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Article: Can you buy CBD oil in a pharmacy?

retrouvez les produit au cbd delicure en pharmacie

Can you buy CBD oil in a pharmacy?

In recent years, CBD products such as CBD oil have attracted great interest among consumers. Around 6 million French people have turned to CBD to soothe their pain and reduce their stress.

Indeed, hemp (cannabis sativa) is a medicinal plant used for millennia to relieve many ailments naturally. It is composed of many cannabinoids, including CBD (cannabidiol).

In France, CBD is now freely sold online and in many establishments. This natural molecule, extracted from the hemp plant (cannabis sativa), is said to have therapeutic virtues. Among the most popular products is CBD oil. This product is convenient to use and quickly provides the relaxing effects of cannabidiol.

Can you find CBD oil in pharmacies in France?

The CBD market has experienced significant growth in just a few years. A large number of stores specializing in the sale of CBD products have opened their doors throughout France.

It is also possible to buy CBD oil in pharmacies as well as on their website. For many consumers, pharmacies are seen as the first place of trust for purchasing effective, quality products.

Currently, more than 10,000 pharmacies offer CBD oils for sale. On the pharmacy circuit alone, the turnover of CBD-based products reached 5.7 million euros over a period of one year. Pharmacies are taking an increasingly large share of this booming market.

More and more consumers who wish to obtain advice and assurance regarding the origin of CBD products are turning to the pharmacist. As a reminder, CBD should not be confused with THC, the most famous cannabinoid. Unlike the latter, CBD has no psychotropic effect and is not addictive.

Do you need a prescription to buy CBD oil in a pharmacy?

CBD products available in more than 70% of pharmacies

CBD oil , like all CBD products, is part of “Dietary supplements”. This product is not considered a medicine and therefore does not require a prescription. These are the medical treatments based on cannabis that must be prescribed by prescription.

In addition, cannabidiol does not replace medical treatment prescribed by a health professional to treat a particular pathology. However, CBD can be consumed in addition to treatment.

Patients under medicinal treatment are recommended to seek the advice of their doctor before consuming CBD oil. Although consuming CBD alone does not cause side effects, it may interact with certain medications.

Find here the opinions of doctors , health professionals and scientists about CBD oil.

Can we find other CBD products in pharmacies?

Faced with the growing success of CBD, a wide range of CBD-based products has developed rapidly in France.

In pharmacies, many cannabidiol-based products are sold such as capsules, infusions, gummies and even candies. To be authorized for sale, these products do not contain any trace of THC, also nicknamed “the psychotropic molecule of cannabis”.

It is also possible to find cosmetic products based on hemp (cannabis sativa) in drugstores.

Délicure CBD oils available in pharmacies


Délicure's CBD oils are labeled "food supplements" and available in more than 700 pharmacies in France and on the online store. For any order placed online, benefit from free delivery within 48 hours from 30 euros of purchase !

Discover Délicure's organic and natural CBD oils, whatever your objective, a CBD oil is made for you. Sleep, stress, anxiety, pain, we have formulated very effective CBD oils for each problem using natural active ingredients.

Délicure 's CBD oils are organic, made in France with high quality ingredients and guaranteed THC-free.

They differ from traditional CBD oils made from refined coconut oil (or MCT oil). In fact, they are made from organic vegetable oils (organic sweet almond oil and organic avocado oil) and do not contain any chemical ingredients.

Délicure has also chosen CBD and other premium phyto cannabinoids, extracted from organic hemp, to design its products. They meet various well-being objectives:

  • “Chill & Relax” CBD oil is a broad spectrum CBD oil that helps combat stress, relieve anxiety and regulate mood.
  • “Good Night” CBD oil is a broad spectrum CBD oil that makes it easier to fall asleep and promotes better quality sleep. This product contains orange blossom essential oil to promote relaxation before bed.
  • “Strong sleep” CBD oil combines broad-spectrum CBD with poppy and passionflower, two plants known for their soothing actions, as well as melatonin and orange blossom. This powerful formula helps you fall asleep and helps you sleep better.
  • Sport & Repair oil is a broad spectrum CBD oil that helps calm pain and soothe inflammation. This product is composed of essential oil of peppermint and Noble Laurel to naturally combat any pain.
  • Period Care Oil is a broad-spectrum CBD oil that helps relieve PMS, soothe painful periods, and reduce menopausal symptoms. This product contains peppermint essential oil, fennel and Achilles yarrow to naturally combat female ailments.

Délicure CBD oils are effective, high-quality products at attractive prices. Find here all the customer reviews and feedback on our products.

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