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Article: How to fight insomnia naturally?

Solutions naturelles pour dire adieu aux insomnies.

How to fight insomnia naturally?

Sleep-related problems are currently among the most widespread and recurring among the population. Whether it is insomnia, sleep apnea, sleep disorders, difficulty falling asleep, or even sleepwalking, everyone is affected by one of these phenomena these days. But, did you know that there are techniques that allow you to fight insomnia naturally today?

Quick definition of insomnia

Sleep disorders or insomnia are often defined as difficulty falling asleep or getting enough sleep (in duration or quality), or as periods during which a person is unable to fall asleep.

The action of sleeping and the benefits of sleep on the body are as essential and vital as the action of eating. It is in fact the recovery phase during which all of the organs rest from their activities and efforts of the day. Our daily fitness therefore depends on the quality of our sleep.

Nowadays, more and more people have difficulty falling asleep, around 1/3 of Western populations, and around 10% of the population suffers from chronic insomnia. The proportion increases dangerously with age.

The origins can be physical or psychological, and are fundamental to this illness. Certain substances can be harmful to sleep, such as ammonia for example. Certain illnesses can have a strong impact on sleep, such as epilepsy, childhood brain injuries, poorly treated meningitis, Parkinson's disease, brain abscesses or tumors, etc. Disorders of the cardiovascular system, disorders hormonal problems, metabolic problems, respiratory disorders, circulatory diseases, etc. can also have a strong impact on sleep.

There are two main types of insomnia:

Primary insomnia : It is linked to stress or to progressive conditioning (sleep anxiety, exacerbated mental activity in bed, etc.) or to sleep perception disorders or recurrent childhood disorders.

Secondary insomnia : It is linked to a psychiatric and/or medical pathology or to the consumption of substances or drugs that promote sleep fragmentation.

How to relieve insomnia naturally?

Practical advice to combat insomnia

Several natural solutions can be used to try to stop the phenomenon, here are some of them:

-Capitalize light to make it easier to fall asleep. Make yourself as completely dark as possible in the room where you sleep.

-Apply essential oil of noble chamomile, lavender, fig tree buds, Bach Mimulus flower, or marjoram, to chase away fixed ideas.

-Apply valerian to relax before falling asleep. Its sedative virtues and its properties which promote slowing of the heart rate will contribute to preparing your body for a phase of sleep.

-Consume melatonin a few tens of minutes before going to bed.

-Try herbal medicine, homeopathy, diet, aromatherapy, etc.

-Phytotherapy (which allows ailments to be treated naturally with plants) will help promote sleep by acting on the melatonin level in our body, mainly with plants such as valerian, passionflower, hawthorn, hops, lemon balm, etc.

-Homeopathy can also, in particularly receptive people, help them fall asleep more quickly.

-Diet can also help prepare the body for good sleep. We advise in particular to ingest foods rich in tryptophan in the evening, pasta or equivalents with a high glycemic index, to avoid meals that are too fatty or copious in the evening, to avoid alcohol and coffee during the evening, and to have a sufficient level of Omega 3.

-Aromatherapy finally allows you to supplement your daily intake and promote sleep through the use of very concentrated essential oils in small doses. The most recommended are basil oil (tropical or exotic), chamomile oil (Roman or noble), lavender oil, shelled marjoram oil, Petitgrain bigarade oil, Neroli oil, etc.

Discover our Radiant Sleep gummies to prevent insomnia

Food supplements, natural anti-insomnia solutions

In addition to the virtues of essential oils mentioned above (sedatives, antispasmodics, anxiety regulators, tranquilizers, analgesics, anxiolytics, etc.), certain food supplements today make it possible to combat insomnia naturally, without going so far as to consume sleeping pills.

Délicure offers a perfectly indicated sleep supplement in its range: “Sleep” gummies . This is a supplement which, like all the other ranges of the brand, is: made in France , gluten-free, 100% vegan, with delicious natural flavors, not tested on animals, and packaged in recyclable packaging! The gummies are composed of an alloy of linden flower, passion flower, poppy, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, and melatonin, to help you quickly find adequate, stable, undisturbed, and regular sleep, and therefore a restorative rest.

CBD, an ideal natural solution to promote sleep:

For several years, CBD has taken an important place in the well-being routine of many people. In addition to reducing stress and pain, CBD promotes falling asleep and allows you to sleep better. In fact, most consumer feedback tends to demonstrate that CBD has a real impact on the quality of sleep. Délicure has developed a formula bringing together the best natural active ingredients for a very effective organic product. Délicure 's strong sleep CBD oil combines broad spectrum CBD with poppy, passionflower and melatonin. This complete and powerful formula promotes falling asleep and helps reduce nighttime awakenings.

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