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Find the selection of all our CBD products here. A wide range of gourmet products containing CBD.

From CBD oils to CBD candies and gummies , a range of products that will allow you to regain your calm while giving yourself pleasure .

At délicure we aim to democratize CBD and therefore offer you high quality products at a reduced price .

All our products are natural and made in France.

Gummies CBD 60 gummies - DélicureGummies CBD 60 gummies - Délicure
CBD Gummies 60 gummies
Sale price23,00€ Regular price29,00€
Huile de CBD CBN bio Sommeil 1000mg - DélicureHuile de CBD CBN bio Sommeil 1000mg - Délicure
Organic CBD CBN Oil Sleep 1000mg
Sale price39,00€
Gummies CBD  30 gummies - DélicureGummies CBD  30 gummies - Délicure
CBD Gummies 30 gummies
Sale price13,00€ Regular price17,00€
Huile de CBD Bio 3000mg - DélicureHuile de CBD Bio 3000mg - Délicure
Organic CBD Oil 3000mg
Sale price52,00€
Bonbons CBD 400 mg menthe sans sucre - DélicureBonbons CBD 400 mg menthe sans sucre - Délicure
CBD gummies 400 mg sugar-free mint
Sale price21,00€
Gummies CBD Pomme Kiwi sans sucre - DélicureGummies CBD Pomme Kiwi sans sucre - Délicure
Sugar-free Apple Kiwi CBD Gummies
Sale price23,00€ Regular price29,00€
Huile de CBD Bio 1000mg - DélicureHuile de CBD Bio 1000mg - Délicure
Organic CBD Oil 1000mg
Sale price29,00€
Bonbons CBD 400 mg miel de France - DélicureBonbons CBD 400 mg miel de France - Délicure
CBD candies 400 mg honey from France
Sale price21,00€
Huile de CBD bio sommeil fort 1200mg - DélicureHuile de CBD bio sommeil fort 1200mg - Délicure
Strong sleep organic CBD oil 1200mg
Sale price39,00€
Bonbons CBD 400 mg pomme sans sucre - DélicureBonbons CBD 400 mg pomme sans sucre - Délicure
CBD candies 400 mg apple without sugar
Sale price21,00€
Huile de CBD bio Douleurs 1200mg - DélicureHuile de CBD bio Douleurs 1200mg - Délicure
Organic CBD oil Pain 1200mg
Sale price39,00€
Déli'balls CBD chocolat noir - DélicureDéli'balls CBD chocolat noir - Délicure
Déli'balls CBD dark chocolate
Sale price13,00€
Huile de CBD Period Care 1200mg - DélicureHuile de CBD Period Care 1200mg - Délicure
Period Care CBD Oil 1200mg
Sale price34,00€
Pack Bonbons CBD 1200 MG - DélicurePack Bonbons CBD 1200 MG - Delicure France
Pack CBD Candies 1200 MG
Sale price49,00€ Regular price63,00€
Déli'balls CBD chocolat au lait - DélicureDéli'balls CBD chocolat au lait - Délicure
Déli'balls CBD milk chocolate
Sale price13,00€
Pack Déli'balls CBD - DélicurePack Déli'balls CBD - Delicure France
Déli’balls CBD Pack
Sale price20,00€ Regular price26,00€

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, better known by the acronym “CBD”, is a natural molecule coming from the hemp plant (cannabis sativa). CBD belongs to the large cannabinoid family, and is the second most scientifically studied cannabinoid after THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

100% Natural and non-addictive, CBD is considered a true well-being ally by its consumers. Unlike THC, consuming CBD is legal in France. A wide range of CBD-based products has grown over the years. In the form of flowers, CBD oil, or treats, CBD can be consumed in several ways depending on personal preferences. Today, CBD is prescribed medicinally in certain countries for its potential relaxing and soothing properties.

CBD Candies Délicure

A Délicure CBD candy is above all an artisanal product, made in France and designed with high quality ingredients.

Discover our range of natural CBD candies with relaxing effects! We offer 2 sugar-free ranges: mint flavor and apple flavor as well as a range with a delicious French honey taste: all-flower honey from a small beekeeper in Vendée.

Each cannabidiol gummy is composed of 10mg of 99% pure CBD, ideal for choosing precisely the amount of CBD you want to consume!

CBD candies, a fun and practical format

Our CBD candies are an ideal format for keeping these little treats with delicious flavors on hand and taking them everywhere with you. These hard candies, with relaxing effects, without sugar or French honey flavor, are enriched with 99% pure CBD, from high quality European hemp. In addition, these CBD candies are guaranteed without THC, the psychotropic molecule of cannabis which provides “high” effects. To melt in your mouth, these CBD candies will offer you a real relaxing and delicious break in your day. Vegan and made in France, our CBD hard candies contain 10mg of CBD per candy, making it easy to precisely measure the quantity of CBD to consume. Mint flavor, honey flavor, apple flavor, with a wide choice of flavors, you are sure to find the product that suits you. Our CBD candies are packaged in recycled and recyclable plastic containers.

CBD (cannabidiol), a natural product

CBD or cannabidiol comes from the hemp plant, it is one of the many compounds in cannabis. Unlike THC, CBD does not cause psychotropic effects and is therefore not considered a narcotic product. Natural and non-addictive, CBD is now popular for its calming and soothing effects.

Cannabidiol or CBD can be consumed in the form of flowers, oil or treats, CBD candies are an interesting format because the composition of the product makes it possible to mask the taste and bitterness of the CBD, and thus associate the intake of CBD at a moment of pleasure. At Délicure, we aim to democratize consumption
of CBD by offering quality products at an affordable price.

CBD gummies, a gourmet product

In addition to CBD lozenges/candies, Délicure also offers high-quality CBD-rich gummies. These are soft gel candies with natural flavors, the traditional pork gelatin is replaced at Délicure by fruit pectin, making the consumption of our products accessible to vegans.

Our CBD gummies, with a delicious lemon flavor, have the particularity of being enriched with vitamins (B3, B6 and D) specially targeted to relax the nervous system. These chewable CBD gummies are very pleasant to consume and very effective in improving well-being.

All our gummies contain 10mg of CBD from European hemp and are enriched with plants or vitamins. Lemon flavor, our CBD gummies are products made with natural fruit flavors.