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Article: CBD to relieve nervous tension

Le CBD pour soulager la tension nerveuse

CBD to relieve nervous tension

Nervous tension is a sign mainly associated with stress, fatigue and anxiety. It can manifest as headaches, muscle pain, sleep problems and a general state of nervousness.

To relieve these symptoms, there are natural, simple remedies available to everyone. In particular CBD which, today, is a natural product used by more than 6 million French people to relieve the ailments of daily life. Indeed, CBD proves to be effective in naturally calming emotional stress and combating anxiety.


What is CBD, or cannabidiol?


CBD is the abbreviation of the term “cannabidiol”, a natural molecule that comes from hemp plants (or cannabis sativa). It is known for its anxiolytic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and even neuroprotective effects, supported by scientific studies*.

CBD belongs to the large family of cannabinoids, just like THC, however, these two cannabinoids do not provide the same effects on the body.

THC is considered to be the psychotropic molecule of cannabis, meaning that it causes “high” effects that can alter the state of consciousness and modify behavior and perception. Therefore, the consumption of THC is prohibited in France.

CBD, for its part, is not dangerous for health because it does not cause any “high” effect and has no impact on the consumer's state of consciousness. Cannabidiol is therefore authorized and legal in France.

anti-stress cbd oil

Can CBD relieve nervous tension?

CBD interacts favorably with the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system. The latter participates in the regulation of several physiological processes such as immunity, inflammation, appetite, digestion, memory, nerve development, sleep cycles and even the emotional state.

Concerning its action on the nervous system, the endocannabinoid system helps to regulate the mechanisms of stress and to limit the natural reactions of the body linked to it such as sleep problems, difficulties in concentration and memorization or even disorders of mood.

Therefore, cannabidiol has varied effects and creates a feeling of well-being on the body. It helps relieve many disorders, both physical (muscle discomfort, inflammation, painful joints, etc.) and psychological (stress, anxiety, mood, etc.). Cannabidiol can be effective in relieving nervous tension and all its symptoms.

CBD would therefore represent a natural alternative to anxiolytic-type medications to relieve ailments and combat stress and anxiety.


How to consume CBD to relieve nervous tension?


Today, there are many cannabidiol-based products to buy online, in pharmacies or in specialized stores (such as CBD shops). To be authorized for sale, these cannabidiol-based products must contain less than 0.2% THC, the psychotropic molecule of cannabis.

Very often, cannabidiol is consumed in the form of herbal tea or oil. For the most greedy consumers, it can be consumed in fun and innovative forms such as candies, lollipops, chocolates, chewing gum or even gummies .

CBD gummies come in the form of soft candies with a fruity taste. In addition to being pleasant in the mouth, CBD gummies are easier to ingest. In fact, to calm stress and feel the relaxing effects of cannabidiol, simply chew or let the gummies melt in your mouth.


Délicure CBD gummies


Délicure offers CBD gummies, natural, vegan and guaranteed without THC, the psychotropic molecule of cannabis. It is a product intended for all people who wish to relieve their stress and its negative effects, calm their anxiety or prevent anxiety attacks.

Enjoy our delicious CBD gummies to stay calm!

In addition to relieving nervous tension, Délicure CBD gummies offer a real moment of pleasure thanks to their tasty lemon flavor. It perfectly masks the bitterness of CBD, often feared by cannabidiol consumers.

Composition of CBD gummies

These are gummies rich in CBD, French hemp extract, but not only that, they contain vitamins. They have been specially chosen to relieve the nervous system, while protecting it from the harmful effects of stress. These are vitamins B6, B3, B9 and D, they are involved in the proper functioning of metabolism, and more particularly that of the nervous system.

Each gummy contains 10 mg of CBD, making it a practical format for precisely controlling your cannabidiol consumption.

Tips for using CBD gummies 

To benefit from the soothing effects of CBD, it is recommended to chew one to three gummies per day. They can be consumed at any time of the day to relieve stress or simply to relax.

Taking a few CBD gummies in the morning, before starting a stressful day at work, helps soothe the nervous system and better resist stress. Or, consuming a few CBD gummies in the evening, before falling asleep, helps relax the body and thus facilitate rapid falling asleep.

Contraindications of CBD gummies

CBD gummies are not recommended for people under 18 years of age, pregnant or breastfeeding women and patients under medical treatment. They are invited to consult the advice of a health professional before consuming products containing cannabidiol.


Well-being advice from Délicure


In addition to taking CBD gummies, it is essential to have a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. Délicure gives you its best advice to calm stress naturally and fight against anxiety disorders.

First, performing breathing exercises, one to three times a day, helps relieve anxiety and calm anxiety attacks. Indeed, the rhythm and intensity of breathing have a direct impact on your state of mind and physical health. Breathing slowly and deeply into your stomach helps oxygenate and calm the nervous system.

In addition, certain essential oils with therapeutic properties, used in aromatherapy, are ideal for reducing stress. Lavender essential oil, Roman chamomile essential oil, and bergamot essential oil are most commonly used to combat anxiety. To benefit from their relaxing effects, simply place a few drops of oil in an indoor diffuser, in a bath, or on a tissue to inhale them directly.

Moreover, taking a hot bath is an excellent relaxation activity to relieve nervous tension, just like reading a book, taking a walk in the fresh air or listening to soft music. These anti-stress activities help distract attention and relax the nerves.

* sources


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