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Article: How to calm an anxiety attack naturally?

Comment calmer une crise d’angoisse naturellement ?

How to calm an anxiety attack naturally?

Experiencing anxiety, at some point in life, is a common experience. However, anxiety attacks are much more intense and occur unpredictably. When they occur, anxiety attacks can be frightening. They are accompanied by uncomfortable symptoms such as hot flashes, excessive sweating, a feeling of discomfort, tingling and some confusion.

Although anti-anxiety medications and antidepressants can alleviate these anxiety attacks, they carry long-term health risks. To relieve anxiety disorders, certain natural methods prove effective.

5 natural tips to overcome an anxiety attack

Above all, to calm an anxiety attack, you must try to reassure yourself by remembering that the crisis will be short-lived. Although often terrifying, an anxiety attack is harmless. To find calm quickly, here are 5 natural tips accessible to everyone:

Accept the anxiety attack

When an anxiety attack occurs, many people panic and ask themselves questions like, "How will I get through it?" or “How can I free myself from it?”. Although it may seem counterintuitive, to overcome an anxiety attack, it is important to accept it instead of fighting it. Reacting with panic can worsen symptoms and cause deep discomfort.

Instead of resisting to make it go away, it is more effective to let the crisis manifest itself, observe it and accept it. By releasing control and understanding the origin of the crisis, there is a better chance of finding a solution to calm it.

Work on your breathing

During an anxiety attack, it is common to experience hyperventilation. How, and what is the best way, to quickly regain calm? Working on your breathing helps oxygenate the nervous system and release pressure.

When anxiety increases, you must have the reflex to counter it by practicing slow, deep breathing for 5 to 10 minutes. It is also advisable to mentally visualize a peaceful place, or something pleasant, to create a feeling of security. This exercise is perfect for reducing stress and quickly calming an anxiety attack.

Get some fresh air and move

Physical exercise is beneficial for reducing anxiety and relieving chronic stress. It triggers a release of hormones that promote a feeling of joy and well-being.

Notably, walking is an excellent physical activity for treating anxiety. It can be practiced alone or in company, in peace or while listening to music. This physical activity offers a real breath of fresh air. Walking for around thirty minutes a day allows you to mentally escape and keep negative thoughts away. Yoga is also a physical activity recommended to calm anxiety. This physical activity works breathing to bring many benefits to the mind and body. The main thing is, of course, to find the physical activity that best suits everyone to find serenity.

Use essential oils

Essential oils are perfect for calming an anxiety attack in the moment. Inhaling them for a few seconds helps soothe the nervous system and relieve tension. Or, the drops of oil can be applied to the inside of the wrists.

Among the most effective essential oils for regaining serenity are peppermint essential oil, ylang-ylang essential oil, shell marjoram essential oil and Roman chamomile essential oil. Before using them, people with allergies and pregnant women are recommended to consult a doctor.

In case of anxiety, it is therefore advisable to keep a bottle of essential oil close at hand. Their small size is easy to take with you everywhere. The bottle fits easily into a bag and can be used at any time to calm anxiety.

Consume CBD

Many consumers currently favor CBD (cannabidiol). It is a natural molecule that comes from hemp. This plant has been used since Neolithic times for its therapeutic properties. Several scientific studies have confirmed that CBD has anxiolytic and antipsychotic effects. Indeed, this molecule helps calm emotional stress and relieve anxiety naturally.

CBD poses no health risks. It should not be confused with THC which alters behavior and the state of consciousness. CBD provides a feeling of well-being and relieves anxiety, without notable side effects.

If, despite these recommendations, the anxiety attack persists and develops into a panic attack, it is advisable to consult a doctor quickly.

How to consume CBD to calm an anxiety attack quickly?

What is the best way to consume CBD to calm anxiety?

Taking CBD is a natural solution to reduce anxiety and avoid panic attacks. Some have incorporated it into their routine to improve their mental health and escape daily stress.

In France, there are various CBD products on the market. Consumers choose them based on their preferences and needs. CBD oils and CBD gummies are great choices for effectively calming anxiety.

CBD oils are popular because they offer rapid effects. Applying drops of oil under the tongue allows you to feel the benefits in just a few minutes. This is explained by the presence of many blood vessels in the mouth. They promote rapid diffusion of the molecule in the blood. CBD oils are therefore perfect for quickly calming anxiety attacks.

CBD candies , on the other hand, stand out for their delicious flavors. They have the appearance of traditional candies, but beyond that, they provide a real feeling of well-being. In addition to providing a delicious break, they reduce the symptoms of anxiety. L eur pre-dosage in CBD simplifies taking, allowing you to easily choose the quantity of CBD to consume to soothe stress and anxiety attacks.

It is important to remember that CBD is not a treatment for anxiety disorders. With the approval of a doctor, however, it can be taken in addition to treatment to prevent anxiety and panic attacks. Panic disorder requires psychotherapy, particularly cognitive behavioral therapy to help the person manage their anxiety symptoms.

Délicure CBD products to calm anxiety attacks

Délicure offers CBD products, as fun as they are delicious, to find tranquility naturally:

Discover Délicure’s CBD products to calm anxiety naturally!
  • CBD Gummies: are vegan chews to soothe emotional stress and calm anxiety. Their fruity tastes bring a real moment of indulgence.
  • CBD Gummies : are hard candies that melt in your mouth to relieve anxiety and stress symptoms. They are available in three flavors: honey, apple and sugar-free mint.
  • Chill & Relax CBD Oil: is an organic and 100% natural product to soothe chronic stress and reduce anxiety. Chill & Relax CBD oil concentrated at 30% (3000mg) is ideal for quickly relieving anxiety disorders and preventing panic attacks.
  • CBD chocolates: are chocolate balls, infused with CBD, to relax the body and find serenity. They are available in three flavors: milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate.

These natural products, manufactured in a French laboratory, help to overcome an anxiety attack. They can be an alternative to medications prescribed by a healthcare professional to prevent increases in anxiety.

CBD products are prohibited for minors. Pregnant or breastfeeding women and patients under medical treatment must consult a doctor before using them.

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