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Article: Our ideal menu for good sleep

Bien manger, pour bien dormir !

Our ideal menu for good sleep

Our sleep, its duration, its tranquility, its frequency, and our ability to fall asleep are directly linked to our health.

Our body needs certain daily intakes to promote sleep, which is therefore directly linked to our diet. Conversely, certain foods or types of foods contribute to the development of sleep disorders.

Understanding sleep

Many factors have a very strong impact on our sleep: body temperature, bedroom temperature, ambient noise, the quality of your bed, having a suitable bedroom, sleeping in complete darkness, the fact of eliminating screens and sports activities in the evening, the use of naps during the day, the quality of pillows, etc. All these aspects are all sleep habits, responsible for what we call the “routine sleep”, which guarantees a good night’s sleep. If they are not respected, they negatively influence sleep cycles and our biological clock.

Melatonin, nicknamed the "sleep hormone", is a natural hormone secreted by the body which acts as a sleep regulator, as a factor for having a suitable sleep time, deep, undisturbed sleep, it is i.e. quality sleep.

But, did you know that certain foods help you sleep well ? They allow you to improve your sleep, get back to sleep, or even achieve restorative sleep. Here is our ideal menu for good sleep.

Here is a typical menu, which allows, for the evening meal, to prepare your body for future quality sleep. It includes very simple, very accessible and very inexpensive foods, which will both promote falling asleep and fully improve the quality of sleep. Several variations are offered according to the different phases of the meal. The objective is to promote a menu that is both balanced, involving easy digestion, but above all rich in tryptophan, rich in Omega 3, rich in calcium, and rich in magnesium. This will allow your body to better synthesize serotonin, and therefore better synthesis of melatonin which will guarantee your quality sleep.

A balanced menu to sleep well.


The ideal menu starter for good sleep should consist mainly of vegetables and should not contain protein. We recommend eating these vegetables raw. They can also be eaten cooked. They can be raw (in salads) or cooked (in soups).

Ex: mixed vegetable soup (minestrone soup, pumpkin soup and pistou soup are perfect), or green salad (mash, endive, or mesclun).

A light yet substantial dinner.

The dish

The dish must both contain the daily intake necessary for the body (in particular in proteins and lipids), but also not require too laborious digestion so as not to interfere with the falling asleep phase. We will therefore favor white meats (or red meats but only boiled), fish, or even cooked eggs.

Ex: spinach fondue and egg casserole, or couscous (traditional), or white fish en papillote with boiled vegetables, or gnocchi with mushrooms.


Dessert should consist of two main elements. It must both contain a dose of carbohydrates sufficient to comfort at the end of the meal and finish it well, but above all be absolutely accompanied by an infusion including one of the plants mentioned above.

A satisfying dessert to avoid nighttime cravings.


Dessert: baked apple with cinnamon, apple-pear compote, fromage frais with maple syrup, rice pudding with orange blossom.

Infusion: Verbena-mint herbal tea, valerian-lemon balm herbal tea, hawthorn-lavender- passionflower herbal tea, linden-marjoram herbal tea.

Food supplements:

In some cases, sleep supplements can be a valuable aid in getting to sleep and getting a good night's sleep. Délicure offers sleep gummies, delicious little vegan and gluten-free bears with natural apple flavors. These gummies contain poppy, linden, passionflower and melatonin. A recipe expertly developed for its effectiveness due to the perfect synergy of these active ingredients.

Discover our Radiant Sleep gummies to enjoy a good night's sleep!


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