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Organic CBD oil to relax

CBD, or cannabidiol derived from hemp (cannabis sativa), has become popular in recent years due to its purported therapeutic properties for relieving various everyday ailments. CBD is now consumed daily by millions of people.

l'huile de cannabidiol extrait du cannabis sativa est un produit parfaitement naturel très efficace contre le stress et l'anxiété

What is CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid found in the flowers of the hemp plant, also known as cannabis.

Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the plant's best-known cannabinoid, CBD does not create any psychotropic or "high" effects, and does not cause any dependence. CBD is therefore not considered to be narcotic, its consumption is legal in France. The WHO, in its report published in 2017, notably declared that cannabidiol does not present any health benefits.

To choose according to personal preferences, CBD can be consumed in different forms: flowers, infusions, oils, e-liquids, capsules, sweets, gummies, candies, chewing gum, honey, chocolate or even cosmetic products.

l'huile de cbd agit directement sur les récepteur liés au stress et favorise la détente et l'appaisement

What is organic CBD oil?

Organic CBD oil is a product based on organic vegetable oil and CBD extracted from an organic hemp plant.

In accordance with current French legislation on CBD, CBD oils sold on the market contain less than 0.2% THC.

Organic CBD oil is very often packaged in a glass bottle, with a dropper pipette, for precise administration.

Organic CBD oil is one of the easiest CBD products to use and guarantees excellent bioavailability. Cannabidiol consumers favor this product to quickly relieve their pain.

l'huile de cbd agit sur le système endocannabinoïde et inhibe les récepteur liés au stress, le cbd est donc très efficace pour lutter contre le stress et l'anxiété

The benefits of organic CBD oil for relaxation

Organic CBD oil can help promote rest and relaxation in a natural way. It could represent a natural alternative for those looking to relax and ease the tensions of everyday life.

CBD has relaxing properties that can help you relax and regain a sense of calm. Consumers use cannabidiol to relax at any time of the day and promote an overall state of relaxation.

Many consumers use cannabidiol to relax at any time of the day.

How to use organic CBD oil?

To optimally benefit from the benefits of organic CBD oil, it is recommended to follow these few tips for use:

At what time of the day ?

Organic CBD oil can be used at any time of the day , morning, afternoon or evening, to promote relaxation.

For example, a few drops of oil in the morning can help you relax before starting the day and approach daily challenges with more serenity. In the evening, organic CBD oil can help establish a feeling of calm conducive to relaxation before bedtime, therefore promoting peaceful sleep.

What method?

The recommended method to fully benefit from the effects of CBD oil is to place the drops of oil directly in the mouth, under the tongue where there are many blood vessels. In this way, the CBD molecule quickly diffuses into the bloodstream and acts on the various receptors of the endocannabinoid system. To ensure optimal bioavailability, the oil drops should not be ingested straight away; it is recommended to wait 60 seconds before swallowing.

This method still has a drawback, for some cannabidiol consumers, the bitter taste of CBD is annoying.

The second method therefore consists of putting the drops of oil on a food, in a dish or in a liquid, a drink such as coffee, tea or fruit juice. By doing this, the bitterness of the CBD is perfectly masked, however, its beneficial effects will be felt less quickly and the effectiveness of the CBD will be greatly reduced.

Finally, it is also possible to add drops of organic CBD oil to culinary preparations, both sweet and savory, but the effectiveness will be greatly reduced.


What dosage?

To start, it is best to ingest an amount of CBD equal to half your weight. For example, a person who weighs 70kg should consume 35mg of CBD.

If this quantity of cannabidiol proves to be insufficient, it is possible to gradually increase the quantity until the desired effects are obtained.

Be careful however, it is recommended not to exceed 50mg of CBD per day.

les huiles de cbd de délicure sont riches en cbd à spectre large (braod spectrum), l'effet d'entourage des différents cannabinoïdes augmentent l'effet anti-stress de ces huiles de cbd

Délicure’s organic CBD oils

Délicure offers four organic CBD oils made in France with high quality cannabidiol, organic French hemp extract from plants and essential oils.

All of these organic CBD oils each meet a need: to promote relaxation , find restful sleep, improve muscle and joint comfort and soothe female ailments.

Délicure's organic CBD oils differ from traditional CBD oils because they are supported by organic and 100% natural vegetable oils (avocado oil and sweet almond oil). Traditionally, manufacturers use refined coconut oil or MCT oil to make their CBD oils.

To guarantee effective formulas, Délicure has chosen to combine CBD with other phyto cannabinoids such as CBG and CBN. Just like CBD, these are not psychotropic and pose no danger to health.

Finally, to perfect the formulas of its organic CBD oils, Délicure has added essential oils as well as plants known for their relaxing and relaxing effects.

Organic CBD oils, like all CBD products, are intended for adults only. However, people who are under medical treatment and pregnant or breastfeeding women are invited to seek the advice of a health professional before consuming a cannabidiol-based product.

de nombreuses études scientifiques ont mis en évidence l'efficacité du cannabidiol sur la gestion du stress

Well-being advice from Délicure

To find serenity and promote relaxation, it is essential to have a healthy lifestyle. At least once a day, in addition to taking organic CBD oil, it is strongly recommended to do a relaxation activity. Reading a book, doing a puzzle, listening to soft music, taking a hot bath or even drinking a relaxing herbal infusion are some of the best activities to promote relaxation and effectively combat everyday stress. Even if the WHO , in its latest report, highlights the absence of danger when consuming CBD, we recommend that you seek advice from your doctor before starting a CBD course if you are taking medication.