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Article: Elderberry, a solid ally of our immunity

Le sureau aide à booster l'immunité naturellement.

Elderberry, a solid ally of our immunity

Elderberry, an extraordinary plant

Present in our immunity range, black elderberry is one of the best-known shrubs, used for many centuries for its therapeutic properties, it is an extraordinary plant. .

The elderberry is a shrub 2 to 6 meters high, it produces white, fragrant flowers. Its fruits are black, round and shiny berries, grouped in small bouquets. Rich in “polyphenols”, they provide real support to our body.

Benefits of elderberry

Elderberries are naturally rich in antioxidants and help reduce the risk of several diseases caused by oxidative stress .

Elderberry is also recognized for its beneficial properties on the cardiovascular system. In addition, thanks to its diuretic properties, elderberry acts favorably on blood pressure.

An immunostimulating action has also been observed. Elderberry would therefore increase the defenses of the immune system, it is for all these reasons that our delicious immunity gummies are enriched with elderberry.

Boost your immunity with our gummies!

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