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Article: Our tips for sleeping well

Dormez comme un bébé grâce à nos conseils !

Our tips for sleeping well

Sleep is undoubtedly one of the main vectors of good health these days. Whatever the situation or type of activity, sleep is, from children to seniors, an essential component that should never be neglected. Nowadays, studies show that sleep durations are getting shorter and shorter, and also that it is becoming more and more disturbed and irregular. But then, how can you sleep well?

Maintain your internal clock

First of all, it is essential to eat well. Meals must therefore be as complete as possible, without possible deficiencies, and taken regularly at least three times a day. It is important to eat meals at the same times and not to skip them. Do not neglect or cancel breakfast. Avoid snacking between meals as much as possible. Try to reserve protein intake for breakfast. In case of extreme fatigue during the day, a micro-nap of 15 to 20 minutes between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. is possible, but never beyond.
How to prepare the body to fall asleep?

Prepare your body for your sleep rhythm

To get good sleep naturally , it is essential to “prepare” your body for a restorative activity such as sleep. Certain practices should therefore be absolutely avoided. No sporting activity after 5 p.m. Do not ingest sugary, exciting drinks, containing caffeine or alcohol after 4 p.m. Avoid slow sugars in the evening. Before going to sleep, eat an apple and a glass of cold milk. A lukewarm bath can also help prepare you for sleep. Do not watch noisy, violent or distressing images and try to stop using screens as soon as possible before going to bed. Go to bed at a regular time. If you have a busy schedule the next day or during the week, write down the appointments and imperatives on a list and leave it on your bedside table, so you will no longer be invaded or parasitized by these thoughts until the next day. Once you go to bed, establish a digital curfew and no longer consult your tablet or smartphone until you wake up.



The bedroom, the place of sleep, is extremely important and must be adequate for good sleep. Ideally, the bedroom should only be used for sleeping and for couple relations. It must therefore be a calm place, full of serenity, reserved for relaxation and reassuring. It must be tidy and as orderly as possible, blocking unwanted lights as much as possible. Complete black is ideal. Do not heat the bedroom above 18°C. Remember to have a good mattress and good pillows , neither too rigid nor too sagging, and change them regularly. The sheets should also be as clean and fresh as possible.
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The essential

Three meals a day, no more, no less! Hearty breakfast with proteins, light meal in the evening! After 5 p.m., no sport, no sugar, no coffee, no alcohol, no soda!

Prepare your sleep! No noise, no screen, no phone at least an hour before bed! List the next day's program on a sheet of paper so you don't have to think about it anymore! Breathing exercises, soothing music, even ASMR sessions!

A room made for sleeping! Tidy, quiet, dark, and clean! Have a good mattress and good pillows, no heating above 18°C!

Food supplements

Food supplements can be a valuable aid in improving sleep. Délicure offers sleep food supplements in the form of gummies rich in melatonin, poppy, linden, passionflower and vitamin. A carefully developed recipe to help you fall asleep quickly and improve the quality of sleep.

CBD, which benefits from excellent consumer reviews , is also a molecule which can be useful in order to regain quality sleep, in fact thanks to its relaxing properties, CBD will promote relaxation and therefore make it easier to fall asleep. Délicure offers a good night CBD / CBN oil , a formula specially designed for rapid falling asleep and a quality night's sleep.

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