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Article: What are the links between stress and hair loss?

Existe-t-il un lien entre le stress et la chute capillaire ?

What are the links between stress and hair loss?

The stress is a reaction state of the organism subjected to a destabilizing attack . Sometimes the stress is too strong or recurring, which stimulates the body to react excessively or inadequately . The psychological consequences range from chronic stress, burn-out and include insomnia and even depression.

When we face a stressful situation, a succession of biological reactions ensues. In particular the secretion of stress hormones which are adrenaline and cortisol. Adrenaline, secreted by the adrenal glands, stimulates the release of dopamine in the nervous system which causes a feeling of well-being. As for cortisol, it allows the body to cope with stress, by mobilizing the energy necessary to nourish the muscles, the brain and the heart.

For hair, especially at the cellular level on hair follicles, stress has a negative impact. It can cause more or less significant hair loss and slow down hair growth.

Links Between Stress and Hair Loss

What is the link between hair loss and stress?

Hair, one of the best beauty assets

Whatever its straight, wavy, curly or curly nature, hair has great importance in all civilizations. It is a symbol of beauty, strength, femininity and virility. But the condition of our hair is above all a reflection of our physical and mental health.

Hair loss is caused by external and internal factors

It is normal to lose hair at certain times in your life . Hair has a life cycle, its loss occurs after the telogen phase. It falls to be replaced by a new hair in the anagen phase.

Other causes of hair loss are diverse, they may concern a change of season , use of aggressive products, taking harmful substances (tobacco, alcohol, drugs, etc.), temporary fatigue , one or more dietary deficiencies , pregnancy. , or even menopause. But it is also possible to lose hair following trauma, emotional shock or recurring stress.

The power of stress on hair

Stress hair loss: Stress causes chemical reactions that are intended to help one “survive” in case of imminent danger. The brain communicates information to the pituitary gland, which, in turn, transmits it to the adrenal glands. As mentioned previously, these release the hormones adrenaline and cortisol, but also adrenal androgens . These androgens cause hair follicles and blood vessels to shrink, making hair thin and vulnerable . They are then more likely to fall.

For individuals whose scalp is very sensitive to these androgens, stress slows down physiological renewal and hair regrowth.

It is important to know that hair that has suffered stress loses part or all of its keratin . It is an insoluble protein that makes up hair, fur and nails. In particular, it guarantees the elasticity and resistance of the hair structure. The hair is therefore weakened and is likely to break more easily.


Another consequence of stress on health

 Stress due to intense emotions can cause alopecia areata (or multiple alopecia). It is an inflammatory disease, generally genetic, which manifests itself by a fall of “plaques” of hair well limited. This hair loss can affect one or more areas of the skull, or even its entirety.

This alopecia can be treated with cortisone. However, it is essential to look into the origin of this stress to limit its appearance.

Here are some tips to apply to limit hair loss in the face of a stressful event or high anxiety.


Tips to Stop Stress-Related Hair Loss

Adopt a healthy and balanced diet: eating well helps strengthen your immune system and reduce oxidative stress. and treat the scalp. Another advantage is that it promotes healthy hair regrowth.

You must therefore eat foods rich in vitamins, minerals and omega-3 such as fruits and vegetables , fatty fish, lean meats, eggs and oilseeds.

Alongside a good diet, taking food supplements is an effective solution for regaining healthy hair, particularly when it is natural. They are an alternative to chemical or heavy drug treatment (antidepressants, anxiolytics, psychotropic drugs, etc.).

Discover our hair gummies to slow down hair loss!

Délicure offers a range of Hair gummies , natural, vegan and made in France. They contain blueberry (known to promote microcirculation of the scalp), vitamins (B6, B8, B9, B12 and E) and minerals (zinc, selenium) essential to protect cells against oxidative stress.

Stress is also the subject of another range of gummies, stress gummies , this treatment helps to soothe anxiety, regain calm and protect the nervous system. Its composition is rich in plants (rhodiola, saffron, holy basil), amino acid (GABA) and vitamin B6.

Pamper your scalp: massaging your scalp helps you relax, activate blood circulation and eliminate waste that suffocates the roots. You can do a massage in the shower for a few minutes while shampooing, or before bed to help you fall asleep and provide relaxation. This simple gesture is a solution to promote hair growth. There are also other tips to make hair grow faster .

Finally, vegetable oils (castor oil, mustard, amla, etc.) and essential oils (rosemary, ylang ylang, ginger, etc.) are known to combat hair loss and help hair regrowth. They can be used as a treatment or oil bath to leave on for a few minutes or even several hours, once a week.

Doing sport or a relaxation activity: a sporting activity helps to expend energy which helps relieve stress by boosting endorphins. As for relaxation (meditation or yoga for example), it allows the body to regenerate and the mind to calm down and let go. For it to be more effective, it is necessary to devote a few minutes a day to it. Its regularity will help you relax and gradually reduce hair loss.

Get enough sleep: Sleep is essential to stay healthy and have a better life expectancy. In fact, poor sleep leads to nervous fatigue, which impacts the hair bulb which becomes less irrigated, the hair becomes thinner and eventually falls out.

To promote a good night's sleep, Délicure offers a course of “Sleep” gummies , enriched with melatonin (sleep hormone), plants (passion flower, lime blossom and poppy) and vitamins (B5, B6). This composition makes it easier to fall asleep and improve the quality of sleep.

In cases of excessive stress that significantly affect daily life, it is recommended to seek medical advice or undergo psychological therapy to find the origin of the stress and treat it quickly.

Délicure gummies.


Watch our video on the 9 best vitamins for hair:

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