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Article: How to stop stress-related hair loss?

Comment freiner la chute de cheveux liée au stress ?

How to stop stress-related hair loss?

Stress is above all a normal reaction of the body to an unusual or dangerous situation. In the short term, stress is not harmful and helps you surpass yourself and motivate yourself. However, if it becomes recurrent, stress can alter the quality of life.

Stress can also have negative effects on hair, especially on the scalp. It can cause more or less significant hair loss and slow down hair growth.

The different causes of hair loss

It is normal to lose, depending on the person, between fifty and one hundred hairs per day. Each hair has a life cycle made up of three stages: the growth phase, the resting phase and a bulb dropout phase where the hair falls out, to then be replaced by a new hair.

The causes of hair loss are diverse, they can be linked to a change of season, the use of chemicals not suited to the type of hair, the consumption of products harmful to health (tobacco, alcohol, drugs, etc.), nutritional deficiencies, pregnancy or even the premenopausal period. Additionally, it is entirely possible to lose hair due to emotional shock or chronic stress.

Indeed, stress causes chemical reactions which have the role of helping the body to “survive” and to surpass itself in the event of imminent danger. The brain sends the information to the pituitary gland, which, in turn, broadcasts it to the adrenal glands which release hormones called adrenaline, cortisol, and adrenal androgens. It is adrenal androgens that cause unusual hair loss. Indeed, by causing retraction of the hair follicle, they impact the density of the scalp and make hair fine and vulnerable to external attacks. On the other hand, they accelerate the hair cycle and thus lead to hair loss.

In addition, in times of intense stress, you should know that hair can lose part or all of its keratin. It is an insoluble protein that makes up hair as well as nails. Keratin is essential for maintaining the elasticity and strength of the hair fiber. When it is altered, the hair becomes more fragile and is therefore damaged more easily.

Tips to Limit Hair Loss Due to Stress

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce stress and prevent its unwanted effects on the body, and more particularly on the hair:

  • Practicing physical activity: to effectively combat stress, sport is one of the ideal solutions. Indeed, practicing physical activity regularly provides a feeling of well-being, helps to better oxygenate the nervous system and thus free it from negative thoughts. Sport helps release hormones and neurotransmitters such as endorphins, dopamine and serotonin, which help relieve everyday stress, relieve anxiety and refocus on yourself. Among the best anti-stress sports , we distinguish yoga, swimming, jogging or even walking.
  • Do some breathing: breathing is a real essential anti-stress tool that helps calm stress, soothe anxiety and eliminate toxic waste accumulated in the body. One of the simplest breathing exercises is to breathe slowly through your stomach. Simply inhale for three seconds, hold the air in the lungs for twelve seconds, then exhale through your mouth for six seconds. This breathing exercise can be done at any time to reduce emotional stress or to overcome daily anxiety.
  • Carry out a head massage: doing a gentle massage on the head is ideal for relaxing, relieving certain areas of tension and thus calming stress. In addition, massaging the scalp has the effect of stimulating microcirculation in the scalp, and thus boosting hair growth. To perform an effective head massage, simply perform gentle circular movements with your fingertips for a few minutes. It is also possible to add some vegetable oils, organic and natural castor oil for example, to strengthen the scalp and stimulate its regrowth.

  • Take food supplements based on relaxing plants: there are food supplements, in the form of capsules, capsules, ampoules or capsules, rich in plants with anti-stress properties and vitamins to effectively and naturally combat everyday stress. These products are a great help to better manage your emotions, improve your mood and relax more easily in times of stress. Délicure offers gummies to combat anxiety, relieve stress and protect the nervous system from its negative effects on the body. They are composed of plants with relaxing properties (rhodiola, saffron and holy basil), vitamin B6 and an amino acid GABA. It is an ideal formulation to naturally reduce stress and relax quickly.

Spotlight on Délicure hair gummies

Délicure has manufactured a food supplement which comes in the form of 100% natural, vegan soft candies made in France. These are gummies, with a tasty wild berry taste, rich in targeted nutrients to limit hair loss and boost healthy regrowth.

Hair, Nails and Skin Gummies

✅ Strengthens nails and hair
✅ Stimulates hair growth
✅ Moisturizes the skin

Discover our hair, nails and skin gummies with natural wild fruit flavors, rich in vitamins and trace elements. Our sugar-free glowing hair gummies are natural, vegan, gluten-free and made in France.

Learn more

Délicure hair gummies contain essential vitamins for hair beauty, trace elements ( zinc and selenium) and blueberry which, in synergy, promote healthy hair regrowth and help slow hair loss.

These products can be taken simultaneously with stress gummies to effectively prevent hair loss.

Hair gummies formula

B vitamins, including vitamin B6, vitamin B8, vitamin B9 and vitamin B12, are essential for maintaining beautiful hair. Vitamin B8, also called biotin, is the flagship vitamin for hair because it stimulates blood circulation to the scalp, thus promoting faster hair growth. Délicure hair gummies are composed of a high quantity of vitamin B8 (2000% RDA) to promote optimal hair regrowth after hair loss.

Thanks to its antioxidant and moisturizing properties, vitamin E is ideal for strengthening hair and preventing hair loss. You should know that a vitamin E deficiency can cause more or less significant hair loss. In addition to strengthening the hair fiber, this vitamin promotes blood circulation in the scalp, which facilitates faster hair regrowth. By promoting the production of sebum, it helps maintain a healthy scalp and avoid irritation and dryness problems. 

Zinc is an essential trace element for maintaining healthy hair. In addition to strengthening the hair fiber, zinc promotes rapid and healthy hair growth. In addition, this trace element is beneficial in slowing hair loss caused by stress, and helps protect it from premature aging. 

Regarding selenium, thanks to its antioxidant properties, this trace element helps protect the body from the harmful effects caused by free radicals. Indeed, the latter can be responsible for premature graying of hair and weaken the hair bulb, ultimately causing hair loss. 

Finally, hair gummies contain blueberry extracts. This small fruit has powerful antioxidants (polyphenols and anthocyanins) which protect and promote blood circulation of the scalp. Thus, blueberry helps stimulate healthy hair regrowth.


Tips for using hair gummies 

We advise you to take 2 hair gummies per day, as part of a healthy and balanced diet to guarantee their effectiveness.

A jar of hair gummies is made up of 60 gummies (1 month of treatment). To observe beautiful hair regrowth and effectively slow down hair loss, it is recommended to take a three-month course of hair gummies.


Contraindications of hair gummies

It is recommended that pregnant or breastfeeding women seek the advice of a healthcare professional before taking this food supplement.

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