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Article: Délicure organic stress CBD oil

huile de cbd naturelle, bio, fabriquée en France, pour lutter efficacement contre le stress

Délicure organic stress CBD oil

Stress is above all a physiological response of our body to a new or threatening situation. It is a manifestation of our survival instinct, it alerts us to imminent danger and helps us overcome it effectively. Stress can manifest itself as an important event approaches, such as a new work environment, an appointment, an exam or even public speaking.

Stress is not necessarily negative. During a short-term stressful situation, it allows you to adapt to a new context and thus becomes a source of motivation and energy. However, stress can also be an obstacle when associated with anxiety disorders, and in this case it can impair quality of life.

In this article, we will look at how organic CBD oil from Délicure is the ideal product to quickly relieve emotional stress and fight against anxiety.

CBD, a natural and anti-stress molecule

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is a natural substance extracted from the hemp plant, also called cannabis sativa. Cannabidiol is today the subject of numerous scientific studies ; it is the second most studied cannabinoid in the world after THC. The latter is considered to be the dangerous and psychotropic molecule with the “high” effects of cannabis.

Even though CBD and THC are part of the same large cannabinoid family, they do not have the same effects on the body. Unlike THC, cannabidiol is not a narcotic product since it does not cause any high or dependence. This cannabinoid stimulates the endocannabinoid system and particularly the receptors that are associated with pain and anxiety. CBD sends a message to the nervous system to ignore the stimulus of stress and the sensation of pain.

Today, many consumers use cannabidiol to naturally relieve their ailments. This cannabinoid would be a real natural alternative to classic medications such as anxiolytics or sleeping pills. CBD has therapeutic properties that help reduce stress, relieve anxiety, get better quality sleep, regulate mood and emotions and soothe pain.

CBD can be consumed in several different forms: oils, infusions, resins, e-liquids for electronic cigarettes, capsules, tablets, lozenges and even gummies. To be authorized for marketing in France, all these cannabidiol products must contain less than 0.2% THC.

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Organic CBD oil, an ideal product to reduce stress

Organic CBD oil is the preferred cannabidiol-based product for quickly and naturally calming stress . On the one hand, organic CBD oil is easy to use, it can be consumed at any time and comes in the form of a small vial accompanied by its dropper pipette which allows you to choose the precise quantity of oil to ingest.

On the other hand, organic CBD oil offers excellent bioavailability, in fact, placing the drops of oil under the tongue, where many blood vessels are located, allows the molecule to quickly penetrate and diffuse into the bloodstream. and receptors of the endocannabinoid system. By consuming this product sublingually, the anti-stress effects of cannabidiol are felt after just a few minutes.

It is also possible to put the drops of organic CBD oil in a drink (e.g. fruit juice) or in a dish (e.g. salad). In this way, the bitterness of CBD is perfectly masked, however, its anti-stress effects are felt less quickly.

Organic CBD oil can be used preventatively, before speaking in public, for example to relieve the feeling of "a lump in the stomach", to calm anxiety at the moment or to better manage your emotions on a daily basis. .

Many health professionals and consumers have shared their opinions on organic CBD oil.

Délicure organic stress CBD oil



Délicure markets a natural organic CBD oil , guaranteed without THC (molecule with the high effects of cannabis) and designed in France with high quality ingredients.

This natural product is available in two cannabidiol concentration levels (10% and 30%).

Composition of organic CBD stress oil

This is an organic broad spectrum CBD oil, designed from organic avocado oil and composed of premium CBD, from organic and French hemp.

To offer a unique and high-quality product, Délicure has chosen to replace refined coconut oil, traditionally used for the manufacture of CBD oils, with organic and natural avocado oil. Thanks to its richness in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, avocado oil is recognized as a health and beauty ally.


Tips for using organic CBD stress oil

Organic CBD oil can be used at any time of the day to calm anxiety, relieve stress or simply relax.

Organic CBD oil is very often consumed sublingually to benefit from its relaxing effects quickly. To do this, place the drops of oil under the tongue and wait sixty seconds before swallowing them. IF the bitter taste of cannabidiol is difficult to bear, the drops of oil can be placed in a drink or dish.

Dosage of organic CBD oil stress

For a first intake of organic CBD oil, it is recommended to consume four to five drops of oil, once or twice a day. Then, depending on tolerance and reaction to the product, it is possible to increase this dosage. However, it is best not to consume more than one pipette of oil every four to six hours.

Contraindications of organic CBD oil stress

Before any consumption of CBD-based products, including organic CBD oil, pregnant or breastfeeding women as well as people under medical treatment should seek the advice of a health professional.

Organic CBD oil is a product intended for adults.

Organic CBD oils from Délicure

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Délicure also offers three other organic CBD oils which, like organic stress CBD oil, are natural and made in France. These products are made from organic sweet almond oil, essential oils with therapeutic properties, cannabidiol and premium phyto cannabinoids extracted from French and organic hemp.

These broad spectrum and full spectrum organic CBD oils each respond to a well-being objective: sleep, female pain and ailments (painful periods and inconveniences of premenopause).

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