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Article: How to avoid hair loss?

Conseils pour prévenir et limiter la chute de cheveux.

How to avoid hair loss?

Beautiful hair, dense and shiny, conveys an image of good health and is seen as a symbol of beauty. It is at the heart of concerns for some people who are keen to take care of it. Its function is not only aesthetic, it protects the scalp which, itself, protects the skull.

During your life, it is normal to experience hair loss (or alopecia). This is a common phenomenon that affects both men and women. It can be partial or total. The main causes of hair loss can be linked to heredity, hormones, stress disorders, nutritional deficiencies, childbirth, a change of season or even certain medical treatments.

You should know that the life of a hair is punctuated by three different phases during which it grows, stagnates and eventually falls out.

Hair renews itself by following a life cycle of 3 phases:

  • The anagen phase concerns hair growth and lasts between two to seven years. Hair grows approximately 1mm every three days.
  • As for the catagen phase, it corresponds to a rest phase for two to three weeks. Hair stops growing.
  • Finally, during the telogen phase, the hair is completely detached from the bulb and eventually falls out to be replaced by new hair. This phase lasts approximately 3 months.

On average, the cycle is repeated 20 to 25 times. It is then completely normal to lose hair.

What causes hair loss?

Risk factors for hair loss

The causes linked to hair loss are numerous, knowing how to identify them quickly allows you to find solutions to slow it down.

Treatments and medications to fight cancer, arthritis or high blood pressure pose a risk of hair loss. The same goes for taking testosterone to promote sports performance.

A non-varied and poorly balanced diet can cause imbalances in the scalp and promote hair loss.

Hairstyles that are too pulled and tight, such as a ponytail or bun, risk weakening and causing hair loss.

In addition, you must avoid the use of products that are too aggressive and chemical (hair dyes, gels, hairspray, etc.) for the scalp.

Excess heat is not good for the hair either, so limit blow-drying , hot drying, prolonged exposure to the sun and washing with hot water.

Stress, chronic or occasional caused by emotional shock, is known to be responsible for unexpected hair loss. To remedy this, doing a relaxation activity (yoga, meditation, etc.) can be beneficial to relax and find a state of serenity.

Steps to take to prevent and stop hair loss

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In the event of heredity or abnormal hair loss, some management measures should be adopted during your daily life.

It is advisable to adopt a diet enriched with B group vitamins, iron, copper, silicon and zinc . This promotes the production of keratin, strengthens the structure of the hair fiber and limits hair loss. Water also plays a major role, the more you drink, the greater the flow of blood that reaches the roots. You should drink between 1.5L and 2L per day.

A good night's sleep (at least 7 hours) has the effect of promoting growth and maintaining the proper life cycle of the hair.

To wash your hair, a mild shampoo is ideal so as not to attack the scalp. Speaking of washing, it should not be done more than two/three times a week so as not to damage the hair. The water must be lukewarm, or even cold, to limit their fall during the changes in season (spring and autumn).

Doing cranial massages regularly, delicately and carefully, is also recommended to better oxygenate the scalp thanks to vascularization. The same goes for styling the hair which must be done delicately to avoid tearing out too much hair.

Finally, using essential oils (rosemary, ylang-ylang, juniper, cedar, ginger, etc.) are a natural remedy to prevent hair loss. They must be mixed with a vegetable oil (castor oil for example, known to activate the microcirculation of the scalp) to maximize hair growth and strengthen the entire hair.

Other tips are also very useful for optimizing hair growth and therefore regaining dense hair.


Food supplements to prevent hair loss

The food supplements offered to improve hair health help prevent occasional hair loss and accelerate hair growth . In case of excessive loss, it is recommended to go to a doctor or dermatologist who will order a blood test to identify the causes.

Délicure offers natural and vegan gummies, Hair Gummies , made from blueberries, vitamins (B6, B8, B9, B12 and E) and minerals (zinc and selenium). They help maintain healthy hair and limit hair loss. The dosage is 2 gummies per day.

To guarantee their effectiveness, these food supplements must be taken as part of a healthy and balanced diet, rich in essential nutrients to deeply nourish the hair fiber.

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Watch our video on the 9 best vitamins for hair:

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