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Article: CBD and the performance of corporate teams

Le CBD et la performance des équipes en entreprise

CBD and the performance of corporate teams

In a constantly changing world, companies must perform well to remain competitive. This requires, as a priority, the positive dynamics of their employees and their teams. Indeed, team performance is the central lever for a company because it allows it to achieve its objectives and ensure its sustainability.

The role of the manager of a company is to maintain a peaceful working atmosphere so that each member of his team can flourish, give the best of themselves and thus boost their productivity.

Productivity, the engine of business growth

Productivity represents an essential factor in the functioning of the company. It allows it to monitor its development and know where it stands in comparison to previous years, from a financial, economic and social point of view.

A lack of team productivity represents an obstacle to rapid and well-done work. Notably, this is the leading cause of poor business growth. A bout of fatigue, a state of stress, a drop in morale, an annoyance, physical pain... all these ailments are enough to be less productive at work.

CBD or cannabidiol from the hemp plant (cannabis sativa L) is increasingly consumed around the world, CBD allows you to relax naturally and therefore could help improve the productivity of business teams.


What is CBD (or cannabidiol), from the hemp plant?

CBD , or cannabidiol, is a molecule from the hemp plant, also called “cannabis”. It belongs to the cannabinoid family, a group of chemicals that stimulate cannabinoid receptors found within the human body.

Cannabidiol is the second most studied cannabinoid, after THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Unlike THC , CBD does not cause psychoactive effects and does not create addiction.

Cannabidiol is therefore not considered a narcotic, and its consumption is legal in France. Indeed, CBD benefits from European legislation applicable to hemp, the THC level of which does not exceed 0.3%.

Being natural, CBD has no side effects and poses no danger to health, unlike certain chemical medications such as anxiolytics or antidepressants.

In many countries, CBD (cannabidiol) is prescribed medically for its anti-inflammatory, painkilling, analgesic, anxiolytic and antiepileptic properties and actions.

Increasingly democratized in France, CBD can be consumed in several forms: oils, infusions, cosmetic products, capsules, chewing gum or even e-liquids. Thus, CBD can be used in different ways depending on individual tastes.

How could CBD (cannabidiol) impact business productivity?

CBD helps reduce work-related stress, relieve pain that is often punishing during long working days and easily get to sleep. So a less stressed and rested employee will necessarily be happier and more efficient.


Despite numerous study files and millions of customer returns, France considers CBD as a new food and as such, cannabidiol does not have any authorized health claims, so we cannot say that it can reduce stress or anxiety, relieve pain, increase concentration or help you fall asleep. We will therefore focus on the relaxation provided by CBD (the only term that can be authorized for this molecule). The relaxation provided by CBD could therefore help increase the motivation of teams and would relieve various factors having a negative impact on their intellectual performance.

The consumption of cannabidiol would therefore be a solution for companies that would like to boost the productivity of their employees.

On the one hand, CBD (cannabidiol) would help you relax and soothe yourself.

At work, we very often want to give the best of ourselves, this ambition is the primary cause of stress. In some cases, stress is “positive” because it allows you to be more active, and helps with action and motivation. However, when this stress is excessive, it can become a real handicap for the worker because it prevents them from making decisions and concentrating well.

To relax naturally, CBD would be an effective ally.

CBD acts on a neurotransmitter which secretes serotonin (happiness hormone). The latter relieves stress and its negative effects. This allows you to concentrate better on an activity without being distracted by external elements, to learn more easily and to improve memory.

In addition, since CBD has a soothing action, it could help you unwind after long days of work and therefore approach the nights in a more calm and serene manner.

More rested, a fit worker is more able to work and complete their tasks quickly.

Thanks to its stimulating action on the endocannabinoid system, CBD targets the CB1 receptor which controls cognition as well as the CB2 receptor which takes care of the body's response to pain and inflammation but it is not authorized to say that CBD can have an action on pain.


CBD (cannabidiol) products from Délicure


CBD, thanks to its many virtues, will naturally boost the productivity of your teams, less stress, more pleasure, more concentration with a natural product.

Délicure markets CBD (cannabidiol) products guaranteed THC-free, 100% Made in France, and made with high quality CBD:

  • CBD Gummies : these are soft, chewable candies, very tasty and have the appearance and taste of traditional candies. 100% vegan, they are composed of fruit puree and orange essential oil: a delicious recipe that helps mask the taste and bitterness of the CBD. Guaranteed THC-free, taking these gummies does not cause “high” effects or addiction. Note that each gummy contains 10mg of cannabidiol, so it is easy to choose the quantity of CBD you wish to ingest. However, we advise you not to consume more than 50mg of CBD per day.
  • CBD candies : to melt in your mouth, Délicure CBD candies are real gourmet treats that allow you to relax in a delicious way. These CBD gummies come in four flavors: Blackcurrant/Mint, Apple, Mint, and Honey. Just like CBD gummies, each CBD gummy contains 10mg of CBD (from European hemp) and no trace of THC. Thanks to their fun and practical format, these CBD candies are easy to carry with you everywhere, especially at work for a relaxing and delicious break.
  • CBD oils : unlike the majority of CBD oils on the market, Délicure has chosen to replace refined coconut oil (MCT oil), which serves as a support, with pure and natural avocado oil and organic sweet almond oil to guarantee a high quality product. These CBD oils contain no trace of THC and are made in France with high quality CBD. Only a few drops of oil are enough to benefit from the relaxing and relaxing effects of CBD very quickly. Concerning its use , they can be placed directly under the tongue, in a drink (coffee for example) or in a dish.

These CBD products can be consumed at any time of the day and do not pose any health risks or dangers.

There are no contraindications to the consumption of a CBD product at work because it does not have any psychotropic effects altering the consumer's state of consciousness, unlike THC.

In addition, Délicure also offers veganfood supplements , enriched with natural flavors and 100% Made in France, targeted to meet specific needs such as: improving sleep, boosting immunity, reducing stress or even strengthening and promoting the growth of hair.


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