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Article: Free your emotions using the EFT method

Libérer ses émotions grâce à la méthode EFT

Free your emotions using the EFT method

Exacerbated sensitivity, sadness, phobia, poor management of emotions and stress, difficulty falling asleep, dwelling on memories and sorrows, anxiety, guilt? There is one thing in common with all these problems: the management of emotions. What if the EFT method could help you better manage these emotional problems?

What is the EFT method?

EFT stands for “Emotional Freedom Technic” or Emotional Freedom Techniques, as its name suggests, this method aims to treat emotional blockages and free oneself from negative emotions by stimulating acupuncture points with the fingertips.

EFT was created in 1993 by Gary Craig, an American engineer, it is inspired by TFT “Thought Field Thrapy” or Mental Field Therapy created by cognitive psychologist and hypnotherapist Roger Callahan, a non-invasive energy and informational technique. tapping the energy meridians used in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Gary Craig had the idea of ​​simplifying TFT in order to make it accessible and practicable for everyone, he then created the EFT method aimed at deprogramming the emotional reactions engraved in us and which cause a wide variety of emotional and physical problems.

What are the benefits of the EFT method?

The EFT method can act on many fields of action:

  • It helps treat problems caused by a lack of self-confidence such as shyness, jealousy, lack of self-esteem, fear of speaking in public.
  • It proves to be a valuable aid in the management of stress and anxiety which cause anxiety attacks, insomnia, burnout and depression.
  • It can also help treat unexplained fears such as phobias.
  • It is beneficial for the treatment of addictions (drugs, tobacco, sex, eating compulsions, etc.)

EFT will also be effective against physical and somatic pain such as migraine and fibromyalgia and would also help develop sports and cognitive performance. The EFT method therefore allows a release of all negative emotions which are caused by a disturbance in the body's energy balance.

The EFT method is a very effective way to combat sources of stress

How to practice EFT to free yourself from your emotions?

An EFT session is done in two stages. This practice is said to be psycho-corporeal. In fact, it is based on identifying the problem and stimulating the body.

The first step of the session consists of precisely identifying the problem on which we wish to act, this step is very important because the clearer, more concise and precise the problem, the better the result will be.

Once the problem has been identified and the objective defined, we will begin to make “rounds” around this objective. A round of EFT is a movement around which we will expose negative emotions and at the same time stimulate the different points located on the meridians in order to evacuate the blocked energy charge and recirculate the energy. The movement in question consists of tapping specific points with your fingertips.

The goal is to clearly and honestly explain our emotions and feelings regarding the problem we wish to address while tapping the energy meridians.

A round will begin with the “karate” point located on the outer lateral side of our hand, we will repeat the following sentence: “ even if… (we expose the sensations and emotions that disturb us).., I love myself and 'accept as I am' or 'I love and accept myself as best I can' while tapping this point. We will then move on to the other points (there are 15 in total) while continuing to express and understand our problem. It will sometimes be necessary to make several rounds 

Today, many practitioners offer EFT sessions, you can also try practicing this technique alone, there are many explanatory videos on YouTube.


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