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Article: What is CBN?

Le CBN, c'est quoi ?

What is CBN?

CBN , or cannabinol, is a phytocannabinoid (i.e. a molecule from hemp) with which many benefits are associated: better sleep, increased appetite, calming, anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsive and even antibacterial properties. Derived from THC, it would have many of its advantages without its disadvantages and could even be coupled with other cannabinoids to amplify the effects.

Many of these properties have not yet been proven by a sufficient number of scientific studies but as research progresses more and more benefits are being attributed to it.

What molecules come from cannabis?

The 5 main molecules from the cannabis plant are:

-THC , or tetrahydrocannabinol

-CBN , or cannabinol

-CBD , or cannabidiol

-CBG , or cannabigerol

-CBC , or cannabichromene

Among these molecules, only THC causes psychotropic effects. It is this which causes the “high” effect of cannabis and it is this molecule which is prohibited because it is considered narcotic. However, many of the beneficial effects of hemp (or cannabis) can be achieved without consuming THC.

Where does CBN come from?

CBN, or cannabinol, is one of the main molecules derived from hemp like CBD. It provides effects similar to those of the latter and is also legal in France but it is significantly more difficult to obtain, which explains its much higher price but also the fact that so few studies exist on it.

Indeed, CBN is not extracted directly from the plant. It requires manipulation of the THC molecule which comes from the flower of the hemp (or cannabis) plant. This contains an acid, CBNa, which must be transformed into CBN by a source of heat or oxygen. It is to this manipulation that it owes its high price.

Although derived from THC, CBN does not cause a psychotropic effect as proven by this study . The negative effects of THC such as increased heart rate, feeling dizzy or drunk are therefore not caused by CBN.

What would be the effects of CBN?

CBN presents many beneficial effects according to the studies that have been carried out on it.

A study shows that CBN would significantly increase the appetite of those who consume it and thus make it possible to effectively treat certain cases of anorexia.

According to anotherstudy , CBN and CBG can drastically reduce the intraocular pressure of its consumers, which would make it a promising treatment against glaucoma.

Other results show that CBN (like CBD, CBG and THC) would also be effective in relieving certain skin problems such as psoriasis by blocking the overproduction of keratinocytes, the keratin-producing cells.

Research has even proven the effectiveness of these same cannabinoids to fight against certain staphylococcus against which antibiotics have no effect!

And even more promising, a study shows that CBN would be effective in combating the effects and slowing the progression of certain neurodegenerative disorders. THC presents similar results but, coupled with its psychotropic effects, would present too many inconveniences to be considered as a viable treatment.

Another study highlights its potential benefit during cancer therapies

CBN for sleep

Studies have been conducted to prove the effectiveness of CBN on sleep, but it appears that the feeling of sleepiness caused by CBN is mainly due to the entourage effect with other cannabinoid substances such as CBD. Indeed, CBN would benefit from a synergistic effect with other cannabis derivatives such as CBD, whose effects on sleep are no longer in doubt, and would therefore make it possible to amplify their effects.

Our CBD + CBN sleep oil

This is why Délicure now offers a mixture of CBD and CBN in its Good night broad spectrum sleep oil 1000mg (10%), an oil combining the benefits of CBD and CBN. This product is composed of 100% natural organic sweet almond oil, CBN, CBD and orange blossom essential oil, known for its soothing and sedative effect.

Made in France and guaranteed THC-free, this 10 ml bottle of CBD oil contains 1000 mg of CBD and CBN, or approximately 200 drops of 5 mg each. The drops of oil are to be put under the tongue, in your drinks or your dishes.

Discover our CBD & CBN oil to get quality sleep!

What future for the CBN?

Every year, more and more researchers are researching the effects of CBN and other phytocannabinoids and more and more positive effects on the body and health are being attributed to them.

More and more oil producers are offering it in their products and oils, and many reviews highlight potential miraculous effects.

To conclude, the beneficial action of CBN on the body and health seems entirely relevant but it is still the subject of much research to perhaps one day make it a recognized therapeutic treatment to fight against certain diseases.


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