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Article: 5 tips to promote hair growth

5 conseils pour favoriser la pousse des cheveux

5 tips to promote hair growth

Long and healthy hair is the dream of many women. This requires a lot of maintenance, and of course, patience.

Hair cannot grow 5 centimeters in a month, it grows on average 1 to 1.5 centimeters. Often, you have to wait several years to obtain the desired length.

Some people feel like their hair is not growing or stagnating at the same length. This particularly concerns damaged hair for which the lengths break, which gives the impression that it is no longer growing. The hair is therefore less full because the ends become more or less refined. To treat damaged hair and regain a healthy hair base, there are a few tips to follow.

It is important to know that hair has a lifespan based on three phases:

During the anagen phase, which lasts two to seven years, the hair is alive and growing. At the scalp level, 85% of hair is in the growth phase.

Then, the catagen phase represents only 1% of the hair. The hair is at rest for two to three weeks.

Finally, the " telogen phase" concerns hair loss which lasts approximately 3 months. 14% of hair is affected by this phase.

Each of these phases is renewed each time.

Simple tips to apply to boost hair growth

There are hair extensions (synthetic or natural) that allow you to obtain much longer hair for several months. This is an expensive solution that is not affordable for everyone, and which can damage the lengths in the long term.

To avoid going through this box, here are 5 tips to promote faster and healthier hair growth:

1 - Cut regularly to give them a second wind

 Hair wears out as it grows. If they are too damaged, growth may be slowed and the ends may break, giving the appearance of losing length.

Even if the hair grows from the roots, trimming its ends regularly (every three to four months) gives strength to the hair to grow healthier and faster.

2 - Make targeted natural treatments

 Natural treatments work very well to make hair grow faster. Particularly vegetable oils which have the reputation of accelerating hair growth, but also of nourishing, regenerating and hydrating the hair fiber. Ideally, you should do an oil bath once a week, leaving it under a warm towel.

First of all, castor oil (castor oil) is best known for promoting the growth of hair, eyelashes and nails. Its texture is thick, a few drops are enough to massage your scalp. The exposure time can range from 30 minutes to several hours, then it is advisable to rinse your hair with a mild shampoo.

Next, mustard oil is known to stimulate hair growth by activating blood circulation to the scalp. It must be applied, just like castor oil, to the roots using a massage. Its exposure time is around fifteen to thirty minutes. It is completely normal to feel a sensation of heat, if it becomes unbearable, rinse the hair thoroughly.

Other oils are also beneficial for hair growth (amla, coconut, avocado, nigella, etc.), they can be combined to maximize the effects. You can also add certain essential oils (peppermint or rosemary) or some plant extracts (ginger, garlic, onion, turmeric) which are excellent for boosting growth.

3 - Have a healthy lifestyle

Above all, getting enough sleep (at least 7 hours per night) is very important for health and especially for hair. A lack of sleep can cause hair loss and slow down hair growth.

For hair to grow faster and stay healthy, you need to eat a good diet enriched with B vitamins, minerals and proteins. Hair needs these nutrients, which they transmit to the roots through the blood. Dietary deficiencies can cause breakage and premature hair loss.

Drinking enough water is also essential for better circulation of blood fluid to the hair bulb.

Finally, you must use healthy everyday products, without chemical ingredients, to maintain beautiful, long hair. Certain products such as shampoos, masks or even serums even promote hair growth.

4 – Do massages and scrubs on the scalp

 Massaging the scalp regularly helps stimulate growth by activating the microcirculation of the scalp. It involves placing the pads of the fingers on the head, pressing and rotating for a few minutes.

In order to eliminate shampoo residue, pollution, dead cells and improve the penetration of the active ingredients of the treatments, it is recommended to exfoliate the scalp before shampooing once a week.

5 – Take targeted food supplements

In addition to strengthening and restoring shine to the hair, food supplements can contribute to healthier and faster hair growth thanks to the vitamins they contain. Combined with a nutrient-rich diet, the roots are more nourished and have more energy to grow and strengthen existing lengths.

Order your Radiant Hair treatment to boost the growth of your hair!

Délicure offers vegan and natural gummies, with a delicious forest fruit flavor, composed of active ingredients that promote hair growth. Among them, there is blueberry which helps activate the microcirculation of the scalp as well as vitamin B6, biotin (vitamin B8) and folate (B9) which contribute to cell regeneration ensuring optimal hair growth.

It is recommended to take 2 gummies per day.

These products should be taken as part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle to maximize their effects.


Watch our video on the 9 best vitamins for hair:

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