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Article: What food supplement for hair growth?

Quel complément alimentaire faut-il choisir pour avoir une chevelure longue ?

What food supplement for hair growth?

To stimulate hair growth , all advice is good to take. Food supplements, rich in vitamins and trace elements, are very often used to have longer and healthier hair.

How to promote hair growth?

The best tips for growing your hair quickly.

To promote faster hair growth , it is first necessary to know and understand the life of hair.

Hair grows from its root, which develops under the scalp within a small envelope called the hair follicle. It emerges from the root through the papilla, positioned at the base of the root and through which blood arrives and nourishes it. This mechanism will allow the hair to grow.

Secondly, blood circulates from the papilla to the matrix, in which the hair reproduction cells are located.

The life cycle of a hair varies depending on each person's genetic heritage. For a man, it is generally 3 years while for a woman, it can go up to 4 and a half years.

Factors that affect hair growth

Some people have no difficulty promoting the growth of their hair , while others find that it is almost non-existent.

Hair growth varies from person to person, depending on health problems, age and hair type. In fact, straight hair grows faster than frizzy hair, for example.

Hair growth also depends very largely on what the blood brings to the roots, and therefore on diet. In addition, the health of the hair root must be taken into account; its development must not be disrupted by impurities likely to suffocate it and slow down hair growth.

Finally, seasonal changes have an influence on hair growth. During the summer period, hair growth is boosted by the sun while during winter and autumn, this mechanism is slower.

Food supplements, the hair beauty solution 

Take a course of Glowing Hair gummies to boost your hair growth!


If a healthy and balanced diet is essential to preserve healthy hair, sometimes a little boost is appreciated in order to stimulate hair growth or slow down hair loss .

Various factors of daily life such as stress, emotional disorders, nutritional deficiencies, the use of unsuitable hair products, certain illnesses or even the taking of certain medications can be responsible for excessive hair loss and make it much more fragile.

The food supplement represents a one-off aid to prevent these inconveniences and compensate for a dietary deficiency in various nutrients.

Today there are a large number of “Beauty” or “Hair” food supplements in the form of capsules, capsules, tablets or even gummies . They contain more or less the same components, notably B vitamins (including biotin or vitamin B8).

Biotin, better known as vitamin B8, is the vitamin par excellence for hair. It facilitates hair growth and prevents seasonal hair loss. This vitamin also prevents scalp irritation and provides a lot of elasticity, fortification and strength to the hair.

The effectiveness of beauty food supplements

Food supplements targeted for hair beauty are suitable and suitable for everyone.

However, each hair fiber has specific needs : fight against dandruff, relieve a sensitive scalp, limit hair loss, stimulate hair growth following excessive loss or repair lengths damaged by styling appliances and/or the colors made repeatedly.

It is true that people who want to take care of their hair have a very specific beauty routine : shampoos promoting hydration, masks and treatments to nourish the lengths, gentle and regular brushing to limit knots or even less frequent use of hair. Heating devices to prevent hair breakage. Nutrient supplementation (vitamins and trace elements) will accompany and complete this beauty routine to guarantee healthy hair.

Depending on their composition and their richness in nutrients, food supplements are real beauty allies when you want to have healthy hair. They make it possible in particular to:

  • Purify and cleanse the scalp ;
  • Strengthen the hair fiber and limit its breakage;
  • Stop hair loss;
  • Boost hair growth.

The “Glowing Hair” food supplement from Délicure


Délicure offers a “Glowing Hair” food supplement in the form of natural, vegan gummies, 100% Made in France. They contain essential vitamins and trace elements to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss.

Their highly concentrated formula was developed by a scientific committee (made up of doctors, naturopaths, pharmacists and oligo-therapists) and is suitable for all hair types. It promotes the growth, strengthening and beauty of hair in a lasting manner, and helps limit hair loss.

The Délicure food supplement to make hair grow quickly.

B vitamins and vitamin E

Hair gummies are composed of B group vitamins (vitamin B6, vitamin B8, vitamin B9 and vitamin B12) and vitamin E.

Vitamin B8 is dosed at more than 2000% for the daily consumption of 2 gummies, this has the effect of guaranteeing its best absorption and providing maximum benefits to the hair.

The combination of all these vitamins contributes to cell regeneration, which ensures optimal hair growth. These vitamins also participate in the production of keratin, an essential protein that makes up hair. The role of keratin is to give it strength and shine, and to protect it from breakage and various external attacks.

You should know that nails and skin, just like hair, are also made up of keratin. Délicure's food supplement can therefore be very useful for strengthening and promoting the rapid growth of nails , as well as for improving the appearance of the skin.

Trace elements (zinc and selenium) 

In addition to vitamins, “Glowing Hair” gummies contain zinc.

Zinc and selenium also play an essential role in strengthening the hair fiber, cell growth and are responsible for hair growth.

Usage tips

In the form of gelatinous candies with a delicious wild berry flavor, Délicure “Glowing Hair” gummies allow you to take care of your hair while having fun.

Unlike capsules or tablets, gummies are very easy to take. Simply chew two gummies a day at any time of the day.

This food supplement should be taken as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

To benefit from better results and observe beautiful hair growth, it is recommended to follow a treatment of at least two months.

100% natural, the consumption of the “Glowing Hair” food supplement does not cause any side effects or health hazards.

Pregnant or breastfeeding women, children as well as people taking medication or at risk of allergies are however advised to consult their doctor before consuming this food supplement.


Focus on Délicure’s “Absolute Relaxation” gummies

In addition to the “Glowing Hair” treatment, it is entirely possible to combine it with other food supplements offered by Délicure.

In particular “stress” gummies which are composed of vitamin B6, calming plants (rhodiola, holy basil and saffron) and the amino acid GABA to reduce anxiety and protect the nervous system from the harmful effects of stress.

The latter can lead to chain reactions in the body, including hair loss . It has an impact at the cellular level and on hair follicles; it thus harms the scalp and can impair hair growth.

It is therefore interesting, in times of stress, to combine these two food supplements to preserve healthy hair and prevent hair loss.


Review of “Glowing Hair” gummies


Sarah Deblacquer

Very good taste and I feel like it's already working, I have little hairs that weren't there before. Too bad I didn't know when I was pregnant. Satisfied with the hair gummies.



Works very well

I notice good growth in my hair, it is longer and stronger. I love that they are sugar free, the taste is perfect.



Top for postpartum

I did a 3-month treatment after my pregnancy on the advice of a friend. I was losing a lot of hair and I was looking for effective supplements. I am really satisfied because I have regained good length and my hair is stronger. I recommend !



Zen hair and sleep

I'm happy with all his gummies
I have tried several before and for me, these are the ones that are the most effective




Top ! The taste is exceptional, the price is great. Started the treatment 5 days ago, to see for the effects. To date, these are the best hair gummies I have ever tasted.



Sugar-free hair gummies 60 gummies

Excellent quality products!



Delicious product!

I ordered these gummies to help my hair grow and strengthen my nails.
They are much easier to take than classic food supplements, their wild berry taste is delicious.
I'm only 2 weeks into using it, so it's too early to see results. I will come back to give my opinion at the end of my treatment.
The delivery was very fast, thank you Délicure!




Back to the hair delicure product test: I am a big consumer of gummies, the taste is very successful, congratulations, they are among the best gummies that I have been able to test. I started the treatment upon receipt so 20 days ago, I am very satisfied, the results are visible both on my hair and on my nails. The formula is therefore effective, I validate this range 100%. Big strong point in my opinion: the announced selling price, given the composition and the sugar-free formula, this range is undeniably the best quality/price ratio on the market.



Passed test

Thanks to délicure for allowing me to test this range before its release.
The taste is excellent, difficult to tell the difference with gummies containing sugar.
I started the treatment two weeks ago, just to see the effects but surprisingly it is on my skin that I see the most results, in fact it is much brighter and my nails are becoming much stronger. I will give my feelings when I have reached the end of the two months of treatment. Thank you again for allowing us to test your products before their release, it’s a great idea!!

Beauty advice from Délicure

In addition to the “Glowing Hair” gummies, which nourish the hair fiber from the inside and promote hair growth, it is strongly recommended to use natural treatments based on vegetable oils .

In fact, they nourish the hair from the outside and some of them have the virtue of stimulating blood circulation to the scalp and thus contribute to rapid hair growth. They must preferably be “organic” and 100% natural to guarantee better effectiveness.

Castor oil, for example, is known to promote faster, healthier hair growth. It is therefore a real beauty ally for having beautiful, long and strong hair.

To make your hair grow faster, simply massage your roots gently with a few drops of “organic” oil. This treatment is just as effective on the nails, and should be carried out once a week to benefit from optimum results.


Watch our video on the 9 best vitamins for hair:

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