.

In the majority of cases, abdominal pain is linked to poor digestion, occasional constipation or even irritable bowel syndrome.

In the event of severe and persistent abdominal pain, it is important to consult a healthcare professional quickly and obtain adequate medical treatment.


How to naturally relieve abdominal pain quickly? 

To put an end to the abdominal pain that spoils everyday life, there are some simple and natural tips to apply in your daily routine:

  • Work on your breathing: performing breathing exercises helps oxygenate the nervous system and reduce tension. In addition, breathing well helps improve the functioning of the digestive organs and eliminate toxic waste. To relieve abdominal pain, simply place one hand on your chest and the other on your stomach, and inhale while inflating your stomach for three seconds. Then, you must exhale while deflating your stomach (without bringing it in) so that it returns to its initial position, for five seconds.
  • Pay attention to your diet: to prevent or limit abdominal pain, it is recommended to avoid fried and fatty foods, spicy products and carbonated drinks. These can disrupt the entire digestive system and cause abdominal cramps. Cooked vegetables and fruits, preferably in compote, are preferred. In addition, it is important to drink enough water and take the time to eat to promote better digestion.
  • Doing massages: abdominal massage is beneficial because it helps activate circulation and thus improves blood supply to different organs. Massaging your stomach regularly is a good solution to relieve any abdominal pain. To do this, it is advisable to lie down calmly, raise your head and bend your legs. With the skin of the hand, perform a gentle, circular massage around the painful area in a clockwise direction. During the massage, it is important to breathe calmly and deeply for several minutes.
  • Use essential oils: To relieve cramps and bloating, certain essential oils are found to be effective. These include tropical basil essential oil, cardamom essential oil, caraway essential oil, turmeric essential oil and peppermint essential oil. Their antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties help to calm pain and promote relaxation. To benefit from the relaxing effects of these essential oils, simply put a few drops of oil on a tissue to inhale them, or mix them with a vegetable oil and apply them to the skin as a massage on the painful area.

More and more people are consuming CBD (cannabidiol) from the hemp plant (cannabis sativa). However, as CBD is a molecule considered new in France, it does not currently benefit from authorized health claims, so we will not be able to talk about the use of CBD against pain.



What is organic CBD oil?

CBD oil is often consumed to reduce pain, especially abdominal pain

Organic CBD oil is a combination of organic vegetable oil and CBD from organic hemp. CBD oil comes in the form of a small vial, accompanied by its dropper pipette, it is consumed by several hundred thousand people and benefits from excellent feedback from users.

To benefit from the effects of cannabidiol quickly, the drops of oil should be placed under the tongue because it is one of the places in the body richest in blood vessels. This explains why this method of administration has a more instantaneous action. The oil drops can also be placed in a liquid or on food but this will alter the effectiveness of the CBD oil.



Organic CBD oil pain from Délicure

Délicure has created an organic CBD oil enriched with noble laurel (laurius nobilis) to naturally relieve muscles and joints.

CBD oil is an ideal natural product to effectively combat abdominal pain. A few drops of CBD oil under the tongue are enough to reduce abdominal pain

Composition of organic CBD oil pain 

Délicure's organic CBD oil for pain is a natural product, guaranteed without THC (the psychotropic molecule of cannabis) and made in France with excellent quality cannabidiol, extracted from organic French hemp.

It has the particularity of having an organic sweet almond oil as its base, in fact, classic CBD oils often have a refined coconut oil (or MCT oil) as their base.

Aside from CBD, this oil is composed of peppermint essential oil, as well as noble laurel, famous for its pain-relieving action.


Tips for using organic CBD oil for pain

Organic CBD pain oil can be used at any time of the day to relieve stomach pain.

The most effective and common way to consume CBD oil is to place the drops under the tongue and wait 60 seconds before ingesting them. It is also possible to add the drops of oil to drinks (tea, coffee, juice, etc.) or to dishes, but the effect of the CBD oil will be greatly altered.


Dosage of organic CBD oil pain 

It is best to start with a small dose, four to five drops of oil, once or twice a day, and increase it little by little depending on the desired effects.

It is recommended not to exceed 50mg of CBD per day. We provide you with a CBD oil dosage calculator that will help you determine the quantity of CBD oil to consume based on your weight and the desired effects.

take 4 drops of CBD oil twice a day to effectively combat abdominal pain


Contraindications of organic CBD oil pain

Organic CBD oil for pain is reserved for adults, however, be careful, pregnant or breastfeeding women, and people who are under medical treatment, you must consult the advice of a health professional before consuming CBD products.


Organic CBD oil for painful periods from Délicure

Délicure offers another organic CBD oil for painful periods , which, for its part, is targeted to relieve menstrual pain and the symptoms of premenopause.

CBD oil is an ideal product to combat abdominal cramps and stomach pain

Like the previous one, this organic CBD oil is 100% natural and made in France with premium cannabidiol. It contains 12% broad spectrum CBD. In addition to CBD, this CBD oil contains peppermint essential oil and two plants known to combat disorders related to periods and menopause (including abdominal cramps): fennel and Yarrow.

In addition to these two oils, Délicure offers other organic CBD oils that help you relax or promote sleep.


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