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Article: What plants to digest well?

Quelles sont les meilleurs plantes qui facilitent la digestion ?

What plants to digest well?

Digestion is today one of the main factors of good physical and mental health. Good digestion helps to have an impact on the overall shape of the body and on the body's recovery. It acts on the rest of organs and cells, stress levels, quality of sleep, mood and many other aspects. More and more people are suffering from digestive problems, gastric inconveniences and discomfort, poor digestion or even troubled intestinal transit.

The digestive system (or digestive apparatus) represents the set of all the organs which, after ingestion of food, allow its digestion in order to extract and recover all the nutrients (as well as all the vitamins, enzymes, etc.). ), so that they are absorbed by our body. The digestive system of course includes the stomach, liver, intestines, etc. Quality digestion is therefore essential for the well-being of the body.

What foods help you digest well?

Foods that promote digestion

Many plants, spices or minerals help limit or fight against digestive disorders. This is also the case for several vegetables, fruits or roots. Some have been known since Antiquity while others have been discovered recently. Here is the list of the best foods that promote digestion with their properties.

* Black radish: Effective against occasional excess food and occasional excess alcohol consumption, promotes transit.

* Artichoke: Effective for daily digestion.

* Fennel: Effective for daily digestion, promotes transit.

* Rhubarb: Effective in promoting daily transit.

* Lemon: Effective in promoting daily transit.

* Peppermint: Effective against stomach aches .

* Lemon balm: Effective against stomach aches.

* Dill: Effective against stomach aches.

* Basil: Effective in facilitating slow digestion, in limiting digestive spasms, and in combating chronic aerophagia.

* Verbena: Effective for digestion at the end of a meal.

* Licorice: Effective for digestion at the end of a meal.

* Turmeric: Effective for daily digestion.

* Anise: Effective against chronic aerophagia.

* Cumin: Effective in promoting daily transit.

* Desmodium: Effective in promoting daily transit and against occasional excess alcohol.

* Hibiscus flower: Effective against heartburn and bloating.

* Savory: Effective for the digestion of heavy and/or fatty meats and starchy foods, limits intestinal fermentation.

* Coriander: Effective against intestinal fermentations.

* Rosemary: Effective against intestinal fermentations.

* Yarrow: Effective against intestinal fermentations.

* Archangelic angelica: Effective in increasing the appetite, stimulating and facilitating digestion, limiting bloating.

* Gentian: Effective in promoting digestion on a daily basis.

* Celandine: Effective in promoting digestion on a daily basis.

* Sage: Effective in stimulating digestion and relaxing the walls of the stomach.

* Fireweed: Effective against digestive disorders and prostate problems.

* Milk thistle: Effective for digestion at the end of a meal, occasional overeating, sour stomach, and bloating.

Drink herbal tea to digest well.

The best herbal tea recipes to aid digestion

The different plants, vegetables, roots, spices or minerals effective in facilitating digestion and having quality digestion are for the most part to be consumed in herbal teas, at the end of a meal. In almost all cases, it is enough to boil water and add the chopped and crumbled ingredients or directly in powder form, before removing them and possibly filtering according to the quantity of deposit. The proportion for a liter of water is approximately two teaspoons, the infusion time is approximately 10 minutes, and the tasting advice is to consume the beverage hot directly after infusion (and possibly filtering).

* Digestion-daily herbal tea (for breakfast): 1 whole organic lemon juice.

* Digestion-comfort herbal tea (at the end of a meal): 10 g of sage leaves, 15 g of rosemary leaves, 10 g of basil leaves, 10 g of thyme, 10 g of peppermint, 15 g of seeds of green anise, 5 g of verbena leaves.

* Anti-bloating herbal tea (on an occasional basis): 5 g of star anise powder, 10 g of green anise seeds, 10 g of fennel, 10 g of licorice, 20 g of mint leaves.

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